Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Motorcycle Guy Edition

Thursday, April 20th

Fitzy got suspended for his insesnitive Aaron Hernandez jokes. Due to this, Matty and Stiz had to scramble to find his replacement. Enjoy Motorcycle Guy.


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and I guess schedule WA AF. Here's your old pal they'd see we know we give this a sports report what I expected today and stuff. On WA EA yeah the wake of as a sports reporters brought you this hour by McDonald's time for a drink run. Right now McDonald's small cap space movie shakes and perhaps produced two dollars or get any size something produced one dollar limited time only prices and this nation me. Woo woo shaken. Malaysia was thank you I was around the I was listen men together broke millionaires who was around the corner doing a little liquid silver yes. And an alcoholic to bully. Why would you why would you assume. So as to when you would you like seeing him when you point the finger pistol that assumption. Has to one way and three deck the other ways he measures have been yourself before you in that zone you know Cambodia and like to thank you for teaching valuable lesson I would appreciate if it was mr. motorcycle awesome motorcycle man. Who's not who's who's the one gig of someone and you dug those boards of balls and who's the other one would be committed fill in for years suspended this Mark Murphy or whatever his name is well fifty suspended. For making. What are still on everybody likes rainbows abilities. We're making what what our bosses deemed inappropriate. You know jokes about it tragedy here in Boston. Well not a tragic accident cool I was announced that you and I was I was reading a gallows pole earlier I mean -- a -- got our Gloria than most people don't fund those due to events will they go so like to thank you for stepping in York and motorcycle man enough for fifty and that would love to hear your take on this port report we all talk in new mayor Walsh who allowed yes yeah tax from India I got a call from your produce a boy and I've memo back over your own. I triple overtime but as I love my bus tour. Good I hope your where they too loud and obviously the citation. But much like the hammer of the war about to drop on your head it was well within comply well that's okay and then we we that's fine. I meet Matt Kona Mac on a comedian hosting the rose. Battle in Boston tonight and tomorrow night Somerville Rockwell theater. I missed motorcycle man they're out of there loosen tight leather he got on there they're right there. Feels good. Whether love where are now brother weighs more than you do bush welcomed news that would better than it better feet made this jailed over here before you release him back out into the wild west that's where you live and love his luck. Let's I wanna look like blond haired big beard. Period alone and you do what because it was from this known as the threat of you look anyway. I got it I already have a beer names Yoko. That wallet that is if you want to go higher audience and your significant other are there protests that by you rather Red Sox team I. They want their leader Dave for a one. Chris Sale did not get the W but I'll tell you what that man out there he lives did he throws a ball but almost that is but Biden. Who had thirteen strikeouts on the afternoon and I've got by the name of milky. Got a dead Dexter and ends up there in Toronto on the Sox got the win you know diesel engines have not noticed at the end of the third it and today. Chris Sale who has pitches so well they only had three balls went ahead on the extra X. Now stars no doubt in the numerical sequence 328 resonate around here in Boston indeed it does right. Yes good call city I just haven't noticed that earlier not thinking that I'd have to command here and bail you out of your little Ding Dong radio poor or all the motorcycle ride hasn't affected those synapse is firing well. I swear you do it you're just looking for you're just looking for a little knuckle and they were to have out of Watson and Harry are you hungry. You look and feel would to a tomato engage you excellently Sam Elliott's unbelievable. An editorial today. Nowhere is Bruins in the Celtics can't break your heart and extended to five straight loss at the garden tonight. They're both on the road tomorrow so please go to Sheikh ago. Talk about a place for you were him murdered them. And also Bruins their up and Ottawa. Yeah game five another heartbreaker last night one of them how come nobody could put that biscuit in the basket. Don't know they whatever time I get lots of Bob as they can put the biscuit in the basket no problem on an up levees. Well Bolton has anyone had this butchered them. And let's see what I was old. I would be remiss about about celebrate the New England Patriots their schedule has been released and they will be. Open and against the that chieftains of Kansas City on September 7 at home it. What's the what are that in that stated there and football person voice yet I think it's consulate writes that sources Tommy Thompson. Yeah that's when they opened their season. That that weeks evident take on the falcons again. Awesome. I'm just really into I'm not a sports and other come back. Well maybe it posts another comeback in that game now we don't wanna let it get to that I would know Vienna would be unfortunate and finally. There's some news that Hernandez though spam is gonna donate his brain decides it's. The actors go on a sea of that'd be CT Ian there what's that stand for. Krispy treats everyone as I don't know what is studying how to via homicidal. Usually the easy while these are your words not mine. I was just told committee of the Red Sox score of feel like I'm killing a night of overstated the welcome Mario. I didn't kill anyone besides bit. Yeah you know I so my feeling and yes Mac and I get I'm about to go back to dad go to bike ride out to the west. Just media. Man of action the rambling man that you are the mystery man that you are. All right. Met me.