Extra Sauce Episode 6: Awkward Interview Moments, The Smiley Face Killer, And A Shocking New Trend That Sucks

Thursday, April 6th

This week's Extra Sauce features some of the most awkward interview moments from The Hill-man Morning Show.  We also talk about our fascination with the Smiley Face Killer and a disturbing new trend that is blowing across the country.  Get you some sauce right here!


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast and London. Responsiveness and would this jar of sauces. Red pill. It's actually now. As we get expert here. I are suffering through whatever kind of legionnaires' disease we both have and I I will take I'll take the blame on bringing it. Into the studio god. By now I've fear that studios studio is now like a teacher dispute exiled prisoners and everybody gets sick and then they share the stuff I gotta try to get a scientist in there and mean you we have to deal allows the Placer. You got. Do whatever they do bring in like a Hazmat team to just. LB seat but that's an entirely different topic for another podcast. I'm not darken STD's we're talk I don't know Clark vials I don't know how are you really you really wanna know that I'm talking off viruses and although the less you know maybe the better. Both try to get through the entire podcasts without coughing along up on physically on you. And on this week's podcast we are going to discuss. These smiley face killer because it was a topic on the program and not only are we assessed but. It seems in many of you are assessed so coming up. A little extra sauce. On smiley face killer and a very interesting discussion. About our city about Boston. And a breakdown. On how many potential victims. Of the smiley face killer. Are from here in Boston so but first the other day. Sure and I were discussing interviews. And and about what we like him don't like when it comes to interviewing guests. And I believe the discussion started because I was talking about how. I don't like when when people interview and gas. And then don't let the guests talk when they when they when they are. I'm not time anybody in particular but. When the one against something bland when the when they income because a gas can say is that sometimes you'll hear somebody and have their interview questions. Sat right and the guest will say something. That could be the most. Bad news making. Ground breaking statement that the debt that guest is ever made. And the person will go. Directly to the next question is if they didn't hear anything that the guest just said Los I was and maybe they don't. I know that guy Daria debuted to just roll literally now what you're saying. You like when that question is asked. And it did it bothers gassed them and I guess then is is wildly offended or hang. Is up markets of SATA it's a real moments because usually when there's a guest on somewhere a lot of the time. It's to promote something right right so yes. That's all there on four moderately a yacht is the plug something so they they also like some interviewers they also have a list of answers are in their head animated coach by. By the PR firmer and upper yes so when you say something in the guest gets. I guess angry at creates a very real moment yes I would guess it's is very enjoyable maybe not in that particular moment when you go back and let's meet here later I don't know like that's OK I was so crazy. So Hsu had suggested that for exercise this week. We go into some of the more awkward interview moments that have occurred on the program. And in the quite frankly when you about the sub I was not aware. How many there were so I think we're gonna have to do this. In an upcoming podcasts part to an upcoming exercise podcast because there's there's a lot of them but volume that you I'm not a lot of awkward time. Like twenty something years and yes there's the other is 26 years of awkward right morning radio. Program interviews that two to sift through but. I wanna start with the Farrah Abraham because in this Wazir by the witnesses here choices out because she not just of train wreck. She's not she's not very Smart nomination is not a very Smart woman and you know it it goes from like it you know if you Trace back cash me outside girl yes you can go right through fairy ever of their machines like leg so that they have like that true. She's a part of the tree yeah like she's a part of the Kashmir outside just that tiny mole that awful stench she tree as it becomes the United States now ferry Abraham for those in May not know. Got famous on an MTV show. About being. Pregnancy and attend sixteen or so annoyed veteran right and then she went nine. To. Tried to insinuate to the world that. A sex tape with her and porn star had been stolen and it was being released. Against her will write. What is the complete farce. As so the excellent lighting. Yes there was a there was a lot of things that indicate when the first is the shoes having sex with a porn star had Reich and make up on the shower. There were several things an excuse me there's the first car for the podcast this week. Out there are several things and indicated that perhaps. It was not what it seemed and it was not as she was as she was promoting and so she came on to promote. The fact that the sex tape had been released without her permission however she wandered promoted exactly and this is the