Extra Sauce Episode 3: Edelman Phones Home

Thursday, March 16th

Greg's mentee, New England Patriot Julian Edelman finally calls and tries to patch up what could be a relationship damged beyond repair.  This episode is also the debut of "Behind The Earmoth" where we talk to muiscal artist and official Knight, Sir Bertie Higgins about his 1981 hit "Key Largo".  Enjoy the Sauce!


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Welcome to the extra sauce podcast and London. Responsiveness and would this jar of sauces. The red pill. Well well I have been waiting mr. shoot for this moment for a long. So. Have all of us I I have been waiting for a public apology which is going to come at some point during this podcasts as well thank you. Of your your relationship experts now I really didn't and you've been married to miss the shoe for twenty years this for twenty years yeah. How did you two meet by the way. I was not in a band at the time and she was standing right up front in front of the band and and they drunken state I leaned over and gave her a kiss oh. These and dozens yeah that'd. That's and those kind of things that got our our current president a lot of trouble that guy got me a lot of S Rhode Island look back on and port twenty years we playing the tambourine in the band that's about as much talent desire and you're absolutely right and I was I was like a singer but is morally yelling into a microphone but yeah ever since then we've been very good friends you know as a relationship guy. How tough it is to get a relationship back on track but I'm at at some point during this podcasts. We will begin the process of trying to trying to patch up our relationship with ski which is gone bad it's a work via it is it is work. Also on an episode three of extra sauce. We aired going to do a follow up on an earmark English I believe aired. Twice this week yes inadvertently you know. It the very best ear mock. It is is delivered in a topical manner based on. What we are talking about rise what is in the news so can't really be inadvertent. The moral thing to go out and when asked the bins will be timed out right in the in the right way yeah so. This particular earmarked. Aired. Twice this week on the show and we're gonna get a little extra sauce. On the artists who had a hit would this earmark. From the actual artist himself yes I'm on the podcast yes and then so that's all coming up on this episode three. Special sauce while I wait for my public apology I I did. I'm I just wanted to duel little extra sauce on Tuesday store right because. We discussed in fact we have the governor on. On Tuesday morning. From the I don't think he was at the Mina bunkers at the transportation building yes he was an up and and it'd yet to lose starts snowing heavily here in in Boston even though. Two feet of snow had been predicted by the National Weather Service so we were busting. His nuts. And it's interesting to me that we learned that the National Weather Service knew at some point on Monday afternoon. That. Winter storm Stella. Was not going to be the storm the massive blizzard. That they thought it was. And yet they refuse to tell everybody about it because they still wanted people to. Yeah I'll respect the storm whatever I I read today. That New York lawmakers. Our. Bull (%expletive) That they were not told by the National Weather Service so that they can a lot there. The did that the plows the resource is in the places where they needed to like upstate New York got thirty inches of snow right the the city got. Four inches or three whatever right what do you think the National Weather Service should be held accountable. Like we hold it or try to hold everybody else accountable in this country. Well the problem there is the science is an exact asked the weather. And as we know is as lifelong residents of New England the weather changes every five minutes got so it's hard to hold someone accountable for something that could change in a matter of seconds but if they already know. And they could let us know that hey it's gonna turn into rain or you're not gonna get as much around Boston. Or something if they knew that and withheld that information. You know that's something else does it really comes back to money. Then it's like you said the New York lawmakers are they're worried about infrastructure and the you know department transportation. Your boss and you talked about this on the show a lot of businesses. In Boston called it. Think there were pyrrhic right MO shut down their business is right the NN employees are you know afraid to go to work and because they think it's going to be a blizzard when it ended up being six inches of snow in rust and bright and and so so potential customers clients whoever. Decided you know you close so they're not gonna go anywhere near your business yeah and so that's gonna cost you so there's going to be some kind of some kind of safety and you don't know I say it's all about money I also mean that with the the national weather serve new. You know that they're worried about their jobs yeah you know and so and there's also that whole inch by the hole. Litigation things so they say all