Extra Sauce Episode 21: Is Protecting Little Lungs Infringing On Our Parental Rights?

Wednesday, August 2nd

If passed, Bill H.1170 or The Act To Protect Little Lungs would make it illegal for adults to smoke ciggarettes in a vehicle while a child is in the car.  You can read more about it here.  Is this bill too intrusive on parental rights and personal freedoms?  One of the sponsors, Massachusetts Senator Kathleen O'Connor Ives gives us a little Extra Sauce on that.


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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. Phones offensive. Would this jar of sauces. Grant Hill. Pass me my Marlboro lights on one one against but going through this particular episode. Besides Q did you ever smoke through cigarettes yeah. Never. I mean I I did the thing. Like outside of the eighth grade dance where we all try them. Yeah how many of them and roi and answer. Did you were you were you yeah I bet I was RS I was out of at least fifty a day. Tonight I was doing to in my most who mall world east of twenty fives soft packs 25 butts and I used to buy two of those in the morning. The blood sport the last one before him I Utley yeah I'm always interested in people who get up. Like the heart knows the course smokers. Get up in the middle of the night because they have to have a but definitely I don't add more than a few really yeah like I've woken up in the known night as creating one. And just lighten up first thing in the morning before breakfast. You know. Yeah or with breakfast. Like the elect the young Pope I mean he would loves his cigarette say there's no guerra an island of thing about the tempo on a side note everybody they've made everybody in the Vatican smokers now listen everybody I I bet there's alive that is lives they'll. You know smoking is an addiction if it is but it's also. I mean we're we're talking about smoking because. This week's exercise is on line and proposed to bill here. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which we talked about this week on the shelf. That would create a fine if you're a parent and you're smoking in your car. With your kid and and a lot of people feel like it's over reaching that gates gave its governments he did. Getting into areas where they don't align your own personal vehicle it's illegal products as it's illegal product and so we're gonna were actually get a talked to a state senator who was a big proponent of this bill. In just a moment Cuba. That there's a lot of people who smoke. That day they do would be Stein. There are out having a couple drinks at a Barden I think a lot of women do you know as a lot of different level guys and women like to smoke with their friends and they may only smoke once a month there weigh in on him and sell them. But it's that's the way it goes great you take dead drink it and leads the cigarettes and here on the reefer but act and I in your stealing cars and walk in the streets and listen we'd is about to finally be legal. I wonder what's gonna happen when it comes to whether or not you can say we're gonna have to ask this state senator whether you can smoke weed around your Kidder you know in a way inane and whether you're gonna get a fine for that now. Winding cell drink around their kids. The capsule. You know yeah I mean any family party I don't know what your family but. You know there's been more than a few fist fights I've seen that at Christmas. I am I mean I think. First of all I'm all in favor of like when it comes to the beach. Dragging. Cigarette smokers away Moyer smoking right next few in the outdoors on the beach and Andy are butting their butts in the impeached and and then you step on way to run out of BA. That should be a capital crime I feel like speeches and that's it lowers the ocean park now meanwhile gonna become one big gastric meanwhile a bit hypocritical because I happen to dip. And so I I don't mind spending in the day in some miss it at the beach she knew I did eagle and I under old thing. I do you smell the water we now are people whooping in the not a now go out there and spit my daughters aged well I do not either side enough and enough good. But. It it it's there it's an interesting issue and this bill is being proposed in our legislature here in Massachusetts. And they will vote on that at some point whether or not a police officer can pull you over and fine you. 100 dollars if you are smoking in your own car. Because you have your kid there in and joining us right now to give us a little bit extra sauce on this. Is it state senator Kathleen O'Connor lives. Or rural. So we we spent a good deal of time on the show this week Kok king. About this bill and I are word people who word to word texting in saying that they think it's a great idea I. I do think. Well let's begin with the impetus fours that the wet and windy where new words get this idea what's it would do what made you want though make this law. It would depend ethnically or not I'm built that home but them and that I. Represented here allow. A while Paul hello. Our own and on. What I learned about this issue actually went about them that one of mine who I think he. And they have a and they said it would be great if there was a lot on the block that need it now. That okay have to get better and cry you're talking