first question. That was asked. And that appeared to irritate Farrah Abraham a bit. Now asked that question when you are doing this whole thing did you get elected to where you're nervous that. People gonna figure out hey I'm just making a porn now. And this is not a sex tape. Because that's the scenario I think his legs. Your I mean and I turn that negative into bottle then yeah. I guess everybody I'm well nobody. Not an hour and I am not trying to when he said he wanted to at all restaurant assets. Content so you you word because this is how you sell it to a good you know you want people by itself is the we'd like when you're you're just I. I need people it. Can't hurt people I hit budget art department they like that at united Lackey you watch yeah I hope I love it you can eat out hit on my expert I have now I can't tell I don't benefit from any. Let me my kids all of the right urged all the parents somebody else at the end. OK so you can make any money from this. I've made money then we cut that I legally how they handle things and I'm happy about. Pretty much still insisting that. It was accidentally caught on film. New and cheese. Not me any money for comment and well she kinda is I act against her went against her will miss of course and she accused you know personal the personal tape yeah right so. The next up portion is when. We DN AL's asking about the points are and we're talking about backing the bus up over. The porn star or jelly out of the points are set on no ports are kind of threw her under the bus ran this is where we're going she said we're going out and everything like that and later on he said non down now got a right yeah he's full of it but she misunderstandings and believes that backing the bus up using metaphors for anal sex which. Not a result operate Mo and they and Obama I see you believe it's awkward when I ask her about having a sax solo news let's take elicited this. Well so we you guys dating before that America's I was a little unclear on that trying to figure out you know what I don't know you guys just friends have. You know we worked back and then I we had like similar friend in touch and that's how he met yes. And but we're not friends that we don't talk anymore. Understandably extremely. Good deal I mean the guy three under the bus he really. I don't know about are not about your not gonna use it yet that's not a seemingly there was. Is there but I must miss is the bus code for anal you've got a penalty killer now. Now was that in high school when laws which. I and I bet you might expect radar kind of funny. And so she didn't have great she didn't have anal sex and bicycle ride tour I had yes. Somalia and somehow she got pregnant so yeah it's wise leaders. Just please guide Rick I'm I'm pretty sure she knew how to do that before she knew calculus I my guess is I I've I might ask you still doesn't know what countless that this issue is probably a technical version in our graves that led many area. You don't the technical version is yes and that's the new trends. Well I think it's. Is it still no I don't know that's probably the all spread I think at this point it's just an excuse we discuss the would discuss the new trend in a roundabout way yeah on on Tuesday or Wednesday aren't you doing on the pod yeah I want to discuss that track which is just extras and it's coming it's disturbing trend I guess we could actually he will discuss it out to play our third yeah so the third and final part of this awkward interview number one. Which share issue has chosen. Is me asking Sarah. Is anybody had mentioned the video to her that she found especially creepy. Pours the previous person who has mentioned that to a deal I guess anybody that you know we're having any particularly members that of steam at. Hurt. You know what that trade is RBIs as well I had to talk to my dad about the situation. It ain't that three year yeah let Blake. And I might add thirty companies adding that. Yellow light that caught me having bad that my preference let my daughter it. Like we had a guy that really count clean kept coming and let yeah. I hit the leg hot you know about it and endless crab legs crossed the line that's like six CBS. Yeah the board got a Elliott Diddy pity alike have a heart attack coming at you did you tell him that you you know that there's anal and it. I don't know what Dina and then yeah I looked at yet I had excellent required I'm. Yeah okay dad home like thanks dad. That might go on her or father Dave yeah how well he has as fathers of daughters is this is don't like one of the worst nightmares ever one of the worst what are the other ones were I don't do it other more than the other worst nightmare is others likes. He rebounder a founder having sacks and then she's still having a kid yes. And then she's making a morneau and trying to pass an office stolen sexting and doing doing anal if this got this right yeah and having to explain it to a forget now listen. The these these sex trend thing if you wanna discuss that I'll discuss it my all but with a warning to write that in that that it's it's not appropriate for most people here but but non. Well at opening day. There was a lovely listener of ours who was a mother. Who had asked me as a father of older kids if I was aware of this this a trend. Among high school kids are school bullies yup which it which her