Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Farewell to Fultz

Monday, June 19th

Our old pal Fitzy stops by the show give us our daily 'Wicked Pissah Sports Report'. From Joe Buck mistaking Brooks Koepka's current girlfriend as his ex-girlfriend live on television to Fitzy wishing Fultz a farewell. 


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal did see with the weakened this a sports report what you did today. Stuff. On WI AEA yeah. Divisive character that we get this a sports reporters brought to you by the likes Otto plus the largest used car dealership in southern and central Worcester County. Drive and a hot summer deals today. Route twenty in Auburn Lex auto plus dot com Lex auto plus dot com. Pay hours you're out Father's Day weekend and misty US open I haven't even heard you talk too much about GA giddy up in golf action I love that I'm a little has pointed in the winner. There wasn't who I was rooting for but it was a phenomenal display of golf and I guess that it really matters Brooks kept was about as exciting as kissing your sister he gave a soft this pump. He speaks like Dustin Johnson's kind of boring as Jack he's handsome he's 47 who cares you want off so what you're saying is that you super envious and you wish you had his life that's pure jealousy you're hearing. Like reverse. Then to be reversed mocks them from Pasadena Lebanese like. Pac bell Juan Pierre laugh you're actually life. Abu. On your lap. Are you ask me at 27 of Mike Reid Jack hand and a millionaire and win major damage there's no I'd rather be skinny. Under achieving comedian. Dude in his out of Wallace's. That got the Brooks Kafka that the guy when he opens his name down and all of his girlfriend is and it just happened like. Because she's smoking. I don't like you know like the bike the ninja like when Ninja's throw the smoke bombs down that must be how she appears and disappears because she is. Delves so hot but I don't wanna hijack a sport where we do a little sound on Joe Buck. Did you see this fifty no audio it's funny so Joseph boy you think guys to got to watch golf that's a letter I good point. Brooks kept the wins that thing and his girlfriend the hotly Tyler coming up and kisses them. And Joe Buck is his girlfriend his sister because you sit gets insist is exciting I agree with that now this is. His girlfriend I can't tell you how many Thomas time I've wasted on being in Google tie evidences that kiss so he had a kind of hit commence. Famous girlfriend. And ever on the golf community knew about it Brooks left her for this new body Joseph mono but didn't know that and so this awkwardness transpired it's been harder etc. You lose it's. Words I don't American soccer player cleanest kept guest. So that's a serious new girlfriend that's generous severance. They were all staying together this week all they all stayed the oh they have little. A little farewell and freshly you know on target about accidents as you grow room. While you know what tomorrow. Noxious than watching a guy drive like I jag or wash onto the lot and then leave the minds around like asked you don't know the rest of us without. Pontiac Phoenix is an. Ford escorts just you know I'd like Boris was the producer over here with a history and maybe blue behind ninth is fifty and she's gonna be like shark made a four she's struggling actress this girl that he's data now. Dude the struggle is real season Shaq NATO for. While. Bucket list need to do that's amazing well. As it has come to be defined in the Arab and and sports dictionary. It reads Fultz Vera. To think you're got to go live in Boston all the way to realize at the last minute that you are now bound for Philadelphia. As mark L fault or at least presumptively cell. The number one pick in the Tony seventeen national basketball ass so as the agent draft. Has been traded. From the Eastern Conference semifinal. Boston Celtics. Do perpetual cellar dweller Philadelphia and then 76 platoon. The entire city of Boston is freaked out output and times can't figure out what in the world's going on luck. There's a lot there's a lot you know because most people would just so psyched about the fact like what is circuit. You know we we we can't like this week we can't afford to eat this place and now all of a sudden we get in the top stakeouts in town. Why would a team that finished like first overall have been number one pick. It's obviously because the manipulation of machinations would Brooklyn and hijack an almost six years ago I with the ball Peterson got a trade and everything. Two people wanted that picked. But look a traded Manny is just like trade of bell never met a bundle a draft picks that he didn't like B. Understand that he needs to build both for the now in the long term because they nobody taken out Golden State anytime soon by not much is stack up a super squad and not doing that wouldn't single Pixar faults. And see. Ainge came out and said. The guy that I wanted to at one overall we thought was going to be available three so why the free when I wanna go get a stack up next day goats that you know what they say smooth it down stack in the act of but you speak jive right stood do. Yeah so that's what's gonna happen and Stephen A Smith. ESPN's. Let's argue a bunch than talk of notches they would mashed Alleman. He said the Celtics will be tried to trade the number three pick and maybe mall or accommodation there in other 530 draft picks they have over the next four years who. Virginia Butler and then pursuant like all Hal Gordon Hayward. Like. Thus build in their super team to take out lever and Regina and then get after Golden State and that's what comes to be and they still got picks in the future. I am all for our. Red Sox won last night six to 51 game tonight and Casey for best at three against the Royale with cheese at 8:15 PM. It'll be Jason Hammel for Kansas City. And hacked they human batting practice regime Velasquez that for the Red Sox first pitch 815. First 510 foot home run from Alaska has about 8:28 PM lots more sports than the 6 o'clock wicket there's a report. Including. Tom Brady and a nude dreamed that he has that would have to take place halfway around the world. While we all need to party like a ground stop. And how Washington continues to be the leader in races sports team names until then it's fifty town at fifty GF why we're inordinate prisons sports.