Extra Sauce Episode 20: F. Lee Bailey Still Thinks O.J. Simpson Is Innocent

Wednesday, July 26th

O.J. Simpson is getting out of jail on parole so hide your wives and daughters!  But former Simpson attourney F. Lee Bailey would disagree with that statement.  He is one of the few people on this planet that believes "Juice" didn't kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman back in 1994.  Even though he's been disbarred and is bankrupt, Bailey still defends his former client.  Read all about it here.  Listen to him make his case to armchair lawyers Greg and Mike on this episode of Extra Sauce!


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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. On the offensive soft yeah. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. I think people need doctors say OJ is innocent. People I talked about that subject zero. I mean I am I rarely speak with a anybody who says OJ is innocent but on extra socks. Today. We're gonna talk with the F. Lee Bailey school is a legendary. Defense attorney and he he gays big claim to fame in the sixties was CE defended Albert salvo of the Boston strangler you know. Then he defended Patty Hearst and he defended the Doctor Who was accused of killing his family. And in North Carolina I think in that case. Went on and to be the basis for his television series and the movie the Phidget. What Tom DeLay John own shop though as a doctor Sam Shepard. No props on my Tommy Lee Jones abrasion on that you're we got to sell the film. Amid don't know what the chocolate that those who rainbow colored sprinkles on a buy you were per talking. The I am of course he defended OJ Simpson and and last week OJ. Was paroled and he's getting out on October 1. And so I can not be more excited about the fact that F. Lee Bailey. Is joining us for some extra sauce on OJ Simpson trial in the aftermath. From Maine these retired while you still consults but he is he was disbarred. And he's bankrupt. And he's living in Maine. And he joins us now. All four extra sauce on OJ Simpson. Allbaugh and should I should I call you mr. Bailey or athlete your lord and I just. Feel old already greens does anybody call you asked I think I'd just like to call you half. Well you know are way behind the times Al in 1971. I was on the Johnny Carson show and he leaned over in order archer said you might depart call you a they can put two years there after five holes Wednesday coal. What's up math. Where you. What do you think of the portrayal of view by Nathan Lane and the people. It's so as I probably would actually yeah comply did beat the most important lines in my view. Out of the Furman quash an L so. They distorted a little bit that probably would be much but he blog incident yeah it all regular worked out between the detention orders. It was not I didn't spur of moment. And Johnny Cochran are there must be insane that I know would strip decided what shocker garden into it. It was. Was the animosity between. EU and Shapiro legit. There's more of them would here amateur error didn't get along anyway. He would threatened to resign orbit trial and go crash on Tuesday if we wouldn't let him examine with a so we did. He didn't do very good job. Probably should there was not a lawyer and he warned that should be used in production and he wanted to lead OJ. Oh conjured him guilty but that's all Bob who are doomed. So he kept the pressure it was buried Arabs Al nobody woods sorry well honestly. Pictures shot on the world chose we overall. Pleased with the verdict was running out of room with the traction on. I had trouble though was great and somewhat creepy and has portrayed. He did a great job. Captured Shapiro. And marcher cocktail Cheryl. What name did a terrific job of Chris Darden guys. Yeah it was more Darden Darden. It Nathan Lane was slide that I talked to cash and was terrific. Weapons sentences is they play with the facts. Just about to change people's minds adversely who would have been. Fedorov with the true. And it's interesting he said that I mean you're the only. Defense team member who is willing to say that you believe OJ is innocent then. Outbound that's not know Carl Douglas wells saying that all day long. One of the most important but unheralded. Members of the defense real. Brains behind the organization and I I used to work every time I took away as. Was a fellow named Bob leisure from Sacramento. He's seen that the defense table. Both of the term. He's just all work. OJ under par on camera that's secret investigator Howard errors. The cheap computer operator who would blow up airliners. That Colgate at duke and they were there aren't helping with the preparation so. It's not as lonely stance. As you suggest. I agreed that among the active cry wars in the cage. I appeared to be the last ones stand. The the people vs OJ and this is probably order alluding to appears to make it seem as if Robert card dashing in was tortured by the fact that he felt OJ it was feel guilty. All of that back over we'll ship you out there exactly how that happened. Card in the. Coauthored a book went Larry ship or loans are very experienced. Writer. Did my report from the cover of time one time. Com. Wrote a book about regarded new drug decided to. Kept the duct steadily from shell Gary Gilmore. As sophisticated guard OJ ash just stay helped carve out. Be a part of that book. Shall we did when it came time to publish your book publishers should turnout should. Your name has to come off recover your far too partisan. He always struggle for soldiers in the suits and with good reason and production that you don't want to EB. And say something adverse about OJ we will publish this. Yeah no