daughter had brought up to her which is called the blue robe Lowe now. And apparently. In order to and I am right I did look it up to verify that it is a trend. In order to do to improve. They're heterosexuality. Young men and our our. Giving oral. It is two other young man just so it's it's it would be like mean. If I or trying to say that I wasn't addicted to pizza like if I if I were trying to say I can't stand the pizza. At town spot pizza. And in to prove it. I'm gonna go ahead need it. And and that just like yeah did did did you go and prove that I'm not into that out I don't know how much I hated Iraq eating four or five of them in a row yeah and that is the bed that is the guy apparently what is going all. And that this doesn't why is this a trend the broad job or the broke below where at what point in in. Our history. Did this. Turn this. Terrible turn to take place where this is what you had to prove. So they're they're proving they are happening Greece and Rome to be honest I remember correctly they're they're. Try to prove that. They're full on heterosexual by doing by doing that right I don't like like in other words. They can do it and not get addicted to it all right say Verizon is our guy I can I can smoke a joint. Right -- for so that I saw it I have not and not become addicted right which side which is it's an area again it'll whatever happens like hey let's arm wrestle strength or you know watch the patriots know it's like Kia a lot of frontier they used to chop wood in competition for a country that you know in the -- not in Finland say they if they still to this -- have wife carrying competition rights you know I did there's guys who can drink tons of I can drink way more beer than you can what do we need -- it would seem to me. To be. A better way. Of displaying your heterosexuality. If you wanted to do that if you felt the need. To display your head or heterosexuality. It would be it would be better to do with the wife carrying competition I would shopping or the yeah pine wood derby you're. You know what it whenever whenever but I'd say no and Enron and live with with homosexuals and teachers are mad about but I figured say it's an it's an odd it's an odd transistors somebody was wasn't as directed at some point yes and then the fact that it became a trend now is very interesting. When I in light of where we are in in this country in 2007 as I'm very Abraham the only billion on her for that absolutely. On all right. We continue with the awkward interview moments. And this particular one was also Mike shoes choice. Lead afford what love. Was in the runaways. In ands. There's always been some pocket bats. Big girls and happy and were lesbians well I have to Joan Jett right it does say yes right in the movie it was it was portrayed and Joan Jett was the advisor on that movie so against Georgia saying this happened but that they were kind of you know they were. Commingling the together the relationships gone. So here is the discussion with a lead in which I reference says during. And she pauses for a bit of an uncomfortable period of time before our continuing on. When I joined the band to the runaways I didn't know the girls were with girls I didn't know that that happened to. You know I was sixteen and I had never experienced that before. So what I joined the band I realized. That the girls were with the girls. And will not all of them but it. You just realized everybody was is entering everybody else and and and you're a little nervous for awhile hypocrites for that. What it was very. Weird for me. Not horrible problem probably not asked about that and other shows are. All of interest in the morning news shows like CBS this morning whatever they normally we're morning America I don't ask about that now number three. Is a listener choice because we discussed this on Thursday. And many of you requested the Beau Bridges incident. So I'm calling it tell you that this is not just awkward and slightly incidentally outlay is looks like gulf of taunt him it's like the Beau Bridges incident but I. We had pulled bridges on earlier I think is earlier this year or late last year and a LB. Believes that Beau Bridges father Lloyd who passed away quite some time ago still alive and just decided to ask. Bo about a stabbed the actor. And MA BP get American treasure Tom Hanks and map. Did it occur or be who worked Tom. Know what I better be really cool correct he might Greg says there's. Movie called choke first just a volcano. Yeah I. Aren't the last Nass. Yeah well and again you're you're you're due denizens is Mays was amazing was an amazing act here or is or what is yeah. I don't I can't believe they have that. When I was I does that tell you I'm well that's OK and I know you know iPods and I. Messed up. Our honor and I don't wanna be regardless of the cities to kill entered into this. LB not one to necessarily prepare for interviews so oftentimes when when news ask those questions like that you hear you're not sure whether somebody's going to be alive or dead you're asking about a close family member. Yeah that's not the boating Zune now does that about it both they came to you realize now I don't know was a very much as gentleman there yes yes is it in pull a fast. All right awkward interview moment number four also. Very popular. With fuel. It's. Wes Welker on the program many many many