you know what the storm is gonna be so bad next thing you know. Some guys driving drives new telephone poll comes down on his car he like braces his back or whatever now is gonna sue the National Weather Service. Our artists are want transparency. Everywhere they have transparency ever else. I want it from the National Weather Service like whether it's sake whether it's pick whether. All right alternative whether you know I was on the phone. My former. Best friend a man who'll I have man to board up from a young age. And and now I don't know that he knew he arrived here in the city. In his early twenties. Looking to make a name for himself. I I began to advise him in in all kinds of life matters important life matters he's gone on. Doing incredible career in the NFL Madden won multiple Super Bowl so and all I had asked for after the recent patriots Super Bowl victory. Was a phone call for the listeners. As not for me sure I don't I don't need the doctor Julian element this hour of the C remark I want it for the listeners and he's off doing. What I you know Jimmy Fallon and I is dated twelve different ESPN shows and backside shows on David the home shopping network and they I mean every possible thing he can deal. However. I have agreed. For a few moments today on extra sauce they get a little extra sauce apology. From Julian element of the New England Patriots. You know it could. Mean illiquid and it lost contact. It below the Los caught we've lost contact. Because oh well a once great friendship. Has been deserted by I guy I mean you win a Super Bowl. And and all I want is it is a phone call in and and we've been unable to have you on the show I don't get it. Yeah yeah. You heard it you can get hurt and he broke the country. And certain court. Contact contact and it yeah I hope it. There are a little. Extra and sure that. The only. Thing the Arab. I don't think they can't. I don't like it. I I'm glad you being a good that I don't think that came out right but that the fruits of the linesman admirable we get the point we and we understand the point. And the I mean I just. I guess it's tough because you know relationships work in years you know he's talking about your daughter and your guy this that you've been in several high profile relationships. With with smoking chicks and so you understand networks. I mean you have that EU you get out of relationship what you put into. And I just I feel like it's a little bit mismatch right now like I can't be the one who's always texting I can't be the ones always. Suggesting that we go up for dinner I I can't be the one the only one who's involved in this relationship yeah the meal plan. Ammo and they're not alone can drag. Actually don't go to that remote. Location it. It can help. But did you. But. You know our order now and it didn't act. It actually. Current and right now you are limited. And compatible yeah. Okay. You know I mean it's just. It's just lived and right now I'm trying to live. I saw that video of you running on the beach the other day not that I was creeping or anything that is as our year is that you do when you go on down around routes right now. Now I just finished that now I'm gonna run out and and I sense that we depend on sprint sound on. Are you on and that's done now is are you does Tom throw for you while you're running routes. Not always is always that guy. Is I gotta get loud I don't know what the other quarterback Alabama around. Just got in out. Keep I don't. I metallic you know guys everywhere aired New England. What are jealousy at these guys. Which can happen. We Jimmy G. I have no clue but if you had a gas is yet to gas pumps mean he's the quarterback. I don't again. Get your mind about when Arctic like at eight and that it like. It might come. Like I didn't want it right now I didn't. And I'm not done. Just hit something when I look at what's happened over there. Oh yeah but I had to get it. Big. It's big up or cylinder temperature heart but it. Have you tried any of the speaking of Tom Brady have you tried any of this prepackaged meals yet. I did. You know. I I got a little. Glimpse at that I'm more stoker's. I am too like to Salisbury static microwave dinners and yeah exactly. A little bit that mayor and shops duly did yeah that ends up. Have not what are we what are we talking here a month and I guess almost almost at two months. From the Super Bowl. And then a month a month and a week that was a full month and a week during which you could've called the shell but on the either have some time to digest the comeback and to digest the catch. And I am actually I loved that I love the fact you were might and I and I and I loved everything about that. Are you I mean Ari are you still surprised he made that catch. I. You know it. I don't know upon the prime. A lot of things that go out on the sketch. But. The one tenured job as a receiver really that eager and the ball on that tried you know you the ball and when you do that good things happened so. You know it was pretty badly great play by. You know the more important getting it see how common yet how many other guys made a bunch big plate on Niger I've done all the right after