Extra Sauce Episode 7: "13 Reasons Why" Author Jay Asher Answers Our Burning Questions And Marathon Bombing Survivor Marc Fucarile Wants More Respect For Handcyclists

Thursday, April 13th

This week Hill-Man Morning Show News Director Danielle joins us to interview "13 Reasons Why Author" Jay Asher and Boston Marathon Bombing survivor Marc Fucarile discusses his concerns for the lack of respect handcyclists get from the Boston Athletic Association.  Help yourself to some EXTRA SAUCE!


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Welcome to the extra sauce pod cast and mind. Sponsor events and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. Full houses away tank. Who got mister mister big guy over there now come on our mind there is a zoo gave it to me higher RO BL ES not out. Tyrus gave it to and I crept up into his eyeball all that's happened as a OK you're acting cough all over the room well I'm glad and you're here yeah. You're here beat a well first of all let me tell you that the podcasts. This week. Will feature interview in a moment. Who is the Jay Asher who is the author of the book thirteen reasons why a couple questions reject yes that's why you're here in July issue I know you're in you're into it too yeah. And we've been talking about it. Probably. For some of you too much but I've been sent us a solo assessed with a thirteen reasons why Netflix organ doctor Jane a second. And then in the second portion of extra sauce. Where are going to be joined by mark who grill. Who is a Boston marathons survivor. And am I talked to mark about that day four years ago. And about what he will be doing for this year's Boston Marathon so that's coming up. After we talked to Jay who is the author of thirteen reasons why. Which the book was the impetus for the Netflix series which was produced by Selena Gomez Ellis passion project she's been involved that for quite some time. I'd like to meet her passion project that you know shower or yarn for me if she had Zardari yes it is Saturday. She's wealthy as a as a mentally. The American weird. Beavers been there oh. I thought well Jay Asher wrote thirteen reasons why he joins us now on exercise. Yet. Our first thing by the by the way I'm a fifty year old man. And I talk with a lot of other. Older men who never read your book and high school because it wasn't out yet. And and were often in QB like I say oh my god have to watch their team reasons why. And they say are you kidding me that's like that's a teenage girl thing Brian there always are eager are what we have a million questions obviously but argued it is do you get that a lottery are you surprised by the success of what Netflix and Selena Gomez did. Yeah I mean I love this show I love what they did talk about the prize on its six split I get that the reason a lot to Qatar and not a teenage girl either. But I guess and I get that volatile how to do you do that which poetry page they had to get beyond its we've all been teenagers but for the funeral saying yet that. I've never been. Was the book based on the true story. I do kind of inspired by that I had a relative who. Pat Abbott keep bill in high school attempted suicide. At a dealer never thought I write about it at about nine years later that they can look at different book it was obvious. That's where my experience came from. Did you ever consider. Hannah surviving. Oh this going to be that is going to be a lot of spoilers in this yeah very good and NS podcast David did you ever think about him a living. Yeah actually when I first wrote it that's how I wrote it that I again acute because of my experience despite relative that. But it would basically out of the seriousness to the issue. We decided we can't show any sort of second chance that's for anybody for that for that people left behind door for her. Even though there were people that cared for her and we decide who's more responsible. To show the fidelity of a decision like this. Is that why it was change from the book that she killed herself of pills and end the show it's razor blades is that why that was changed. Yeah act and the other had responsibility what you wanna show that pain and it Hewitt he vowed to not grab right to the ball choate a pyramid the pain of having people YNG group which of course is the show this series either are they in the book either but all of that this is not. But he'd be sitting in any way for anybody involved and it and it should be presented outlet. Of the series and it's interesting to see when you ask his set that final scene that hint as seen in the bathtub is very. Very difficult to watch all even if you're prepared for its brutal there and I feel like yeah is there an interesting split. Right down the middle of people who are either saying no that was too much to show and then people say yes. We needed to see that what is what has been your experience. Yeah renewed gonna get a responsibly that's kind of the exact same response to what the book. Even before people even read it there the a lot of people those vehicles saying it to shouldn't even be written about that protects the senate. Topic. That we no doubt it but we shouldn't even talk about it because you never know the can beat the people reading it then. If you order saying it's