he did he did an interview with Barbara Walters he called merger almost immediately. It's that I apologize OJ in England since he did. The money. And no one ever spoken about it. Interesting. Yeah so you know the story behind the stories that Hollywood. Doesn't kill lead sponsor of false impressions. Any sympathy that bad. Series 14. Robert production or I'm dessert. So you're not surprised that OJ got parole last. Martin predicted. But yeah I did fourteen TV stations. Thirteen radio stations are still blue and who are idea that the. Via a bit and it. And it's it is not only is it because. You don't believe that he necessarily should live done time in the first place but I'll also because. You feel like in in many cases he was given extra time for this because it's people believe him and he was guilty for the murders. Mark Garp he was given. The only our nobody else ever want to Judy. Check of the you'll senate in their written question here searchable. While. We think he committed murder of California but we will be straight year in the mistrial. Which actually building. I mean I don't know any human being in the world. That could make that claim but the water. Didn't order was doing didn't challenge them and the judge weapons should it. At a time when she was angry that take over the Nancy Grace are our goals. The big picture now a born leader. It enough in that town and country interview allege that. The parole officials at that prison. Advised. OJ to stop talking TO. To gutters chances of parole. And back the word Irish here shortly want to ever be cleared know what role. Ever said that directly old unit that are good. But when you're in prison a lot of messages forward him. Armed guard Gilbert wearing an armed and very suspect Witten and you try to short. What is meaningful what is not all of your age understand why doesn't he want a true. Being granted parole before they actually had let him go. That he should minimize contact with the those who were critical. All of the Nevada perceived as anybody in his right mind did see yeah. That's certainly included may have topped the list also includes a better head writer for associated crushed a bunch of others who thought that politicians. We're when's the last time you spoke with OJ apps but I report. Out on the night before the trial ended. Up. And that's the trial this particular trial. Nevada or don't always believe. What it will it will would you advise him to do when he gets out how would you advise him to act. I would advise would do anything she asked should be advantaged. And if he did I would not consider appropriate tell the world what I had told him about but he. Doctor question come back and in the YOJ. Got out of prison. In an atmosphere where he argued that cleared. And people. In the quite community. Turned on him in rural folks he's a very adaptable. Amiable. Affable person and I think that came across. Many of them are during her parole here. What it means a lot to give your account of the so called. Others because Obama won't work of course on either of the two trials. Well mark has united. Aaron I don't crawl all over 461. Who would you mills. One derogatory. Mail by a woman claimed the woman who. Cindy Sherman literate. About as she moves. We've worked so well signaled get along with people have been if you look hard. I don't think you need gently advise. For me to get back in the day and indeed this time. He's going to be under control should provision that should probably. So I they give I think you're I think is somewhat if you think he's guilty in the killed two people it's somewhat offensive. In and so I use the terms somewhat. Played I probably should use overtly offensive to see him gallop camping around and laughing in golfing in in doing those things as self. I guess. You since you believe he's innocent that's what any normal person would do if they were if they were. Clear to come that your question when you say if you think. He's still. You suggest the all American public whose only access the trial. Was from the media. Who are bounced through that terrible. But in part I order form because the prosecution. Or even this stage. On the threat of on this car which we frankly. Couldn't or didn't need we knew we'd editor quibble we wanted to put on a lot more evidence showing that OJ. Could have done. We never got pictures but I'm Adam Warren and impatient. With those who have no direct knowledge. I never saw that way out of me what they think yeah there's what they think it's jury are. He wasn't guilty and they got several part port. Yeah I'm like an armchair quarterback in this thing you're right I have known. What do you so if you didn't do it what do you think did. I think it's very clear as an FBI memo suggesting. That may arise that old big money for cocaine. She had been removed from the outage two days before the murder. All people don't normally higher IIIQ. Candidates. For a job but directly out of drug country in Colombia and Cuba. And these people simply got a wrong. Girl. Have I witnessed on the line no relation to be chief detective. Testified he would have said I saw. What seems now to a band the killers would occur on the sidewalk. I so our third guy standing outside her gate looking like he'd like security when it came all these. Those are set by that I don't my dog and walked in the opposite direction. He's not everybody knows what he's seen them act they're defense we age. And they did every record with a slight one at the end of the day it would just wouldn't call them without risking getting old twelve jurors. Yeah America's car. I mean that's inches ME really isn't Marcia Clark's. I a lot of legal. And the non capital gains can