makes that big plate. You know yacht boat make in place not making a third down play. Gen Y and played in Indonesia is letting go at that I'm just. Truthfully. Cruel and an owner could be part. That drives that come back and as you sit back and you see this. This this this footage of it all these little station means that we need an old. And it's still pretty. Producer ought to think about and it aid to Asia intelligent. And more. You know I'm not. How that year a lot and adds that that just as special group of guys and it was an unbelievable story and I said it was going to be relevant story and it turned out yet have a the story now. If you have to give you have to try to define what was. About this team this year what what allows a team to come back like that and and and obviously end up playing the greatest Super Bowl ever in the history what what is it what what was it about that team this year. I mean that game was a microcosm of our season. You know they're the budget hole Lowe's they're a bunch of bomb. And you know you know you start the game in your basing. Your best player EU and you down the road. What are your other best players in Turkey out. And it just showed that read that you in the middle. And you know in the cute. And on that one Super Bowl that's been crucial ingredient. And mental health. About yourself in a ups are both quality. And you know of course I think your web page but. You know it never never. Got a game. You know that that the mentality. That's that the mentality. And you know I'm just super proud of of our guys in and out super proud to be a part of that game. Let's think about that organizationally. And how in focus. Whether you're running a business there or your years trying to motivate people who work for you like how does that. How does that matter and that mentality come to be as it is an all ballot checker is it. Is it other leaders or is I mean it's it's obviously a learned thing or is it or is that. Is that us is this something the guys have inside them. All along. I think that combination. You know it was a good punch card ballots mr. crap. I'm from. Italy and still and in our guys bloody younger players and a lot of badger players around. You're not really worried about what you are. At. You know not worry about things he can control. You can eat any asset. If there's an old saying. You know. The bit between a winner or loser is the winner think about winning the losers think about the winner. It that whenever they think about everything we can do to try to waiting game. It doesn't matter what the score is in the winning big is waiting individual play and not try to win each and every individual place now we can do. It. Go out here. And you know it kind of shadowed. You know villages were about normal start late in the game right. Who knows and and you know that kinda went down. Is that frank I don't is that saying frank tock or is that the sort somebody else get the credit that. That definitely think. I think. And operate that old cranky at some some callers to the show. When the franks special aired we're talking about one parroting their kids and parenting their kids in sports. And wondering whether they should be a little bit harder on the kids or whether that borders on. On on too much let the lately and when you think back about your dad. And and how much you were to view and then and what he did was view going out. You feel like that's a big part a liar here superstar in the NFL today. I'd I I I think it's a huge part and not just my dad my mother in the support system that I had and being in. You know. The good glue that hold. Meetings and other youth. You know it. It's a little different. Regulation and how you can coaching all the but it sometime need a little orbit and on time and you could be. You know told what to do so. And you may not like what you're being told. But it's crazy is that your parent would only say you'll you'll you'll find out. You'll find out what I mean in the future you'll you'll understand when you get older. And a lot you know. When your kid you you're you're kind of bitching and complaining about it. And you don't wanna do that again that bill and it. Edit art it was so hard but then once you get there early and you yet car what you wanted to do you know. Aren't worth about Albert. I don't know about making. And I are. Arctic because I allowed a lot of it not your dad you price or to think about that more right I mean how do you like what's. What's the most interesting thing so far about being a father. The most interesting thing is just weird lights. This little. Human. Who. Is a little creation have you. And you've seen her little personality. And he seed. How much you can grow so much and that's a little odd time and and you see yeah a little bit you know here and you see a little bit your mom seriously a little bit here. And it just. It's just. The only note. Crime and because it's it's your family you know it but it with a piece of view and what should come. And you know it and yet he should start again you know my parents live. Army in and did everything from eat. You know it eat you all you could only do the same temper