simply what people are sick with a series that it's so uncomfortable talk about that issue at all. And so you know let's not that when we don't have to do get into it and good company and encourage you need to think that's what she'd beat could be. Made uncomfortable. And what I did that last night even though the stuff without it because. I'm also a middle aged guy I never wiggle out reading books or watching TV so I never did these. People would kill myself watching them. So we YouTube videos with the reactor called reaction mediocre whatever. Well they show themselves watching it would keep people watching that she'd beat their cross I think had. He should be you know and you've got somebody who. For whatever reason might be suicidal right now a defeat them cry eye to either seat the pain of that what you want but the seat that. Did you when the book came out in 2007 did you actually get. A lot of crap because you were writing about this topic. Yet it a little bit. Not not a silent. An important message is an end to crap that was given. Usually come to meet directly Hewitt beat you right here about the book being banned some border and then it's been banned or. Attempted to be debt and quite a bit. Usually because the subject matter sometimes because of the subject rhetoric sextet. You can talk about section anyway even though the book it. That we not score five. People don't go like that and you see that's why adults try to take it out really get it's not that. They don't realize just so happens but. It's hard to talk about with a brother not. But I'd like to know what was the thought process behind using cassettes as the media. At least I don't over think everything is this a crit criticism of young today's social manga and everything's digital quickly shared. Or was it something that it was like that things are more pure or was it because it couldn't be shared but this is something that you can. That I'll yeah all of that and a little of the I love hearing people's theory to confusion Richard there I. Put them in catalytic held on the right because we go to people who write yeah. I'm actually is because I knew I mean I started writing the book about thirteen years ago. And when technology was very different and yet it was also changing really fast. And I knew that I do is gonna keep changing your iPod I tried to make it super super modern. Achieved in the book that we are committed to it's moderate it's a little dated the second the book comes out to be a big old. Edward when Clijsters gets the tapes and even though he didn't have the way to play them and would do exactly what the readers would experience and so. Total modern in that place. I think if you haven't read the book. Then if I mean it's it's so big newsworthy because I wanted to know I wanted to know what the mystery was like I you know I would have yet here you go for a good. Three or four episodes before you know what the mysteries in man eat you know even then OK and like I understand. This girl committed suicide but then you still don't know right why not like every little element of ever and house introduced as how they're intertwined. You know they throw in one element of yeah character and you're like okay whatever. And then two episodes later you realize they had something to do that to wild and some people like yeah as some people got wrongly. You know it's like maybe maybe the reason wasn't good enough like himself like Alex for instance have I am wearing a I'm wondering if what Alex did. Was really worthy of love of being one of the thirteen degrees it's you know. And I mean you know edit the upward each reason and that's good to be that it without that. She would've been fly it it would be you know one at least you tried it showed that. That that seemed power for people and that that they know when you do one thing to a percent. It's not just that little thing it's been sitting on top of other things that you're unaware of and that's really what she's trying to say we're there with these it's. By telling these stories and by as well I think you know she's not perfect it anyway either add. As you definitely feel the show. You know what she does by telling these stories could affect some of them it and it's yeah can't predict you know. None let me get a couple of really annoying things out of the way question and answer okay great and I have a deliberate again you're only I guess you only the author of the book but I just. Chris draw. Why doesn't that hyped on Kleiza four had ever heels again as say my god I saved never heals what is with that. Well I kind of needed after the wondering it and that you don't again you don't know he might have some sort of medical condition. That makes healing take longer. Okay all right Tom how come he can ride his bike perfectly when drunk. But gets into an accident when arriving sober and left and rights of a yeah yeah yeah. You are so very Berkeley. I don't I have issues have issues on that. The bomb and then end them in the book. Clay. Binge listens. To the tips and and doesn't really have time to confront everybody at individually right and yes are you happy with the way this is the way Netflix and and Selena Gomez as the producer pre. I don't I'm really happy with how they did