Extra Sauce Episode 13: The Top 10 Can-Man Karaoke Countdown

Thursday, May 25th

In this week's edition of "Extra Sauce", Greg & Mike share their Top 10 favorite Can-Man Karaoke classic hits like "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! The gift that keeps on giving. Then we go "Behind The Earmoth" with Donnie Iris for his addictive song "Ah Leah." Satiate your hunger for this week's Extra Sauce!


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Welcome to the extra songs podcasts. Found so offensive soft yeah. Would this jar of sauces. Red pill. The Memorial Day weekend edition. Hopefully your lounging by the. Pool war or barbecuing or or watching. Of the keepers and Kendall who Gallagher. And I ended up the key I. Beekeepers this is still have you extremely enraged and a story this is not there I'd. Two things meant 11 of all I'm damning you. And I'm I'm thanking you. Because it's phenomenal but it's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life those the worse when it comes to things that I've recommended from my captain couch potato position as the war it's the worst one business like tickled look like a Disney princesses are seriously. That is just really. Been raging I keep saying it and that's all I feel wanna watch it Ayman raid the if I mean issues along with everything else you're trying to do. Over the long weekends if you have time you should start binging. On the keepers on and Netflix switches. Horribly to rule documentary about a murder of a nun in 1969. In Baltimore. And the nine and uncovered something that was going on Andy Catholic girls school. And this as it unravels. All that's just were also a salute this'll spoiler alerts that are that are issued but. As an unravels it's it's pretty amazing who is involved. Dia and you realized cover up in the hole all of them in the there's only you first hear about the the abuse that happens. It's so shocking. I can't believe like someone could actually get away would that it no matter no matter who or what they're affiliated with and then as it unravels. You you realize old gag again. Well did you watch the the movie about the Boston Archdiocese. Priest abuse scandal thing spotlight yes no I have not seen that that's a great movie outs are good as it that Izzy from a name mentioned that in in the in the yet they don't. But there is two ladies in in the keepers. Which by the way is not the topic of extra sauce today we get right right and so it just as worried yeah disagree let honoring. In a first coming up first and exercise we're gonna get some radio gold extra sauce. Featuring the top ten I should probably use the Casey voice for this. That top ten. Can man karaoke songs of all time I'm Casey case of but the the league the two women. Who like are retired. And decide they're gonna investigate this murder of this nine because they went to school. Are like the heroes of the they are ablaze LA LA LA now and their agree accommodation is one isn't the investigators she's like the researcher and the other ones like. As one of the characters are one of the people in the Dockery caller of the Bulldog yeah when she she's like we love this woman she was a great teacher. We wanna find out what the heck happened to our via you know and they are they are just am. There's so persistence of dedicated it's gotta love him but the depths. To which the Catholic Church land in this case and in and many others to cover that up. As religious people. Is disgusting it is disgusting it's almost a shock as is the actual abuse. And unfortunately when you watched this several of the protagonists are no line here. Alive which is socks because. Don't you find yourself I think this what you time about about being angry when you watch him keepers don't you find yourself wanting. Somebody detract these people down yeah and and lock them going in jail or sorting or torture is on the west Peja is somebody asked me in this while we're gonna we're gonna try to get. Next week I'm on that exercise are gonna work on talking to. Whether it's. The in the ladies who did the investigating or some of the journalists who got involved. Murdered. I don't think will be able to get the informant the police informant deep throat on but will older whereabouts are now. By itself. On extra sauce this week as I mentioned. Radio gold. And that's one of the things we have a lot of requests for when when that when it comes to exercise is to try to go back and relive. Disturbing water somewhat confusing or confusing moments and I that if record in the twenty. Six and a half years or twelve whatever it is 27 years and Hill Man Morning Show so. We'll do that and then we're also gonna go behind the ear mop. Who is an artist who had a hit song in 1980 which was. And your mind the rather recently and he was a week before this past weeks ago and which is a song I will never ever get tired of listening to is that it's actually there really isn't always targets outside analysts suggest in any just really just had that can't analysts say it was just that ahead but about it. But he is gonna join us. A little bit later on on extra size. So. Not we first became acquainted. Wii is the can man on our program. Wing and a and I I think this probably. How long would you say we're going back here. Where you were you doing the news at the time that the that we first meant the camera was that after you left the show was after August sought I'm guessing it's like ten years ago. Right I want to go