for your regard for your child so. You know it's it's one of those things towards. You you don't really know 1130 attic. Or until at or shortly. Or two. Or Warren Tilly and or until you've mentored young man and and and become close with a problem with the younger male France. I love that's bro love that really is bro love. As this speaking a lot of everybody's gonna kill me if I don't ask you about your current that relationship status back has been news of late are you use what are you doing you dating you happy what's the what's what's the scenario. I am I have a lot in my little bigger at night that's what's most important and I. At that the most important thing. Nine months and that's and that's it and that's that that's against that guy that ever video they'll be satisfied about us. Yeah I'm. At a spot so I. Well at least your trying if given you at an event that you've given league pitcher. So offseason what's went over well let's I should probably ask a football question at least. How great is the is the fact that Don they will be back for four years. I mean that's a huge. You know he's a big part of our locker room he's a leader on our team. You know a good guy that. Does a lot by example plays shirt. And and keep that defense contract meaning those guys you know the linebacker like the quarterback. And you know and have a guy like physical specimen of like him. It's special but to have a a teammate like him you know the kind of guy yeah yeah. I think that that makes it even better you know it it just hit it and. Did you say any thing do Roger Goodell. After the C rule. Now. And I did not say anything mr. bell. And what's your situation you got a year left right. You can't. You're very. If you it's it's it's a meatless that you have it because I always think this I think it's public has them on the home earn a mass hole but. I always feel like this is an amazing city and it. Guys wanna stay here forever in player forever and and guys say that but the do you feel like that power Alec how do you feel at this moment with a year left. You know it it it doesn't that actor Warren what Doug you're playing right now and you know I love being in New England Patriots. And I'm looking forward to this next year and in doing everything I can prepare my body. And mind myself. To give a 110%. To this team. Coming up this Iqbal. So that's probably learn about. Of course there's the business aspect of the game. But I mean that gap and aging oil and at that there are other Asian or it. Yeah I think. You can. Get the ball get things happen. Com not just all right butting in and day. But it. Your heartbeat you do get hurt. So. Those. I'm just worried about. Right now. About crime. I'm pretty tired after rent them that beach. You know I'm trying to turn the building. In. Asia. Where art. I. Bet that he. It's. Going to be an issue. In we got beat there. At that but I can't. Out of the how did you think the parade this year ranked vs the previous one you are part of. If it. Cold. Our. Special. That. The whole you'll. This basic or putted well and what we have what it. Do agree. It should. You know I just pray that the board. That it region did not get that battery and that that go about it yeah. Sure. But edit. All these people. That. No not like we at city labor. Now I'm off you gotta. You know it. Just a special place that when people. I've I've been here for eight years Aaron. I've seen in well you're paying and approving it on and no I don't hear that Celtics aren't. I mean it's. That special place in professional sports or. It was better when you're completely hammered going hired her for a couple days. I don't know if I like match your father Julian Edelman at these separate chemical. It you didn't. Ever. Gonna yeah. Yeah. It I'll. Did. A I would suspect. It. Mitigate what did you do you met him. You know expect. It on your mind. And getting. Them to lose perspective how special. Things really it's. Wouldn't object group. And egged on an edge back. It's. I mean it was an awesome awesome awesome here. But. You know now we got on an excellent. You know the train keeps moving. And it you're not on the tray and you get left but I. Cities. Okay bugs and other frank as attractive site is out of Iraq as and that's a little frank talk absolutely. Reagan oh are you gonna go cigar in his in his movie debut this weekend. It's and that it's in the theaters I don't know how many Beers it's going to be yen. There's. Via. So is got a small role and shill who was the actors Suze. Bitching about that the fact that it is is it took a multiple takes and he was not a team player. Coop judge Joseph has to improve buck Joanna group by the actress said that that he wasn't a team player 'cause he wasn't out. Promoting the movie. I don't today. And Eddie and I got nine out of it or not I'm gonna get our panel liked that. I like to recoup this and that and I am fashion. Compatible and now. The I don't they're probably. Didn't do. I don't grant this right. How's California I mean how's it how is it being back home. It. You go. Into it and and you know I gotta get back to the Bay Area. Well. Jeff segue likely guessed that you have to change