Fitzy's Wicket Pissah Sports Reports - Brady Jersey

Monday, March 20th

Our old pal Fitzy stops by for his wicked pissah sports report! Brady jersey found. 


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Do you use your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report why pick of the day to day jobs have been. On WI AEA yeah. Oh look. Emma Cooper who who got himself on the little bit of a little bit of a money bag thrown at him. All bought this sponsorship MF is because today the wicket it's a sport apart is brought to you by lots auto plus. The largest used car dealership in southern and central western county. On route twining in Auburn alum of that team they play Alabama every year in the. Iron ball and anyway I think blocks auto plus dot com go get lucky at locks. You know I've been out today it's a million times I have never gotten lucky at the Luxor. But maybe if I go out this way made and get lucky a lot. You pay for one of them what do you mean I got an element to some depth. The army does force them yeah I'm fighting with my now wife on the phone that seems like it completely I've grown up in reasonable. Rationale for not being in the studio and leave and media that the pilot that's a good comeback in with a crappy excuse and number I got so there lipstick it's. Can you why I got the tickets and I am trying to get my son in the Boston. Come wit me to watch the game Daniel was being difficult. Don't bury the lead on give a flying flip about your wife being difficult you've got the lead at Celtics tickets and you not taken me. Well your little you flick your little much but games you throw stuff. Anaheim went Pete that last everywhere they do the teacher than fifty bitterly that. It's crowd surf dole won of people trying to stupid teacher from one of those girls can't go more than three rows by the way. Yeah like knocked food out of one guys and a spilled the beer but what is the rule if you accidentally while going for like some than right any game and you not to be or popcorn over. Is sorry enough forty have to rebound. Because at that point right at me like yeah it's all basic United Nations rules are in effect let's pull up the truck and that thrown the bags of rice or the meals off the back right. It's every man woman and child themselves right spots leniency are. It exactly that when you cut people off and you know he'd switch lanes for whatever reason exactly. Jazz knows what I'm talking about. It's the it is nobody cares hey listen the only need the only news that anyone really needs now again you noted here earlier on the show. When Roger Goodell masquerading as FBI director James calmly said under oath. That he hates. The New England Patriots. And even though lady went on to clarify that he hates the patriots because they quote represent sustained excellence and as the giants fan that quote drives him crazy. At GF why I'd rather. And everyone out there and listen to ship land. The director of the federal bureau of investigations AKA the suit wearing gaggle of dudes in some do that. Who are supposed to stop the bad guys. Said that sustained excellence is something that block that is. And what that should help everyone sleep at night makes no sense now we have got to keep all the bad number is out by not sustaining excellence. Why would anyone say that and on the day that the FBI. Should be cloudy and raising their efforts and activities. Because they recovered both of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl Jersey right well I mean they really didn't they were helped by the the Texas Rangers seniority at first everyone Chuck Norris found both of Tom Brady's missing suitable jerseys walker Texas ranger that's right. Now the suspect in question who they believed. To have taken both of those out of I have is this one had a dog who say that. Chuck Norris all the moss has made walker. How can wiz had to play that draft re right when I was building some broad Joseph that's that's bro centric mode joke. A little bro meant and if you will not a suspect in question in zero dark Jersey who by the way nice job for you and another fellow neck Colin as it was thank you I'm. The suspect in question here is a gentleman by the name of Maurice CL Ortega. From Mexico with a name like Ortega it's going to be great make every night taco night with Marty the Ortega integration L. Shell the reps from infancy to the hard shells like and we Yoakam makes taco my double deck a guy like I take my buses. I'll do the double Decker talked goes like. I would have put that my top five of Taliban doesn't occur when he me. Like what you like when you do you take the high challenge fill it up yes and then you spread. The the soft being action. On the soft shell and and you wrap the hard shell they and you get a double Decker talked Jeanne. That is what's up and then you do extra cheese on top be just make it rain youth like. I what I do is I hold the grade she's in my hand. And then I. Just he's bad idea I did she's day doubled. That my how she did an upper deckers have different. It's slightly. She's amazing interesting because that's what I Paul into every night and what I do with my cheese on the Tucker nice job says that armor I can is going she's been. While. While this is the best reform sports car better. Now mares to Ortega supposedly 88 internationally credentialed. News type person generally is down. Is the man in question now in the zero dark Jersey gay. This is gonna be great for easing relations between president Toledo and I spicy neighbors to the south I mean now honestly like eagerness out here and especially after him like bill that wall build that wall right. As of that Omri FOIA. I didn't know goat meat was also so popular in Mexico in related news as my friend Ken pointed out the New York Jets have just signed. Mari CO Ortega because he's the only man on the jets now they can get a hand on Brady's Jersey have. Down down Celtics are taken on the wizards I think god Matty will be there and I won't so feel free to make fun of him you know like the show. The Celtics are gonna celebrate that 2008 championship the least it's a party being thrown by Raj on Rondo and it's gonna be without Ray Allen. And that water runs deep mountain moon I think that's so wrong on every count yet it's why would you have Ray Allen. Maybe his. I mean well for his team five and LA alone. Yeah but like the 27 point come back and Ray Allen just to rate dropping bombs from the corner making it rain did leave us from Miami. You know what's nice was when I can't but he didn't like Rondo so Rondo is engineering the party again and muscles still the same time be a bigger man. I ask and Rhonda would be a bigger mess. That's like asking you in that nick got a plan Asia what happened to him the Bruins their plant in Toronto tonight against the Maple Leafs they need to win that game. And finally. Nothing else that's enough. Matty and nick leave us a message on a generic radio voice mail what anything you want 6177795454. And thank you locks auto plus for a sponsor in the sports report as always anything else you need. Saudi follow me on the tweet box acted TG FYY. Because you know pictures it's.