where you the news director Alice in morning show I think I started 99 and 2000. Okay and win when you leave. There's 2004. Okay SLI I'm guessing that. Michael. As has been it's probably been a good ten years had that he's been calling the shown and coming in and alana we first met him. Because a listener called and had really recorded on their phone his version. Of the star spangled banner that he did. At over thirty softball in Framingham which these are very good thing I think he's that he's pretty good at hard song to sing god has a pretty one day Mayo listen it is his passion is is the key thing right you know sell. Several years ago. We decided to create can man karaoke in which he would do his best since he likes to sing them. On some karaoke standards are you karaoke guy if I've had enough to drink share yeah yeah what's your go to. I love live and on a prayer buy him a Bon Jovi crowd favorite via our you know Alec do like a virgin never announcement really yeah. It's been very rare though that can coach this I don't fit that enabled on need to hear that most probably karaoke probably a pretty popular at the nursing homes or you'll hang out trying to meet chicks why don't we move I was so. We're gonna count down the top ten can man karaoke hits for you in in the in order. And we're gonna begin with the so I remember tanto did you do on the Casey voice I'm Casey case some kid rack Detroit's own kid rack. His real name is Bob Ritchie. I'm Casey case of its okay and man did a version. Bar with the Bosnia. Which she had a little bit trouble with I mean who wouldn't well isn't this a lot of words Lotto Lotto words that come fast and fears now. But let's take a listen too long. Can man karaoke. Sound memory tech and or are breaking a mile down all the way to number one this is bobbled the box. I don't contact the credit that they did it all behind me it's about me and good it. All of the after that you aren't all that out of all of the book the top and I don't put it down without a jacket on the map back. Pack them let them love them that it got. Book the book got them on the Hollywood and the hood and all loved the book good I think all of the good went out all the bond ballot did an apparent at all. Why. Are so well ANC can understand the struggles and up struggle Israel right he's not a professional struggle struggle Israel the powers there. Moving up one notch as that Casey as Casey's like to say. To number nine. Is of course the finish a famous English duo William. And there's on. Wake me up before you go go. Which was is that was a pretty big hits relatives here it. It is a karaoke favors is it a carrier wherever it doesn't hurt any different bird well. He is can me and karaoke song number nine. Way rounds wake me up before you go go way. Beam me up. Vote yes go go what I hanging you'd like bill yellow let me up the flow like go. I don't understand what I meant to Whittier doubt high breaking up of the light go. Because I'm planning going goings download and play beat up before you don't. Take me to be dead there. It. This is just think he's it's gonna follow part I does. Yeah I usually say it didn't follow it needs is a he's Kate Gibson together very tenuous thread just keep it altogether until he gets to the end yeah. All right. We're counting down the top ten can man karaoke and it's. On exercise. And now this sign here. We have discussed in the year month a thousand times on the show. And star ships we built this city of us about the building a city based on rock general that's run you know I'm Andrea. Can men did a reasonably good job this although I feel like he fell a little bit behind which everybody does you know they have the built in chorus right. In yeah in the karaoke thing you always fall behind that decorous like you begin doing yourself without. The chorus. You can pull it off but it will be with a course against a tough sell side members signed number eight. The star ships we built this city. We've dealt it speedy young. Brad Miller. Bit of this city. We've built this city Bob. Without this did a we go out this video. Bad. Up that Mehmet did and the configure the video the video would have been way better with the with a KM MM right now yeah you know you'll really comes out there is you know all the time he spends on the bike. Is that a lung power it's Epoch in long been right there s.'s. This next one. I think the second portion of it is the best parts and of course beyoncé had a big. Beyoncé at a big it was single ladies. All the single ladies. All all the it's the old viral it's Shaq can be difficult when karaoke Ing and misses on number seven. In the can man karaoke top ten beyoncé is single ladies. Although ladies and Boehner the ladies. All the single ladies. Spawned a single ladies now look what I had gotten. OK okay well 00000. 