years ago. And Chad Ochocinco. In the locker room. And I hate you all very symbol. The mistake I can I confuse. Terrel Owens and and and Ochocinco and see us as wanna make a big deal out of that you wanna make everybody wants to make a McNeal out of them as if there's some kind of underlying. Our reason why I did such button but we were talking to Welker and we were mentioning that that Chad Ochocinco had. Then there he'd been tweeting that he was there at 6 AM rated ago. And here's a way of Ireland well listen. Hurry up and get in there because Ochoa is tweeting that he was there at 6 AM and his locker so he be in there. Well mom or unfair well there is built Sweden. Now Izzy dizzy and are you in the locker room right now. There are now okay to tell on him on the phone right now he resents the portrait yet got his Wasilla mom I can estimate of questions as unassailable. Wolf I never I never got a lot of stuff Sony never get a munch on his once it. And this city. Here at. Our event in Iowa hello. They TO I was I follow you on Twitter and you were reading the letter that. It's. Yeah yeah. A what accounts TO OK on my time here today will be going to a hotel yeah. I'll tell us how we we know we. Like. I don't see that loves he also I happen on my mind that he is going to be excited. Could have been anybody as far as I'm concerned American Beckham had a little elementary oh boy. Mobile. Irate. Next is one of my favorites and that's the actress Gina Gershon on. Who had been rumored. Four period of time. To be spending a good deal of time where is former President Bill Clinton. I can't do the Bill Clinton when I am via. Bill Clinton now with a throat thing it's more like Hillary reasons. It's. I love GO diggers Sean and strip days sort of mild what I she MM Louis. Is they don't know was it showgirl and tells us about my announcer our roster stays that's a Demi Moore I I love showgirls. Gels on that movie bound. Live as well as a man this is Sarah Meg Tilly yet isn't meg Tony Wragge tele that or is it Jennifer Tilly. It's Meg Tilly act as an artist by utility in Iran are back bough them a monastery it's. I'll bagged both sisters Jane garrison also did a great job in crashing that HBO series she was in it for a little bit how yeah I just did an episode I sterilize seminarians that unless he did yeah and I'm big fan of these homes but she's dreamed that him. So I ask her and around about way about Bill Clinton and and then she. Finally gets the point where she's F bombs at us and and this is Jean Edgar or John. So do you did pulled politically deal lean nine either way here you we don't know how to get into you know I am asking this plaza wanted to now allowing your hang around if I was Bill Clinton all the time I thought I was anything here and they'll Khloe went on I was alive I was alive until I wanted to know about that. That's wanted to know about that if that was if make a lot of noise that you pay well because you just stared me now only German army. Let's get right and I'm going to get rid of the night you know not to bring those much so because you love him. And on his. This city. Now as he got a dog I did I did not get a ride prisoners are answered and I usually about. I know I mean if you're bring up lies you're being Europe rumors why you know I didn't know I was trying to I was out on the CNN that was that I was a total like a liar anything at all. Just a little bit touchy. Just wouldn't would you say she's just a little bit touchy pagers spaz though still hot is still very harsh wind switches a -- when she's angry when scaring all I gotta I and it lives farmer Greg Moshood sunglasses on the whole time. Did cheat I think she does see I know she was like enraged by the fact that anybody brought up Bill Clinton know this is an absolutely. Which doesn't help her cause she's so excited says some she's sexy when she gets us. Are right awkward interview moment number six is Tom Arnold. Another popular one with you people now Tom Arnold's. Was promoting a some kind of led. Lose showed he was doing nine on CM TE on the Country Music Television station I was the show while rednecks comedy show. And he had. Almost the very same day that he was on without us he had announced publicly that he had been molested him. And he brought that up during the interview and a roundabout way. And the first chance I had to ask a question about it. Came after he finished discussing minute via redneck wedding thing now many he believes the way in which I asked the question. Was an inappropriate cannot. Don't know I don't know I don't know I'm not at all no Bono. But this is Tom Arnold awkward interview moment number six. Black red Dex is sacred day exit did you read access Delk had but admits what mild upsetting any major city we did we we should all the country. Acting head that's why I like to is that just south. Although the Brothers sister workers felt that they were really close. Brother sister hasn't I was adopted folks on the right. Tom Arnold asked Tom Arnold's our guest Saturday on and see empty can watch my big redneck wedding. And I my my last question via I guess would be you know where you penetrated. And up I don't know pilots now are split is is Hackl you on CBS coming I heard you're gonna have a show. Oh. On the ever told us weather is demonstrated an I quit you yeah I guess like we mentioned earlier