go down as well sir George would consider the ball side you would not consider. Won the war. Well was it seems like you're dealing Marcia Clark gets a bad rap for me was. The thinks it was she is peachy as she's portrayed. Our business. As I said Sarah did a great job credits. As I wrote him a little you can usually get bitchy side. Could be now on we. But she had very little in the way on. And although she had occasion I could not have wanted and I have prosecuted. Or any group of warriors in my view. It certainly want this. Soul that. Shed little credit on the practice of law trial case hinged. But we're too much cooperation from judge so it kept from the jury most probably damage. Audio tapes. Would fuhrman's trillions. Also he kept striking George restarted with 24. We get out of 14173. One is having chest pains we ask first stipulation we could continue and if we get quote quote George Asia on your lights. I want a mistrial. Vote of the word and someone who knows she's lost it carries. And then goes on to write books potion shouldn't have lost the case but they weren't sure. I I read that you get letters all the time. From people who say hey my dad always told me this is probably like me where I just watched it on TV and I believe OJ is guilty. When they say in my dad told me OJ was guilty I took a look at your web side and examined. All the all the evidence you present. And as is that true that and they say the people as if they say they believe OJ that is. A little while since it's bad. While mom in some occasions. For the employer needs of the people. That prevents a lot of people. That Simpson was guilty and he got away it was sort. And ironically I give a lot of street is Veronica Bradford warning people assert Bob. Don't get sucked into the vortex that suggests she go read earned enough evidence yet to convert the air. But the press here yelling about a mile burba who wouldn't like it one dimensional. And now I'm finding the millennium people. Are coming to me and they have regular web site I think I've made my parents who won't go yeah. Now I mean that it has turned around there but I can't take. Credit even have been persistent upon these somewhat years old series appearance. As a guy who is he ever killed many of them do it by talking them the depth in. Our series of papers did you know. A world Gordon even ours heavily criticized saying would the conflict. We'll fight about is indefensible searchable if you were so he didn't do that and you charge it. Being falsely accused does not. Create a real crime where it creates a global conflict with society so he's technically incorrect but I programs should Amber's got. The calendar issue it's I think said that where you find yourself today not being allowed to practice law. Is there results of the legal community. Acting out against you because you believe OJ's innocent you said that over and over again and it is that is that how you feel. Yes but not because size cities and they became angry with these men that verdict. First of all the lawyers and judges had been telling air. And their kids this guy's guilty resulting scramble away. Option terrible telling everyone who would listen. He's guilty or to go away. I'm the one that made a lot of them in bear old mine. And match what I was punished for. But without slight modification Alan Dershowitz who's. And friends and she was a 28 year old professor. At Harvard I think be youngest ever to be a full professors or school. And I became friends back at night. And sixty cents. Date do you think it's more than the OJ case I mean you've been a pretty. Flamboyant figure for quite a long time as a lawyer who yeah are married ariston. Tried but she just people are back get the early seventies but. You know I'm no regard. Beat up war representing the Boston strangler. Although during the trial when my signature or a normal course prisons and buddy art can record of Oregon desirable awkward should that was. Trying to do. I've represented a lot of people who would be view as much. Called. It really matter much to society. And not gotten personal or. But in the OJ case and look where what I'm told people all the time including new music. They were wrong and propaganda blue shark. And about the last thing any American Morrissey here it's like oh you're. So I've been catching it. Ever since the end of today. All of I think people will remember my name culture much the people who make an informed. On the carpet and quick solution. The EU appear to be based and based on several books and things right about Albert Desalvo. While I think it was right about now Albert Desalvo always ask for. Those we checked this shop and generated find out what this guy's made. And how we could recognize. Is successors. In crime when they're very young and take them off the streets sizable block. That's what I wanted but the self rule and yet guys gonna should be. In the face with a 44 predict it. And if it. Bomb went up the ID ED be the case which was which the F film the fugitive was based on. Was that doctor shepherd is that his name. Doctor Sam shepherd boy I was at one time these most famous murder cage. In America and be most unsettling because people. Unlike soldiers where it was quite a the white population. In favor of guilt. People were really divided the sure prediction you can start a fight any bar. By speaking for or against share and share. It captivated America that fugitive. Wasn't programs Sheridan television. By air pollution new ones and my network show. And about became a great movie would parish ordered Tommy Lee Jones. Two of the best actors. Of my lifetime. Eric carrier why commit to own them at a very romantic after being lose