your attitude. Like it because they feel like when you're here. You're kind of an honorary national but I feel like when you go back out to California. That year going to be you know you be laid back you know KL soup eating Q why penalize. It is smoking you'd Julian Edelman. You know I. I. Highly doubt it. Realistically. We get back. You know. You know it. Actually. I had yet again. Right getting. I. Like people on a year and and I think that. They're fake people and I cannot pay the other thing that drives you crazy is there aren't. And it. Well there I just don't. Now. Tonight. Back in that shirt at those all went there and yeah. We're hearing. And it can't. Injury and let it. Out like that Terry leather and Mike. In that. Or. Body -- Lot of bodies chambers out at two million Alec everybody's in shape and they throw it in your days. You know you put on a few pounds because your fifth the and and they're just they're they're throwing it in your fairness. It sure ya need your. Help on a lot of people here. I. Can't stand. About the. And it. I'd Bob's mom glad we made up and it that we relationship is back on track. Bat and that. I'm. I will I'm gonna resume calling you every day. And Honda and and checked and checked again and and maybe just damme may be if if if he can't talk to kind of bomb may need to send me text and when we know you think about. All right I'll texting my email we are I actually feel like and kind of being dumped. I feel I guess I feel like going from from talking to text and email list and impersonal. Yeah. There are a cap. At the end you on the grand night that's. I. Doubt we'll see we'll see you when he back on. Its. By there at the mine and it. Take gentleman that is where it. That he was that it was on us and he was being serious and that he wants to work on repairing the relationship. Of course you are correct I mean I think that's probably the best way to gold will. Begin therapy and ensuing Barack imperatori nor couples therapy is no doubt around her. Older man undermanned couples therapy that's not pretty it's narrow and it goes there it's weird it's it's it's I'm just glad he calls it's a six iron about I know that's. Thanks so call until those are so this hole is a repeat belts. Right. We begin this week. A new feature. On exercise. And oftentimes. When we play. The hope of a song right and we and we refer to it as an earmark. Listeners go why do what's an earmark eight there so. I have to explain that first of all and ear worm. Is the scientific term that is used to explain. A psychological phenomenon in which you hear a song. During the day maybe years in the dentist's office may we at the grocery store. And these are all the places you were here is these kinda so yes it's and then you find yourself. Later that evening. 24 hours later 48 hours singing the hook to that's our because it is lodged in your brain like a worm. Senior year I hate it when you it's the first thing in the morning you're you just open your eyes and it's there yeah it's over for dinner yeah so. We did a news story one time and no debt that had amazing. It in epic terrifying video that accompanies it where a guy had a moth. A big gigantic mosque that was stuck in his ear. Analysts buccaneer for every period to go to doctors try to get it out did to do surgery and yanked the thing you know tweezers and it's just it was it was. Terrifying and and irrational fear like him discussing so. We eat it likened the situation with the ear worm to the actually earmarked and that's why we call it in Myanmar right so. The new segment on extra sauce is called behind the earmarks. And earlier this week couple times. We earmarked the song called Key Largo because Key Largo Florida was in the news. The artists. Yeah in 1981. Who is Key Largo a top forty hit his name is birdie Higgins. And we've tracked him down and we're gonna go we're gonna go behind the year mosque right now would birdie. Right to be would you mr. sure mr. hill. I gotta tell you this. Wanna thank you know. For providing me. With the one of the most romantic songs ever when it comes the year mosques and I IE I don't know. How the song came to be in and if you were a fan of the great romance between bogey in the call. But certainly those who are looking for a little extra size this week on on that hits on. One and Albert. Well. Mike Griffin and I split up. We Qatar and strange for a which is new capital. And we spent a lot of time in the Florida Keys. And we ran the Bogart and Bacall and Bogart movies old black and white and we live down in the Florida Keys. And watch it amongst other things. That the you're in New York cool waiting like animals as worries Langford. Or you know we were yeah. Rhetoric moving though it cannot. Wish split up by mr. desperately. Should certainly gonna win gonna get this kid draw back is to put up on the lady. You know so. I probably wrote it took me awhile. Did write a particular for the radio. Just wrote it. Start by split up and on air you can digital ones stationed the United States is playing at WW ID Gainesville Georgia. And we were living in Atlanta just when the weather would try to would trade flow over into