take note the only way to get it. To no more than characters you know in the book he listened to all and one night and you have some minor minor complications. But this KeySpan without him and he get to see more the other characters Litsch told he would. Really cool because. When I started writing the book that's how I was going to do it. I thought the reading experience that you'd be faster than that. Super reboot but that's the old baby that that's how would have turned out and I did that that this would be given that. What do you think they'll bill will be a second series. Well I'm not allowed to say it's all I ain't all I have to weed what we predict what we first signed off on that that duty and we had discussed the potential and typically institute at patent. I know that I would never write a sequel to the books because back to the stories that these I want it to be. But there are definitely things I'm curious about I think this could be a ways to kind of explore this statement it released the book on its. And Jake cash always makes you curious more curious than that I could help catch. CAPTCHA that I can't yet tell your kid help Korea fears it would be often and are hopeful idea because the one thing my wife sit at the and who she wants to win this was like what's gonna happen a Bryce now right yeah. Well she wanted to season just a senate passed cannot assume that that's gonna happen. So would be nice if you could just minutes after what we see in society top in the public rights yeah. I think I mean honestly I think for Netflix. This is this is their most important series. Yet and I and I think it's it's amazing to me the because just as an as an adult I think you don't realize. When we were bullied to label and I was bullied back in the thirties when I went to high school. I always say you know it was not it did the social media aspect. Yeah wasn't part of that in even when he wrote this even when he wrote this book. This so what are the social the social media part of it wasn't there and they you know in the studio so I I think it's really really important and and that being what. The point where adults for that reason yeah. Like I think I I think that's why it. We're talking about bullying right now getting used to be this issue that you know that we all feel that we are all somehow get through it but it took a dole a while to realize these are different now. That he can't just leave school and adult are now. There and and so I think it's important for dole does chic thing they're different now than we had to confront these things. I think it's good there's a contrast and it's too because you see the social media aspect in the digital public but then there's also the bathroom wall. Yeah and they are the L surely did a similar thing yeah stuff is still there are so there's a contrast. Too am curious to know what you think about the new work controversy that's developed that after this. Because you know of course it's a very see it's a serious look at some serious series. But a lot of means have been coming out kind of joking about hand his inability to let little things go like for instance one of them says. Friend can I borrow a pencil. Are in the united out organic whenever our pencil friend says sorry don't have one Hanna says welcome to your tape and Christiane how do you feel about this in reaction to it. He and he kind of got that Kabila and that's. Been there from the beginning sometime you know who went into our. On TV or movies to audience we do in the bigger so there's going to be a lot more risk but you also have a lot more of the other stuff you know. I haven't seen a lot more schools. So I think you know that we know it would be the poker popular. But we now know everybody's talking about it now also. We're gonna make sure work are the conversation so fortunate to see that but a couple of depriving an edit edit ticket reminder. That there are people out there that won't take that suited to pick a reputed to have. And sometimes the dark parts can be plugged into it but at videotape cop up let you know that's still. Facility in Syria friend yeah well Jay thanks for joining us and thanks for giving us a little extra sauce on thirteen reasons why. Thank you get the group cruel cricket. This year's Boston Marathon is though 121. Running of this legendary race. And one of those who'll finish the race this year may have been an unlikely picked to do so on April 16 2013. When he lay in a Boston hospital fighting for his life after the marathon bombings. Mark who Corel is within us and it's great to see you. And thank you Greg great to see you on that day. Always or your plan for the day when how to Gemma one of the marathon on 92013. I got a phone call on Sunday night. My friend JP and he. Let me know that a body about Mike Jefferson was running the marathon. My gaze of marine. It's I've now I was running in memory of soldiers that he had lots of an engine in Afghanistan Iraq that he served with. So course I was not gonna miss supporting him. So I went which JP and we met that would and nobody else a beautiful day is amazing day beautiful sunny day. And you found yourself on Boyle since street yeah we made no way cooler around in front of the form. To go meet a bullet on TV's brother