certain teachers. Loser or seven years. And I can never lost one more Ronald. And I got very angry and so this is terrible these people. Don't care he's guilty indeed paid police lieutenant green bench and he should bailing. Our what you're doing here whether Sam Sheppard is innocent I don't wanna know. The banner of donors are all right let's get the big kennel club. Big huge stapled to a pulp and we do it all the way up spring court and one of the jury trial. Maine I mean as a really amazing they cases involved as is who do you consider OJ that won the fuel we you know. Some time. In this in in the does and then and then distant future when people are thinking back a value that's the one he'll be most associated with a. Well I'd been bad so because that was the only headlines page for a few years after the one. Both Ford and it was the biggest headline case in the history of America. It was the biggest event is acquittal. In the history of America in terms of who. Was watching for the verdict and in the end I'm chilling 9/11 came along and to a bigger audience. And both were repeated. I'm. On the two. Yeah I'd I'd that's one of those questions where you can mass where were you when you heard the other commissioners verdict I was ready now. I was in I was in line at a bank. That was in line at a bank it's it's set up a TV especially for that via some people online at a bank and watch it and a well. If you go to your website you present the case then OJ is innocent students and somewhat convincingly so I I what what is that website asked. The. Bailey. And Alia. Too well entries and now we're it's our lord carries no punctuation. Bailey and Eliot dot com. It has 171000. Board action indication. On why he couldn't. But my board could. Choose what to jury. And I hope that you'll go back every read it would be more than somewhat. Listen you right down I'm up in Maine again this summer place up in Maine mean you'll Mabel where you yeah are necessary or of these things. I'm good all of your comment where I first came eighty. Four years ago. LaMont the notion parks Emanuel grabbed dinner one yeah. Yeah. The Taurus have is it's over by it's it's near Portland. So the Portland or in part in Iraq. Never right above sock. Listen it's it's I get a shack up there is about knowledge treatment. Radio. It was it would we would low we would that would not as much as lawyers might and it's desert cities it's 500 bucks an hour announces that octave on the freaking phone. On the data how many people actually get under. The hammer in new York. Stock in firms are more. Bosh skyscraper did you sense did you ever give any ground. Did you guys get paid anything Biogen board or is all the money archer and 700. And said he would I'm in my. Never been there. About 400000 dollar in all depending on Gary and I did get a check. At the outs in the trial has 161000. Off that's it so you got sixteen grand he spent 400. And Shapiro Shapiro locked away with seven on program. He's dead he said he would defend OJ get. Good deal with the money I mean. Your money back in. And OSHA at. I well it's it's been in very very interesting having on you may have a map I ain't got I think he's guilty as sin but I it but you know what I wasn't there so you may have changed my mind a little bit and we are. Now go read read the paper and then call me with huge flaw you find it. I have to I'll look that we're definitely gonna cry again because it's it's great having on and its growth it's been a pleasure and thanks for joining us a little extra sauce on OJ Simpson F. Lee Bailey. Okay. Now oil well. And I don't mean I think I still think he's an advocate still think he's guilty but a plea Billy makes the case for I wasn't they are. I wasn't part of the hour I did was watch on TV and if you're if Greg Greg. He is such a veteran parole lawyer. All he was playing mind games of the ES may SO I mean or glory insists he's got a down I. Whole disease he he's in his eighties he's like 83. He still has it together because this is I guess what's about super intelligent guy and I had a whole Faye Resnick theory. I keep thinking about that you know when I was reading up on personally you know what. Now that's it's. So many things about I guess you're kind of primed. To believe. That the police don't. Set people up in and they're not willing to create evidence and and a judge can't be influenced yeah prosecutors are you know and it says that stuff about you know and I mean I. I don't know why it's it's just it's. It's hard for me to believe that anybody other than OJ Simpson did it but you know there there goes the theory that it was his son. And that he was gonna take the hit for his son you know and. But this the pharaohs the thing man I'm I'm I'm now I'm I'm feeling now one. The only combine that and how about the fact he got no money for that custom that's unbelievable. You know I a bad though I mean with all the publicity and everything him in the guys you know F. Lee Bailey is written several books. And you know you think he would be able to capitalize on that but I I really think it was the dislike we talked about the discrimination due to his involvement with this trial and I think it was the others he is a pretty flamboyant guy. Now in all through the the sixties and seventies he wasn't that lawyer who stayed in his office and kept quiet he would now you like to go on the town and again elbows with the rich and famous celebrities. He had an island in several pins anyway and O line. I while F. Lee Bailey and exercise on the OJ Simpson case thank you very much for listening. Will be back. Exercise that this. And I encourage you subscribe. To extra socks on iTunes picture for Google play.