00000. OK okay I'll okay. I've got like what does it output of may audit if you like to have that you should put me on it. Don't be mad at want to see you put that we and I if you like to get you to do have a without having audit. I will let them a little bit difficult there listen you don't have to you know go along with the rhythm. And singing are you definitely don't need a universal's own interpretation. Yeah I. We're up to number six. That's it though that level in Casey's to do that again recount way. We are up to the top five signs it's that coming up next to where we're down to the top five signs in the United States of America. I'm Casey case and this number six. Can. I utilizes. A I guess at different. Octave one when it comes to his voice I think because. Because a sign. He utilizes the word sexy and it's title. I you know he does little deep on this so we're we're led to believe that this is what the can man sounds like when he's trying to be sex yes yes that's yes. This could also be how creepy is that yes exactly I was say Nevada using the that are concrete. This is too sexy. Which was a hit for Right Said Fred. And this is another English duo that's what our critics were there as with the is that code I don't Damaso but the bad they too sexy hit. Lawyers for a Right Said Fred and this is can man karaoke so on number six. I think people like. 261. Cop who Dixie line ma. Act optimistic people hat you expect people. Like you make. All right that's all I need a good challenge he does is that douse myself in bleach and holy water and. Leave yourself I felt that I feel growth hey listen. But I do but bureau woman impossible probably not to is not the be turned on a little bit by that it's Oprah for Hollywood Rio. Seek help. So it's not only the pop stuff that can manic cells that though. This is. One of the all time great signs when when you wanna bang your head. And disturbed of course had a hit with down with the sickness him. And the king and me and karaoke version I'll I think is Demi kills at the Cecil he's literally kills at least eight murders at Dietz plays that death. On this it's cute and man karaoke side number five. The stares down with the sickness. I'll probably get down to pick that up probably about your detective did not comment doll with this pick debt. Open up your case but added load it took me dead out doubted it fits that bill Bob Baghdad Robert probably doubted stick it. You read about what somebody did dog has picked that. I did that it did no doubt you had given me. Moving version yeah I remove an end a movie version a lot of words that if it's now not every young David's Raymond you know the guys very talented and hard its errors and don't deliver like him they go by so fast yet on the screen yet in that sense and I that is that gallery that's the problem and they. We're counting down the top ten K and me and karaoke versions of songs and and there. We're down to the top four. And of course. The song a little bit controversial. There's old man was Selena while I think so it and headphones blew this song a little bit controversial. When it came out. Because the courses is bill it was it was. Believed to be about masturbation. Now and and no and then the divine goals that the vitals had a hit and I would guess 1980. The six. Are. Why that now I think it was liter V eights you know somewhere around there nine in nineteen maybe Anna who is I touch myself. And and can man killed in on this as well as you know on an island thing about it I just that I've I'm sorry I think that's like oh you're apologizing for ya sorry it's the imagery that the problem is that. So can they karaoke song number four. Divine holes and I touch myself. I don't want anything they'd be behind the oh. When guys are big all dollar you'd like to talk to myself. Old gold bond. Anybody. Oh no no no you. Some. A legacy goes is this various disgusting that yes I we're up to number three. And it's a local favorite Aerosmith and walk this way which again yeah. It can be a tough one bright 'cause of the lyrics. The Xeon Tyler extremely talented yes a lot of words yeah you know on and he did our with a chorus but I I picked out probably the best part of his performance it did yeah I am well let's take a listen. Don't always hit and it damaged public target daddy's dead. These didn't happen until the dollar involvement that you could do to take it away but yet you didn't really done what Valentine doesn't mean this. Positive things that don't nominate dissident though is that idea like yeah. Nailed it again. You think it's gonna fall apart the FL he just manages to keep it and that's the appeal of the guys and it. All right we're down the till we're counting down the top ten can man karaoke sons. And we're down to. The number to a number one and number two is the reason why. This is all being featured on extra sauce this week because. The original of this song came up as an earmarks on Monday I mean you know and yeah. Then we remembered that there was a Q actually a listener remembered that there was a kin man karaoke version and then shoe and I decided that we should. Refresh everybody's mind. Again we're sorry by job by going over the top ten K and in karaoke site so. I'm number two of course a big get for Rupert Holmes. Who we are we are desperately trying to get Rupert Holmes to go behind the year monopolist but we haven't at seventy he's a very busy man is seriously he is late Harvey Johnson is a huge this is a huge hit for him and manually go low he's done nothing to note that the guys written books belly aspirin like a half dozen books are so he's Broadway musicals he's written music for television. You know and I'm emailing him and his people will mister Holmes is busy at this time mr. Holmes is busy how many interview requests could he be yeah I don't Lotto and well in the Broadway people you know maybe demanding probably Cape Cod Times this Memorial Day they went out they want around a feature on the pinnacle Lotta sun and and the dunes of the K all right if the only news out of what was going on of the students and they've now. Where to where you are trying