end of the vote eight to ten of us. It's seem. Any different than any eight you've been to the marathon. In the past that they seem any different than any other day. That was Miami first marathon I've ever gone to thirty I was 35 years old level then to hear your whole life of Tim Rolen and household any mass whole your whole life goalie and you never been out on on marathon I had been asked to go hundreds of times especially by JP in the and they they went quite often. Never interest may get like the crowds thought it was pretty much like that you fish in the barrel. And that's why we like that I was in a way yeah on. In that moment. When not when what happened happened. What was the first thing that went through your head. While on a witness the first will go off. In the size in just the height of the debris in the smoke. We looked at each of them being JP wallet that's not good. We knew some. Definitely bad was happening at that moment. How far how far away was that from you guys have first blast roughly I think it was both 300 yachts the vows of for of the form. So you guys like (%expletive) pisses me this is is that this is not good. And and you. Do you then it would you guys discussed with the yourselves what you gonna do I mean yeah I mean thirteen seconds might have been a time we could've been definitely have would elbows as he put that. By that point. We looked at each other in the winter we go and I sick I don't know I said those people than any help with them a lot of people that are hurt their. There are people run them bios and a buddy of mine yells at the street in down. I was last thing I've pretty much remember until I remember waking up looking at this guy knows a great. And order in LA I think woo woo wee we all every time we we think about it we we see photos of it. We see footage of it. I think we're all amazed by the courage of those who. Ran and ran toward those bombs and came to help them and was that really the first thing as you're looking up at this guy you realize that that there're there're. Runners there are bystanders. There are people there. That are trying to help. Term yes I mean. At that moment I didn't I just knew I said to myself oh (%expletive) they got me. You know. And you lose. Bad because I seem to first almost the size and capacity. Of the blast. And then when I am look at this guy could be good you know. You look it up and do a good thing never is. But then I I remember people being you know by my side to our economy market's going to be okay asking questions Tarkanian tell me at bank of my son. And I was in and out of consciousness. Arm. In the where have to look at Bakken in the videos and see in the pages to a hundreds and hundreds of people that came too worried. And helped us in. Is there might not knowing what could happen for themselves I mean there's so many heroes that day that have never been able to tell this story and get no no recognition far. I mean K look when she saved my life he'd never seen on TV now happen in boot it wasn't for I'd be dead in the end it was on my amassed enormous. And she was there they have an a B they would or girlfriend. Amenable to go off and have a drink and watch the marathon and when it happened Hugh rush been. I he told me initially she went to go help liens he blew them eight Asian exchange student and she said there was so many people helping her that she couldn't. Get in to help. So La she just looked around and I was there by myself than. Who stepped down and help me. In though in those moments Bocelli obviously you're shocked him and obviously you think about what. What's wrong what's wrong when me what's gonna happen to me what what else goes through your mind when in an experience like that view. You think about extremely Amazon in a 100% he's that o's first I don't wanna die and got a little boy Alice in assignments it. And that's what they can tell me to think about and that's pretty much what I focused on this as a NATO mail still on fire and had a cup my pants off what I left. Then landed by bill real quick that one America. At Seattle it's that was what was your first was your first thought terrorism. Pending necessary terrorism. I just knew. No that would go gasses and now it's. Right away and you lose. It was someone did it you know I didn't necessary know terrorism mentally but I mean I just that was definitely. When you when you when you deal with people in the crowd that shoulda killed that tightens up Google's awfully that. I mean it's they're trying to hurt people it's it's it's assay you know to set things not like Ohno the gas pollution. You know. Mental cover blew up in now that was when some have been using a proudly that it's because the crowds this up. Luckily today get you to limit into did you did you go on an ambulance and you know is this some folks went in. You know the cruisers and and patty wagons are things that how did you get to the hospital on how quickly you get there that's what I am. I was in I was in a paddy wagon would rose and civilian. And Mike that the firefighter in them. It was a while before I got pulled off the street. Do the they assess the situation to who they can save in the and that's who they move first. And less able bodies of the company name jones' best