glossed over the by six points back to where he was coach Don I think I would VM the interview ended shortly thereafter that it does as the most of these. Now this particular favorite of the listeners. And I don't know that. I meant did that to be something that would have sat Daryl hall of Holland notes I am shy cantor call announcement. A many of many of the year Masai choose their own notes your mouse. And I don't care whether it's rich girl learn. Sara smile learn. Out of touch or man eater private eyes eyes is approved in time I am a gigantic calling those span and we had Daryl Hall Juan. And apparently. The way in which I asked this question of setting him. He also. Decided to have fuel us with us and meticulous in the way that went. If you the name I mean oftentimes I'm sure you you you could you guys to be the butt of jokes you know people look back and you look at this notes. It. You know what what would you if you add the name one of your signs he felt was truly. They gave us on what would you say this. I don't screw you aware notable. I I would almost go to say so but I remember I was a radio. This. You got the stupid (%expletive) question there what. Again. I. Program. Not a fan of anyone describing his songs SK and the guys the legends and probably in retrospect I'd say should not IMAP am I am a fan of the yeah I am a big fan of him a big fan of the bands and couldn't tell by that question. All right we're gonna wrap it up with the one that that is one might choose favorites that I guys I figured they actually has won my irons well and seems to be very popular. We've actually. Dragged it out a few weeks ago or from a couple months ago for some reason I don't know why but. The actor John Cusack was on the show discussing the movie that he hadn't aids. Which I am so I believe it was one of these films that's. Took the side of the insurgents. In in Iraq or something like that and I believe the movie was about weapons. The weapons trade. And Howell. We were funding both side BSE is real and going to the other the Bush Administration. Was you know he's in neo con them you know. Are in this group of people and and so we had discussion about the film. And obviously. John did not appreciate the tone in which analysts asking him about why he didn't make it different type of film and and this is. Awkward interview moment number eight next I want you to make a movie about what it's like those two live under the Taliban under Islamic fascists I think. How do we know do it all makes them. We'll make tea movie that it reinforces neo conservative had a few times. Hasselbeck. I'll get right now they have to do that. Just telling you look at it from the other point Dele great daughter. Point of view of the fact it did affect the Taliban are scum bags and liked. Insane people doesn't mean that you can just go off and become an imperialistic war mongering country. To protect their best thought that that article. There aren't as there are no is there nobility and not when you look at what women go through under the Taliban some of these Islamic fashion. You know supportive Galileo attacks are supportive tell me yes they do it I'm just asking you at a donor John I'll come on. On just nasty is earning ability. Press. I suspect there will be more but for now yes that is awkward interview moments most awkward interview moments and they'll be a part two down the road an extra sauce I love home. Like tomorrow love them. There it is there certainly feel alive your favor is still very ram lawyer. That was a full on awkward experience. The they'll blend in all of that they it was a Margaret. Well they stated goal the emissions statement of of exercise is to grow and provide you with extra content. On things that have been discussed on the Hill Man Morning Show during the week. And in many times we ran at times talked about a certain some thing or are we wanted to explore it. And a greater detail and and I think this week. One of the things that we particularly. Want to explore. Was the smiley face killer because we we have talked about the smiley face killer on the show on and off. For the last. Four or five years. And it came up this week because of a very sad case in which. Local man attended the Celtics game. A week ago Wednesday. Band was there the coworker. And it's disappeared and there is still unfortunately no sign right com. And so it seemed unfortunately. In and maybe it still seems unfortunately. Eerily similar. To some of the cases. That have bin. Suggested. It might be a part of a serial killer called the smiley face killer and and you know me I'm. I'm obsessed with it's true crime stuff. I IE it's it's disturbing it's the underbelly of of society. And in this particular case when we have discussed the smiley face killer. There are. Many who are also interested in how. This but this disturbing serial killer could be operating not only here in Boston. But may be around the country. And so. I do think it's interesting to take a particular look at Boston. And two gold where. Over the last. Ten years. The amounts of young man. Who have gone missing in Boston. And sadly their bodies have turned up. In. A body a water Weathers the Charles River or Buzzards Bay or where have you. And yet that's that's the one thing all of them have in common already all of the cases that are alleged to be part of. Yes