Atlanta. And you'll just secured so I have all the stations in the lap. Well actually you can do you mean mitigate what what were over. As well okay when he. Eleven which you need these are better at 1 o'clock arrangement with the program directors. Which you've played has sold at 1 o'clock for me. And he didn't question mark or. And national socialism this and beverage deputy and provide all of the smoking. In turn me citizen you. That's it yes it is meet our. And after resources that was wonderful that you were flat last. Wow did you get her back though birdie did you did it did you get a mean did you get her back. Well I guess should actually I don't know about this where's my BMW. You know it's immediately got back we got married. So that's a love song if you read a love song particular you can play guitar. Not only can you get her in bed that you end up married that's it that's amazing I you know. It's amazing what he can't turn things around the alleged. There's certain things you need to do whatever gets in that photo album how to do it isn't just going to work work. I heard that a very similar story when I interviewed. John Cougar that's who's calling himself at the time any merger of guys that it is the Mellencamp it was it was goofy but the he he wrote the song ain't even done with the night for the same thing to get girl back any he he wrote that's on it's it became a bit of a hit. And he's our at a party and they went out this Camaro when he put the cassette in and played the song for. And at the end of it. She didn't even listen sigh she starts Obama how happy she was she was engaged to somebody. It'd work it worked for birdie Higgins but it didn't work for John Mellencamp for John Cougar. We literally had an Irish let it for a little while our marriage. I'm saying trip by the and all over again and so we're meant to be at told accurate. You know the song. The song is factually incorrect bullies know what. Oh because I well I don't believe that bogey in the call sailed away the Key Largo I wasn't wasn't. Wasn't a call thirty there. I don't know how. You can post I would never enters looking at you kid in the movie. Night. But I said listen to that leery. It is not about Q are what about old movies in general. You know we'd look Key Largo and I looked looked at my father. We go to any recently crawfish rescission bill and outlawed abortion and so security you know diving spear fishing chilling anything that moved in the water and eating it. I can tell what you were killing when I look at the cover of the 45. Because. Handsome guy I mean that you're rocking an unbelievable BA added the the long hair down of the shoulders. You're you're Bure I mean a lot of ladies and in Florida I would guess in the eighties and. All Doug Johnson has fired from good. They birdie I got to ask you heard just inducted into the Florida. Music hall of fame is that correct correct. And your good friend inducted view right. Yeah person to minimize if you were you don't have a TV worked and I taught at this school down in Jupiter Florida. About capital raising. And that's Burt Reynolds by the way all right Reynolds and in really yeah. Do you think you nailed more hot chicks Yule in in the heyday a of the song or Burt Reynolds. Wait if you give me at all. That. They give you threaten to throw away seat upper rattled right. If you want to admit it you've got his sloppy seconds UN and upload Burt Reynolds sloppy seconds where you can be gyro man and so very true well listen it has been an honor and let me carry important yeah Bryant yeah. I would indicted Umar go out or birdie. Really an unrelated Serb thirty Higgins. I have not been going going respective Bellamy Brothers and I just did a duet together. And I will just sort of reminded in the international luge competition. And we won. Well I have to go here mosque let your love flow by the Bellamy Brothers for lunch so. Birdie thank you for giving us a little extra sauce on year in 1981. Top forty hit. Key Largo. So birdie Higgins has denied that. Sir Bernie Haggans they really him those things out like a bank's hand out lollipops and England now have you noticed they're not but what I'm quietly grabbed one of top forty hit and obviously leave the queen loves that song it's a plea but it does. And though that says about me and the queen of England denial of the same musical today's you know I'll be with him that I'm the guy. All right well my issue and I wanna thank you Warren listening to episode three of extra silence our weekly podcast. No it back again next weekend as always it is any thing. You would like peer. During exercise something we discussed during the week you you want a little extra sauce on it. Learned some radio gold exercise some moments from the show you really enjoy the life here again for you just want us there reach out. And go behind the earmarks like we did today we'll level and then anytime in the can get a hold them love me in various ways to communicate on. Whether it's on Twitter. Learns the Gramm or any of the social platforms are the old fashioned way conform to college or you can text that episode three of the extra sauce thank you for listening.