they could. Caribbean on a backboard and someone. Tapped me Amish children saying hey we got name will then name loans Cummins Cummins in and the guy screaming stop stop stop and is that why the stopping and so that their full in the and then. Hosea and that is why the examples are gone by the and you're thinking to yourself. And I get him when I get an act and I get in and can I get in an ambulance what do you. What do you talk about when you're in that it can mean obviously they're working on your on the hallway to the that I hospitable wooded did you and Roseanne and speak. We think it's top nose pitch black in the back of the paddy wagon might turn on his lights on his. The firefighters that carried flashlights on the jacket. I turn that on to bring some light the subject. But it was just a real bumpy ride Jimmy Davis and then. Jimmy Davis was drive in and it took only able. 22 and a half minutes and get us from boils to street to. Mass. General and Rhode Island side logged on everyday yeah it's crazy we had and he has dancing again as a bouncing around in the back of a power bounced off the wall mean the firefighter who was with mean he just couldn't stop apologized and has whacked him ahead you know against the fight against the Walton who. Days and trying to keep me on them with tough gig tend to keep me on the bench. Is it hard and were your four years removed. In view. Spoken awful lot during the trial about your feelings is it and I think that we're gonna talk in a moment about. What you're going to do at this year's marathon. He is is it hard to put anger out of your mind if you had or are are you still angry as as you sit here today. I am angry for what the guy did you know but I am grateful to be alive and I have all the support that I have you don't and how many surgeries have you can't I stop congress has spent a lot hit it yeah rail but yet and and I've had five revisions on my right leg alone don't mind my left leg which is the most damaged leg. Which you so you'd your right leg was amputated instantly instantly from the bombing from the bomb goes right beside me. You're left legs is is is the single graft parent. It refilled. She added. Poems may noble and chatted. Batteries last. Numerous numerous numerous surgeries to say that left foot open back together. You've been to Walter Reed you've been a little down a long period thanks suggests that Patrick doctrine of the doctors down and and the doctors push will would get me in that. Took two years but. I got there as a three year. At this year's marathon. You'll be honest cycle hand cycle. And he'll make your way from Hopkinton to Boston. How difficult is that for you physically. Well dad's. It's not. You'll leg you legs are designed to carry the weighty body now running and cycle using our arms. Which are not designed to carry the weight you're body. Grant that we do have some ideas that we use. But they'd always know where to your advantage. But it's still. Physically exhausting and very difficult especially the hills. The oh market darken a guy who nearly dies when undertaking a five K once a year or the guilt foundation itself. I can't imagine the the the physical. Activity involved in hands like going your way 26 point two miles. Yeah I'm good at the beginning of it. I'm always like why. Why am I doing this than the mean eventually go to numb and you just finish it. And what's it like when he crossed the finish line after everything you went through there and when you when you see when you go by. We're form once or debit it would it would what goes through you had. Yes I mean I don't know from like an odd duck or some different about me will. You definitely you definitely are not docket yet to hear a little bit doesn't it doesn't really phase me at a dozen now on the exact about that. About about those bombs going off wouldn't. I mean I get asked the motor that to tell the story quite a bit put out. Damage is going to be. I got a lot of stuff for my played it on busy and we've you know most of us some ideas from that you don't have replace. They bad day with just so many other events. That we've gone through and all the support. And our own events that we do now and in the end camps and different things that we work with the organization's. Minute think we just we fill with all happiness and all the good things out of what happened more than thinking about. That day. They're gonna be about thirty. Hand cycle is in the race. Last year it was upsetting to you and to others that there was no acknowledgment. Of hand cycle list. When I came to completing the Boston Marathon no no medals no acknowledgment. By the announcer in fact there's a question about whether. And inappropriate comment was made by that announcer once in hand cyclists were were crossing the finish line. Here yeah com. There was upsetting. And they don't yet they don't recognize. And cyclists. As an event a cash prize that there is for every other event. There isn't any repaying briefing yeah rethink everything yeah M in the Reid and no National Anthem. I mean the guy who won. Last year is that the military men. You know you don't play is nationally at the far for a country losses led for a country risked his life and freedom. You don't rack country