we would like nothing and I that you don't let him in let. And there was a week that we know that hasn't filed we filed an aspect out. There is 811. Of the year out although I signed onto it went on a number other senators and that's because I do believe in the legislation. Now I don't think there's many people who would say. They endorse an adult smoking surrounded if child or an adult smoking around other people in the car however. What do you believe it's the legislature's. Role and then it becomes law enforcement's role. Too in force. All of these kinds of things that some people may or may not end up doing that could be harmful to their child there's you know there's certainly. Feeding a child soda pop Warner. Lowered you know Mac and cheese or water polo for a while I closely match and she's a that's all right take up arms against government. Com where where does this stop when it comes to the it's some might say that nanny state type of scenario that we can live in here. I bet that debt is the heart. What ever possible controversy there could be surrounding the issue a talk about that slippery slope argument. Because boxing her out at a at a lower on the day you know we'll and the next thing he is police knocking people from feeding their packing. But there a shot in an Arab League has a look at the debate in the Obama optimal character great. I know has and that that. How green that we ran up thirteen. Convenient. There's no upside to secondhand smoke there at your vote Democrat and now the same thing can be said about the ninety. You know and gaining favor Big Brother but. Things change when people have more information and you know back in the day it was okay for kids at work and actually not a cool. He changed that. Yet there at the very well worn out war ended and children to go to college. No doubt there have to be we owe on your assessment of the fact that our tax. Bot would help my. Outlook for going to be having there. Copyright violators could look at their home but I can have pointed out aren't. You that the core environments. Any comment at the blood for it and actually won't even stronger going at that. And the matching belt because. Other states are paying a lot is going to be and put it there for men and six and under eighteen and then there where they won't you didn't knock on me. And that it clear that they are developmentally. Vulnerable. And cannot get out of the muck you know and I how. And not say what people are gonna remove them out accurately and you just not do that and the local. Model law. That stops those who want to throw their cigarette butts on the beach or or elsewhere have you ever consider it something like that. Like throwing their butts all over the beach and in the united cigarette budding everywhere along all around us. While. On the books in terms littering in that way. Wanna be an example I have but sometimes. Think that I'm more there are lining up and let it bother to get rid of that what he won't let non operating revenue initiative. But but no thanks open you know at a very beating him and make up for about. You know I'm kind of doing things that make it easier for people. Ultimately this comes down to whether or not vote them out is that right of the smokers to smoke out poignant and a more important right there on the right ever they erected to greet oxygen. And they need when you have black light evidence that you know what if not an inconvenient for the child to lose them more likely to get at mount. It might not be able to participate in athletics because are there this year. Proven that he medical is that the more the equivalent and that sentiment is that and them. It is like respiratory disease. You know that faith that they'll. Baton will be cleared I can't because you know the fall we apparent we know that. And you're an important act as low level we have a smoke and some wall. I feel very strongly that it's not fair to those and that has Aaron I think that the gitmo. You know what you're not a lot. And suck up you know I mean that impact. So it is so high and I haven't done that it's not like you know we're going to be this huge ally arguing that band. But it's not going to be something where. Bob problem but it shouldn't and what folks might think. There is normal behavior he has been parent back in the day it was normal for pregnant women smoke happening. Normal. You panic in the back of the car on the back. It up and I went mountain with Eddie shell. Open the window that helped carry it beyond that and help out you know that fame and public health world. Aren't clear cut I've written incompatible. With. But there is clear all people on the block. Look how fat fat flat opened strongly about it because you know there's not a lot of things we do in terms of preventing you back so clearly there than England. You know you eat you said we can't choose her parents and you know it seems like every week. Maybe were doing a story on parents and actually we just did a story about parents and Oregon who were deemed. Not Smart enough. To raise kids and they were they had their kids taken away but then we have stories of like people keep their kids in cages and these awful stories. And you mentioned education. Is there any way and you've heard the saying while we need a license to drive a