desperately to get Rupert Holmes to go behind the year month with a sigh exercisable. It will Keebler and open. This is can man's version. Of the pinnacle Lotta sun of course called escape. About the couple who. They each put a personal ad in the newspaper. And and they meet up and turns out that they. It turns out them that they both really love each other they realize it when they meet up together. At O'Malley is a bar where they can escape if I had written this on you would have a much different ending yeah it would end of me calling her whole war and soaring out and going to the governor Bradford and running on a transvestite. Well now if you now a vero decide you know I feel like. You know he swiped writes I had gone out our eye on the picture that wasn't materially Sino us analysts is different but it is. It's. Kim and karaoke song number 20. Up five notches proud member line I'd downside matches. This is his version of the pinnacle lot of sub. That's I can't depict a cooler. I'm getting caught in remain. In. I'm diagnostic unit today hailed the move. Climbing into camp I mean. I got the lead you to mollid news. I'm glad to let all the red tape. Not the bar called mad at me as well well planned outlets yeah me. Merry. Confusing very can do the course ready right thing it's added to keep you know the you know and if you like Pina colada but that part gets married I didn't really hear pinnacle and to do much in there. Hundreds of them Nelson I just looked at. And I and that's why I think is obvious to everybody. Added this is goat when it comes to camp now karaoke and he was he was meant to sing the song you us yeah honestly then view as totally as it is on made to sing this on stole this from an imprimatur and this is that this requires an extended its. Extended length version 'cause we yea you got here he editor column it. This is song number one. Lose yourself. From Eminem. And man Kerry Els and Nissan number one in the top ten here on extra Silas. Look. It's how whites. What shocked I go off what opportunity. And he's he's everything you ever watched. It's a moment. You wouldn't calculate. Lewis let it slip. Always. Tom Davis what did you need to and on the value above and audits wed already above if exhibit. But he admits he looked at comic already dropped the bombs. But you need to detonate what he voted down the whole public still loud and open is now but but let's hope I'll I'll. He's still connect everybody still get it now the avid divers lineup guys over a mile. Stop the Bakken re out of deity go to guy that did go to the gravity still don't have what you bloke. Give out the eight who will have a but he knows what he won't go back that's about it he's doled. Buddy don't body blow to but he still played he dealt when he goes back vehicle would I would hope. And it's dark and it we don't go out to keep that Benedict goat these bullet hole out not that. I'm writing a sorry ray does deserve gab deserves applies president so already I'm so pumped up right now. Now it when they use that when these the bring the guys out and Roman times. And they were able. The gladiators are able to kill the line and they gave them they gave Amare out of apply at a deserves Seattle at desires are not suffering from you know pulling you look out there that's incredible that are right. Those are the top ten can man karaoke signs and that is radio Gould extra sauce. I will remind you. That or always looking for contents on extra sauce is so if there happens to be something radio gold lies. That you've enjoyed in the past you can tweet did that mean you can Tweeter request that we included. You can instill your M matinee you can you can text the show you can call you can you can. Do what that guy earlier this week did in his spend a little sandal correspondent's ready you is polls delivers an ice cap covered out of you wanna do it. And we'll get an on extra sausage. Extra sauce. Our next guest on an extra sauce had hit song the way is. Leon in 1980 yeah. It way and all the way up to number 26. On the billboard hot 100 in 1980. And you may remember Alia. In case you don't let me earmarked a little right now. And joining us to go behind the year mosque that it is Donnie iris. And yeah yeah well thank you so much for allowing us to go behind the year mosque and to explore. Ali. One of the great earmarks of all time. Thank you know that this is and remember government or. Not there then. There won't be. Is. Now all the good bands or a one in the grade I. Yeah now the paradise. Yeah yeah yeah Google and yes yes yes it is believed not to paradise rock a bit Eddie better was just a plane there lately did two weeks ago. This is cool and I loved this place. I love that he had a great guy and watch the. I believe that I had read that the the you have success. First with Alia here in Boston was is that true. At bat in the light as the other than I didn't haven't it is that it. I think bought then wouldn't it it's like. National. Mexico plays you know other than where this thing is to say well at all. But yet they do want it to where. In the news. There's a total surprise to us that they love it that you yeah. So them yet this. It grew on. And when that I would have been reports. This. Now of who is who is Leah who we're who we're Kosher Rona was yes we don't you tell us about it and Angie yeah yeah I was just Lee who is Leah. Oh. Well the war. And when I remembered that old yet is yes you jagged wood good that I was never on Corbett that. The