Facts Schmacts - Dirty Toys

Friday, February 17th

Once again LB does battle with the listeners over what is true and what is not during this edition of Facts Schmacts!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against LB's I think people just feel so. And I can't pronounce words properly it's time for that speech Macs either of these are things that. Don't need to be workable. I was feeling on them Cuba no announcement yet. I think it's got its. And around the other kids just did did you learning curve I did feel like edged up push him off the rock cliff yeah. Just man about yeah he thieves do you wanted to be a little more aggressive and that's that's the mass hole again. I mean east. And I more or less thing to avoid overhead be a little bit more you know that's that's got to get his food and restaurants completely Rhine sincere PD's. Didn't lose anything eats leaves and the only guess that just be able to have food and a people. Chris is up first this morning morning press. I hit it. Oh where you from Chris out of got a guy now what do you go. I'll go to her. Reduces the amount of gas. That the average person will pass today. Would fill up a balloon. Stacked or Shamu act. Outlook that. You are saying fact the wind and yet when you see people is it like everybody in North America the no individual the amount of gas that the average I said the average person. Will pass today right fill up a balloon. The average person will far enough not a single person it Schmidt. Really lie what what are we target of hot air balloon which Allah let. A lot of work on the cars to track yes Yunel then yeah it is. But I do you know when I was thinking big picture that you retirement American honorable it's a factor as well it and then yeah. America. Against an all wires have been in the peace now so here's to those of you. Who right now are alone in your own vehicle. In joining your own sense taking care taking and the hooker of your own brand and. A lot of the elevator partisans are so I don't think they're alone in the elevator on it's and then they are now and think like if they've seen it happen in the morning where people like not the dollar in Entercom have have been in the building early and come off the elevator. And it's it's at 5 o'clock in the morning there expecting to see anybody in the nine mile. Well I think probably a little bit you know that they did it. Yeah Adnan mean you have to be very aware. With a who's going to be around you in the near future we'll get word before you crop does the element of any news or did people just sort of sorry about that is. Hello Thomas. What's what's what's going on Thomas where you from. Noon tomorrow and rotten all right. This one is for Danielle. Yet by the late Thomas you have a cap. Okay caps. Do not meow. To communicate. With other cats. Act Porsche backed. You are going with an actor okay LB complete complete facts. Fact yes really yes cats. Is me now is to communicate with people. Yeah and they they the have you received two cats get together and all each other and they do it sounds like baby scream and yeah. That is absolute fact. You know this yet that they they only use me house to communicate with humans so lesson kittens and babies they do it. As my Maliki with mom and later on in life it mutiny on opening I don't have that and yeah I mean you look at probably no more than that. He'll collect this is like the whole animal kingdom thing in the index today but I think I'm except. This is in the. I can Jack our. Gerri they probably remember. It's in our. If we were working on Monday on president's. Presidential participation day. I would I would say that we should get Jack gone have you heard anything about Jack how's he doing a nice. Cool. I really hurt. Now it should have to me and I hope. That I'm looking. You know what it'll come back years later. He'll be. Some kind of a hedge fund guy or something and he'll thank you and call the hill and now via the Vietnam hedge fund guys pitted probably just dropped out the millions and thanks for me to meet a genius but instead of just a disaster this. Yeah. All right. Nicole if I remember correctly from Twitter you are blind. Okay up. According to National Geographic. Blondes. Will be extinct. By 2060. Backed or should back to the in London premiere. It. On your answer Mac. Let's assess how are you can be if you if you were listening probably six months ago. That redheaded people will be our will be extinct even. Sooner if I'm not mistaken. And aid it is a fact blonde people will be he stole read. It's its track the now they do not that we did discuss the ginger is will be will be extinct they believe yeah sooner than later however. And everything is OK okay if you're a blind eye on where you heard you're going on that you're going to be a okay. This next one is a little disturbing but I have basket in the name of truth and justice slow any. How are you Annie and I think yeah anywhere you from. I'm very okay in what do you do. What sort of write. Any according to a new Adam and eve survey. One out of five people. Never clean their adult toys. Fact or should act or. Who. Fact fact the artist what you're saying others so listen there are so many slobs on their men and or otherwise. Letters that some you're saying that it is indeed a factor here sloppy sloppy story sadly it is that. Rose I am reading ground for so only disgusting things. And take over your body movements down in damaging anything you to another level I'm madly down. We'll look into it only so you can leave it sit right there not only it just clean it just the roommates. I this is why LBs used adult toy business fail yeah. As if I remember correctly. Sandy and Ken Netflix is even independent news and we can do hello Steve. About that autumn what's going hides the market or where we do poor. An and so there are certain. You. Let your children. Shipping and receiving it. 5%. Of men. Have had sexual relations. With the a vacuum cleaner. Fact that Laura should matter to speed. Let's go out and an expert thought that. I've really hurts here and acts of courage and the others. That they are right Hoover and thanks for half a foot thingy Tom LB what these are and that's why does it could be anything I'd they did a TV show on people pumping a car. But we're Australia or somebody was addicted to not yeah feel good told is a story about me a shampoo bottle a bunch of guys who stare out. It is like I'm surprised it's no more than 5% you're saying that yes it. Is believe it or not. Factual. 5% of men. Have had sexual relations with a vacuum cleaner as dangerous as that sounds nice and I hope this lonely old school electro Alexa holes and that's the sharp metal yeah. Plus there's electricity involved yeah. It all England though those kinds of things would. Could could be somewhat risky and that's risky behavior hopefully they tolerated up to Grayson. I I don't did you get to Mike Dyson had a lot of I don't. On a great YouTube by just because we did that story I'm sure there's a couple of jazz listeners around the white government takeover is the vacuum they're probably regularly throughout the accident probably.