sacrificed. Everything family. To go fight end dating him play is the National Anthem which is out nationally. Why has the time and I know you've asked the BA. As have others why. They don't like they just don't like. They hand cycle division they want elite runners. I mean they claim that the Boston Marathon is the people's marathon. I mean in this aren't patriots day. I think the most important people. Our veterans if any. Enemy if these guys can't into their bodies until push rim school can't run due to physical limitations on that other leg. I mean no only with an apartheid is in cycle I mean I think he should be welcoming in embracing the fact that patriots won a ride on patriots day. The those who who participate. Would like for there to be. More spaces available yes we have a our team Achilles. I ran with the freedom team which is made up of wounded veterans I mean we could of filled another twenty more spots. And and we we go to new York and we do. Fifty guys we go to LA we gets you know another 57 guys I mean. It weakens fills many spots they wanna give us. There's this week. There was. An acknowledgment. By Tom Grail that. He had offended some. And there was an apology is that. Good enough. To goods that I mean that's pretty much. The spotted it. I'm glad he did it I mean you know manned up and took the responsibility and admitted. What he's been doing for years has been wrong. On this NP is. But you know I'm hoping that this will also lead to some other marathons that don't. Chicago Chicago than other marathon that only allow combat wounded veterans to ride in that. In the only reason Chicago allows me in cycles. With combat wounded veterans. Is because Bank of America for assay and this is sponsored. So open with China had the right direction that marathon as well by Neil look LA Detroit. Marine cool down in Washington. There amazing you rat them it's it's it's an experience like no other the sponsors the team freedom. The Achilles freedom team. It's great for those we really don't have a full full sponsor here for Boston for the freedom team made up of wounded veterans. Always looking for. Donations and sponsorship for the team. A lot of money to fly these thirty guys they'll put them up and hotels. We got great great great police offices of volunteer we appeal commissioner we have. On. Lieutenant firefighters that come out and support us. We don't we have a ton of volunteers come and support us in their awesome. You you have an event coming up. April 22 it's. It's a fund raiser for him no limits. The nonprofit organization. That. Those summer camps and then a couple went to camps speaking at a kid who missed them limbs. It's going to be at Anthony's in Malden on April 22. Lenny collapse gave Russo. Hosting and email them the comedians with the economy Knight would Abbas they mail served its fifty dollars a ticket. Unable to when he second doors open up at six brown paper ticket can't no limits. We checked my. FaceBook page to a links and other people's as well. When you ask any money to raise. Fund raiser to raise money. To get more kids that can't these little kids what to believe BT's lost their limbs from everything from meningitis to. Car accidents as the born to disagreements. So it's not dismissive limbs it's also limb differences. So is that have. Partial limbs Obama partial limbs limbs blown reversed. It's an awesome way to get kids active. On the need to try some new equipment different companies that bring into an impressive drive. But it's a family event for the kids you know that parents get to come this siblings. Get the come. Not depending on a sponsorship in the money raised and that's what I try to do generate money to get more of these kids and their families of these camps and keep an active. What do you discovered about yourself. Since that day four years ago. I don't know. They got a lot more determination I thought I had you know. Thought I would have given up a few more times and have fun with it. You know I just a lot more fight me than I thought I had. Only see mark. On his hand cycle Marathon Monday. Give me Al commission out. Yeah makes and make some signs around the freedom team team Achilles. Need also follow the freedom team on. Mr. Graham it's going to be at patriots. Day patriots. Also check that out then come out support the veterans and hold signs and what the BAA know that you know you as fans and spectator support. I veterans and the freedom team. Thanks for joining us mark they thank you for having me. Now that's somebody who makes you feel like you haven't accomplished anything in your life I have no complaints outside guy or not whatever I'm such I'm I'm Tom just. Not worthy the inspirational. Story of mark for growth. And any emotions yeah so many emotions going through that well for me for him both in and hearing him just off like amazing it's an amazing day in our city. And and make sure that you're on the lookout for Marco Monday wherever you're watching the Boston Marathon thanks realistic extra sauce this week. Special thanks for a little production assistants. Kaiser. Make sure you subscribe. Extra sauce on high choose who will play in stitcher and don't forget to give us really. We'll be back next week with a another episode of extra sauce.