rapper which was about a guy who like John. Like was sweet talked the late eighties it was it wasn't about rap music it was about. It says it won't have directed my then seven. And doing that I it'd been. Dating while. The name happens yeah I never met. And this morning. Some of torture. Oh. You know mark that it. And and won't do a good chance building and in the course it's yeah chance. I am told Mort if they want them home to pull back in the day. That is just gorgeous women maybe maybe this is on about a little. And shouldn't be legal rights and be. Could ultimately didn't. Just. Are you reform war in mobile me and I didn't never another anything. You were stocking his recent opinion all the oil in the. I'm anyway weird later on about is if you. Wouldn't this girl. Yeah whom who's ten. And you know that they're talking. And it's important and says she would own niche uses them mother then they. And I thought. That it is impossible. And sure enough that old mother. As the girl I would've gotten media you know here we go. On my I have some bad guys and we actually the dead. Old wounds. It's unbelievable. It built at a cheap when you walk then she'll. When I found reputation Waltz. That's like top forty incest or some because you were having sex with the daughter of Leah. Who you wrote a song about that's like it there's all this is why wouldn't you want and I'll. But did you get the mom did you buy elegantly up. If you did it was probably it was probably because of those trademark glasses that you wore in the video that. Foreign ANC. Log in to tell you whether. I don't know but he. It was either that or the yellow jacket the you'll also where have you held a movement has got us this kind of a new wave thing that was you know on there. It was kind of a kind of a new way things are writes oh. Ollie about Leah was the a girl that was within your drummer and then watch you went on to meters later on. And that's song that's not what his son go to number 29. On the. Do right now is. Billboard one of those. Mag ten. Oh. And went down is still playing music still out about playing lines. I open. You know we all know about it. In the and then you have moved. Yeah. That you might be a about it. I think we have to do and then like a couple. It's hard. Yeah yeah well the combat them want I would be up there in the you know and smaller. I know what I compared I mean yeah. I think that would be me and yet the man that did while. Well. I'm trying to put together and earmarks artist shell. And Selby going where are to be great to have you come up and play Alia. Well. That would be all that would be sensational and I love it. Am trying to do from my my terrible foundations. I think you have to Wear the coach can you still in the yellow jacket or Atlanta. Well we would. Is that is it in a plane that you know you didn't blame. They're both being laid it back out on the on the amount that you and try to set. No not and don't leave that lead more aggressive than we are to war. In our surprise although all the time spent in Cleveland that's not in the rock and roll hall of fame. In it's the. Okay this technique that is now. It is no question. And was is is that Donnie iris was at a stage name. OK if they won't name is Dominic hit that she eight ER a Z yeah. And then when we were americanized they do you know I ever is it just wouldn't hear it every time I sit down misspelled nobody could. Are they it figure out how to pronounce its knowledge it's changed it and won't. Yeah I mean I can't imagine Casey case and going and now moving up four spots it's Dominik year Archie into the way I Utley. As yet product Donnie iris out. Yeah yeah he's had to make about yes or no it and open it now. It. Donny Donny had a beer for awhile and it's gone king Cole right kinkle light. Yeah I would events in the vehicles include. Yeah you should bring that back man. You know what the problem is that it was a crap being Tibetan group is. We could do it. An Arab. Level. And that is that war it is a good good ol' ball is in the other thing yet the I am. It. Put the beer with good and we had a good one with. I am yeah Rosenblatt. Most throwing beer that's stuff going to be in science city in stroh's. I don't. All those guys demand. Well it's it's being great to have you join us and to give us a little bit of extra socks. As we go he go behind the earmark fun Alia. Top 29 hits and now aren't yet number 29 had and then 1981. Right Donnie. Yeah we're at war and hopefully we'll get you'll catch up there won't won't won't play it live yeah relive it will relive it ivory. I would love it. I would do that would note that it. All right let's awesome Donnie thank you so much. All it. Whatever you still hit those high notes with a with a as much passion and expression at the end and I try to find out this summer because I was go back to Pittsburgh as the family and he's from there and and and he's always playing around there he's playing some festival or some Hiroki fast. So the light you know site panacea to see you again welcome Don Adams rate now I have to go yet per unit after much effort. Our thanks Donnie iris. Heard joining us this week. Extra sides subscribe to extra sauce on iTunes or approval play or stitcher. And my shoe and I thank you very much for listening please give us a good rating. Yeah yes please we're always pulling ourselves up for ratings will send him in your house that you karaoke. Will be back next week which is another episode extra socks.