Father's Day 2017 - Ode To Nick's Dad

Friday, June 16th

In honor of Father's Day, Nick gives us a beautiful tribute his dad and his perfect imprefections!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. I wanted to share with you guys. Some thoughts about. My hero. The dad who taught me to be the dad that I am and hope to be myself. Little piece knowledge call thanks dad. No as a father myself now there's so much I need to know. Being dead is the ultimate job it's the most important undertaking and it will require patience wisdom heart beyond compare thankfully. I had the ultimate role model he wasn't named Simpson Cunningham. Treat her white now. There was the big guy my dad George stevens' best dad ever I truly learn from one of the best. Thanks to you dad. My values are set. I learned. That you can't help others. If you don't help yourself matching. That's why my dad would always make sure he was first in line at any dinner buffet table cutting in front of women in knocking children to the ground. Taking the last of something without asking if anyone else ever wanted to. Sometimes he'd actually be done with his meal and go up for seconds before anyone else would have a chance to sit down and join them America. That told me that I need to take care of me before help others how can you help others if you. Don't help yourself we can't dislike that time my dad. So there were no Toms in the salad and used his hands as Tom's. My dad taught me the importance of attention to detail. Like the time my mom asked him. To change the cat. Later. So he reached the first large bag near the cat later in port ten pounds of cat food into the cat litter box. Just didn't you. For the time my dad woke up 1 morning. After really that night with the the bookie. And while reading the globe and repent but. Reached in the fridge. Our own little Philadelphia Cheniere and his lenders paying off and just next to the Philadelphia cream cheese moves this credible Crisco. And he ate a whole staff Crisco. And that occurs tell my mom improvement from the reverend. Now I know I have an attention to detail if the finer things dad and you taught me that. Unable to handle multiple things at a time now a minister family life I work with my kids up here at the radio. And I'm able to do all these things because I watched demand drive home regularly. From Boston is that's on Cape Cod. While smoking a cigarette listening to the Red Sox game managing the steering we'll between his knees while reading a paper and eating an ice cream with a hard chocolate shell on it. My dad was like a human Swiss army knife. Ashton blast. My dad Tommy hey it's not the clothes that make the man it's the man that makes the clothes. My dad classically make his entrance to the room a cloud of axe body spray. Stains on everything. No five dollar shirt can he resist him. At the time he came to. One of my performance is wearing a shirt that said CSI can't stand idiots. With a baseball cap on that he'd just bought an Atlantic City that said. Had a picture of a deck of Jack cards on and said Jack off in Atlantic City. Euro. American hero and of course Manny. I've learned to be generous man thanks to my dad. Think about all the money my dad has given to the commonwealth. The dog tracks all the scratch tickets yeah. Various cookies like the one that used to live in his house after my mom kicked him out helped him pay the rent. And of course it's not just what you share those around you but. Family near and far as well. And I know that the greatest gift. Is not just the item itself but it's the thought that counts. And that's why the time that my dad went to my cousin for his wedding. And gave him. A blender my dad won at foxwoods and my dad opened in use but then decided he didn't want. The resilience took. It's these values that make me the man I am and I think make me a great debt so on this Father's Day. The independence the multitasking the attention to veto the fashion the generosity and more. I just wanna say. The extent. Dispute really gotten much yeah. Actually. Republicans. SP Ivanov immunity to this.