car. We have to take classes or whatever can't we do something where people were becoming parents have to take. Some kind of course can we legislate that. That out here that you have to take this course smoking in a car with your kid is bad you know not feeding your kid for three days as bad and I know that I'm not buying shoes for your child is baton it seems like there's so much of this in the news is there any way weaken legislate something like back. It is possible that. Governor overeat because unfortunately. We don't have a litmus attributes and and become a parent and the possibility. Are so huge. And and our impact all these dead now. By week and it best comment like that you know the circle back to the slippery slope argument you know those are. We're at our brother Matt who went there. Talk about what better. All we want it. And smoking and car but the kid who's so I don't think they'll have to be extremely cocky. So I think it very hard. And would be implemented. And I did it play and is gonna help a lot when I'm in the united got a hold back from you know packet look at it a good parent and not. You know that that was about it. But it depends on that I will will move the dial in the right election and port people thinking twice before they light and then that it doesn't have a choice. Does this bill cover marijuana as well. I merry and theoretically spoke shouldn't be smoking. I want their cars right but we know that can happen yeah I'm under the bill my interpretation of it in that it would expand. It has not. Helping the bill as well. Arun I think that would be good because of the obvious even then you can appreciate. On there at that chemical. Right I mean your your it's driving under the influence of a bit but it could be for instance a passenger's cell. You know theoretically theoretically compete passengers smoking with a child in the backseat right now right opened. And that is. A part of Belichick. Or injure them in the vehicle. Do you envision a time where the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will tell you that you can't smoke a cigarette even in your own home. No people do a lot of things now own common Mac and you know that would be. It perfectly legal or adults. You smoke and I am actually glad that our stated on. In the ballot question now here we are at the end and but don't worry about what people say good except that one not with the recreational marijuana. Now though I mean I think you know I because I was. You know I'll let that are that like to let my cards on the table and went out when I actually would come what I and I don't know about not. Making it cleanup at recreational marijuana typically when I'm around children because were bad and the method that helped pay. We're you know we're dealing with openly crisis and when you have issue is what he. I'm you know rallies with anything but there are and I would children. You know I think the matter with an eight K with it and that they met and I'm happy. Because we look at what happened in Washington and we look at what happened in Colorado. And you know sit here who call mine and a lot you're getting back up. She is shaking Andris is a whole other subject I just wanted to try to stay focused. Is that we could go on about that for hours and hours assessment. And but I just. I'm content and it is real quiet and then like the idea of what if a legislature wall when it comes up the actual. I'll probably help my opinion on Iraq. And I don't really look at a big government because we're an inside look at argument in my hard. Big government with. Policies that are kicking around out there you know that I could give you adequate and well. Now I but I do think that you can make it likely you can make a peaceful war. And and you know you're combating it well. With regard to the slippery slope argument bite you can make a case war. If you're gonna do this. The parents who allow their kids the plant themselves in front of a television after eight hours a day here on a device for eight hours a day. And never go outside never get any exercise are also doing harm to their children and win YE. Why wouldn't we theoretically have a police officer who sees acute and ever guess to outside. And never is is told yanish at PV offering though get a little exercise why wouldn't they give some kind of fine those parents as well. I think and and V home. And the other distinction and that there but kid at a apparently video game not in the right again. You know they're not only that has it it clearly in black and white they're gonna get back. There going app. I developmental. Chain. There rest of something like you know sudden infant death and in. Market and higher. You know when the top about it me or an eating out there and you know that does well. Now and there is a lot of them and where you're going to be a lot of eighties kids that are not. And it won't let they have free well to remove them out on the situation now. That you know I'm on the record and that I would be against anything where you had to act of intrusion into parental rights we need at the whole point. But there's a difference between opinion. And endangerment. While you make a great case for like actually kind of wish you were my easily you're in my district I I. I'm stuck would Jamie Eldridge. And