and they and they what wood tends to happen. Is that. Guys are drinking then and they step outside and replace their drinking act. And they're never heard from again right. Alien are oftentimes actually I should say this oftentimes. They're able to send a text message Russert to somebody. And then there they're missing for days and they turn out been in the body of water and you know but I introduce shooting this the other day because you're discussing that is shelved. And there are several people. Bloggers. Former New York City detectives others. Who have cataloged. The this year right number of guys. This has happened to in Boston yacht in in big numbers alarming yeah. I mean I York carrying about where our how many did you get so I think I had 1616. Guys. And you know many of the cases you'll remember recently in being on the news whether it's. Franco Garcia. Who was. West Newton guy and was out on February 21. With friends and Mary hands. This is me in Cleveland circle yeah. And he ended up. Tom texting a reminder to desired girlfriend. At 11:27. PM to not leave without him and then. Is friends lost sight of them. And he ended up being found. In in NAR reservoir offshore. And it's the list goes on in Iran when you look at these I mean and it's really it to meet its really creepy and it's really bright you know in the New York. The former New York detectives. Who created. This theory about the smiley face killer. Found many instances in which there was a smiley face. Left. At the scene of of the disappearance or the body was discovered right. And it doesn't seem to be any indication in this most recent case that they've seen anything like that not ignore. In several of the cases in Boston and while. Pat has there has there been any thing. What they would say though at this point what what would the police like. Because there's so many to me it seems like OK they keep saying well it's accidental and its exit down all. Is this something would you suspect the police of holding off. Like on information that they're giving out this may be they they have a clue when they're trying to can maybe maybe it's just gone on for so long since around here in Boston since around 2000 BS since 2000. Now I which is actually I said ten years it's really so we're sorry seventeen years there. Well I would like the first it is the do you say the first case that you had seen was in 2000. MC a 200120012001. And what Wu who was that that was Gerald guild and Joseph had worked at bad. IBM. And he was news extremely intelligent guy master's degree in computer science how old. He was now this is word kind of breaks off from the pattern yeah the first couple that are alleged and this is a pre kind of breaks pattern but that he was 44 okay. And he was also battling schizophrenia yeah. And he had an incident where he he took off to showed up but his parents house. The left didn't tell them where he was going and then he disappeared he's actually still missing via. Yeah and then the next one again but very intelligent guy he is a musicologist over PU he was like one of the world experts on other composer Schumann. Yeah and German romanticism. Of music when you resist this was 2003 ya. And he. That's is where the pattern of leaving somewhere and never being heard from again started. He had left his office but he left his briefcase behind and he had left a couple of the personal items are usually keeps with him but yet a white duffel bag with a although a lot of people so that he wasn't known to go to a Jimmer anything right now right and dated Knoll was in that bag and they never heard from him again. Until I think. A couple of months or month or two after the when he was found he was found in in our body water right yeah and in the body of water out and then from bear. The the the alarming thing the the one pattern is there all between most of the people alleged to be involved in this are between twenty and thirty years old. Most. Were leaving somewhere bar restaurant after going out with friends or re going to a game and my they go outside to smoke but there are some great or their way on why case the guy I was waiting for a ride in his girlfriend texted him hey I'm right around the corner which got out what ya ya and then she showed up he wasn't there was minutes minutes minutes. Yeah I just. And if you think about it if your having drinks or whatever. And you know whether you go out you know we tend to be friendly with people in a bar. I mean are not not necessarily all the time in Massachusetts not a not a few run and LB after right after 11 PMI memos boys but. You know 1011 a few laughs delisting of and a what are your talking to people. So you wouldn't normally it wouldn't be a big deals amazes me let's go outside and it's a Merrill let's go outside. And then right here radically. This person does something to disable them or whatever the smiley face killer does. And then it ends up leaving the body. In a body of water and so last and not leave any clues behind Ryan is really why is it tends to be the Charles River. Order I've Bard to Boston Harbor in Kabul these cases yup Buzzards Bay right and in another case. That's another thing the last two alleged cases the most recent ones that may have something to do with a story fifteen and armed sorry Iran twin fifteen or 2013. They took place down like one was in Buzzards Bay as you mentioned the other end. And I believe it was a it was a UMass Dartmouth Yahoo!'s down that way right right now about one this is guy named Charles M Allen. And this is I I thought there was no toxicology report or anything. And a lot of these where there was slight sigh I was expecting someone being Ruthie yeah yeah some U roof he someone you Salma outside and in you do get woozy and you scoop up Roman McCarty takeoff yeah. But the sky apparently. His parents got a phone call from him and it sounds like he said he was in the woods and it sounds like he was running. Me and it was hard to understand the message and terrifying and then there was an incident where elect a day after that he showed up at a random house. And the people confronted him results aren't others my friend's house and any ran back outside and thing okay confusing behavior may be just like fighting some kind of drug that I. Right well yeah. Like okay. Yeah but that's the only instance out of the actually it's about twenty or so. Here that that back kinda. The bad incidents coming up that weird behavior you know there's another one where there was another person. Turn find here but he he was like. Again very very intelligent guy and chemistry and he said something to the effect that the answer. He he left a message on storefronts on saying the answer is in the periodic table. As she did know if she had no idea what that meant and that he ended up right and I am and just. This time in the body M and a on the body of Mario all right. Yeah right I mean it is so. Theoretically. There is any individual who is seeking these men now. At a and most often in bars because where else would you find them right. College age people who are intoxicated people who are drunk and and don't have their wits about them. And and then and then doing this and and and doing it not only here but perhaps all all around the country which is like. I mean it's a terrified payment out there some in Minnesota I believe has been Erica several cases that. At least if you do whether it ends up being these former New York. Police officers he listened to police detectives or others. They are. Fully convinced. That it's there at the work of the smiley face killer so I I guess the I guess I guess the advice would be the same advice of my mom gave me which is don't don't get drowned don't be out anywhere past 11 PM. And don't try to not don't aren't strangers at a mile time it really veers off is just a couple times in that message to an age I'd much side there's a couple older people once 36 as I mentioned nearly as 44 and 49 but mostly. Now they're all around the same age that are in their twenties between twenty and thirty GAAP and and you go you know if you go if you go down the list Austin Willis 26 years old in 2007. William Hurley 24 and 2009. Eugene lows sick 26 and 2010 and David mark 24 and 2011. We mentioned Franco Garcia 21 years old Jonathan daily 23 years old Eric month sole 24 years old I mean it's. And the fact that it's all here in Boston I think yeah eight. Is is really really alarmed as it is that's the scary part you know and it's all happening within like a decade and a half yes. Yes and then we have. Have them. Boston Police to your memories said anything well not only with bush and it's strange how they're all you know that. And that vs another all white but there's there's one African American and there there's a span as mostly like guys like it's mostly white guys to just one in thirty years old and always ending up in one but if you're trying to following catch this individual would you say anything about it. Right as I Nazi in the beginning you were holding back when and this latest thing or or in the toxicology reports. Maybe they're there holding it back because maybe they don't want a let on that they know so Monterrey it's just I understand. Yeah. Is this it's this the serial killer thing to me. Is amazing because. You're able to do which you do for an extended period of time. In the country and and nobody knows who you are every day Pete could be. Brawl I'm always COM Ezra fraud now. Andy Andy and your suggestion that we give this exercise on the podcast is habits is because you think it's a bit as a serial killers do that yes they they flaunt it in front right he would authorities CEO Ted Bundy was one of those rank as the zone or then you're trying to throw me I'd stock or try to it's like unfortunately your not a young no white guy and attract. I heard earlier is trying to throw me off by suggesting that we talked about this rise it's kind of like a row blow as well is Smith got a little brother well thought. Does nothing to do our conversation now nothing to do with that that horrible horrible. A direction that our youth is going to. Please all right well. You very much for listening this week to Baxter's us. We're always begging for raiding some athletes all of us organize case if you have theories. Yeah but yeah I'll let let us elect Greg known on his Twitter today or called shop hurry assaulted coshow. And then talk about it and I think it'll be just like the platters series exactly it'll be something that we continue to use. Here on the podcast. So. Make sure that you subscribe. I've been iTunes. It was a great ratings and bowl wolf thank you person and we'll be back next week we have another episode. Extra sauce.