I am this. And come out of enjoy this conversation and lives. I'm saving up on the well. That are at. The math and think maybe you will who actually have surprised he hasn't. Bottom all right well thank you very much for joining us to give us a little extra sauce on this and and when do you expect that the legislature rule and of voting on this. Well I'm gonna be advocating for an eight. You know have them here because that label it a question clock while it went down quicker than he. Rude and I do now in a packed with it I have to go before the house today the NASA is batting. You know. When there and they're gonna be a good day on the floor and I'm well past that the people cannot. In eleven my hair and hopefully my colleague will agree and and that black mark on the range would be getting the governor I have and and at that. Would make a big difference and and that's not my goal at my ball and I definitely appreciate the opportunity. It into the we've done that then than any other bill. What the compact. Did you say get into the weed or get into the week on the news started. They can be on that. Put his political flowers aside. The only thing I feel like after that discussion is I have to brownies reliant Jarno normality or McEntee Magnuson is. All right thank you so much for joining us. Oh yeah. All right when you stand I have still you know I affiliates not I was word about it leading to other things manipulation made a great. Case for it's just this one particular thing. Yeah but it's still will lead to those things that this is this is really hard for you because I've ran a lot on the evidence in the evidences is awful. Like I mean the residue left by cigarettes in cars even if you don't smoke in there anymore the kids they'll never get somebody's car who hardcore smoker that was my heart forever it's discussed guy you don't realize it's -- you quit the smell permeates every outing hair clothes everything now my cars disgusting because I don't it was discovered in Mac as well it's well known that I don't I never in my car and drive growth scar it's as a whole different biological. So that the evidence is you know it creates as mine right and you have the window delicacy of the people they have their hand out in the center and up. Even that. Still extremely dangerous it's it's hazardous enclosed still enclosed area. You know term by the EPA but at the same time and you know my paranoid self says. Like we were saying well what's gonna stop the government from coming in your home. You know and and saying you can't smoke here and you can't do other things that are deemed. Dangerous. Like you mentioned so. You know on fast food and junk food and stuff like that are sitting in front of like one of the go to ads is gonna lead to banning the Xbox and PlayStation or what if you're somebody who allows your kid to ride their bicycle or skateboard without a helmet right way exactly risky without a helmet I mean there are a million things. That parents. Can do or not do that can lead to arm. When I was their child but hasn't she was pretty clear in this case it's kids who can't really make their own decision and I have to be they're going to be in a car seats and so I agree with them patsy in the back my mind it's still to me bit does someone's gonna find some ways like the Patriot Act to abuse this all they wanna think for you that's our our elected officials in the state want to think for you they don't want you have any opportunity use your own brain and figure out what the right thing right on payment again as you mentioned there's a lot of parents who can't seem to do that via. I can't believe there's I mean their their bunch adults that are. Smoking putts when their kids in the backseat and there there so it's just that's common sense. But to someone he. Probably hard core nicotine addict like I was yeah I gotta have my butt and you know what. The kids make you do it anyway kids make you drank or make you smoke they make you went high closet just pull your hair that's apparent to it is a joy wireless audio out all the time sure that's that's one of life's great joy as you're doing that's ready to argue about. Right I go to Mac and cheese Carolina doubts Morsi mentioned at all. And a hard time missing like lobster Mac and cheese yes I'll slowed you like the buffalo chicken McEntee your guests like Mac and cheese like those things editor just McEntee a love mag and she's a little homemade Mac and cheese of the bread crumbs of buttery bread crumbs and ultimately have a real guilty pleasure is the Stowe offers family size. Mac and cheese is really a back frozen variety back in the day I can polish off just one of those by myself and seventy cigarettes yeah smoke a couple of Pall malls and twelve doctor Pepper's Aaliyah and that's why am like I am now my kidneys are gonna explode. It well you were joining us this week for exercises. And you can subscribe. Should you choose to wanna iTunes or stitcher or school will play we should file legislation to make a. We'll subscribe yes we should do not listen to exercise if you have a young child. We view in the vehicles. And as always. We don't stop becoming the bag by. Give us a good view into it. Those of you believe and will be back next week with a another episode of facts. Snacking cheese sauce.