Comedians Corner - Bob Saget

Friday, April 21st

TV legend Bob Saget is in town for a show at the Wilbur theater so  he stopped by the show to talk about his days on Full House, America’s Funniest and much much more.  


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Listen I'm kind of concerned yeah hit me up. Because there's this long standing jinx that is associated with me right now on and unfortunately we did the podcast and always talked about was Don Rickles and now. I mean that was the next day I now the next there was like I was like maybe two or three days but analysts he dead to me I don't he was like a father Leo and you talked about how polity was still human owners fear us it was a rights to the stage for everybody for everything and you know is make funny videos he's having nice afterward he would he would make fun of you know people's races religions ya everything would it wasn't done in that evil way. Is that a study was shooting in the back of my head and good. So relaxed gay guy OK I won't. They're not a camera they're gonna move their cameras around our ICI about it but is now down was and he talked isn't like you think you're talking a forty year old guy. Yeah you would talk to him and what why do you think key was able to. Get away who is. Racial stuff. An analyst and continue to be able to get away with it and then when we went and won a bunch of people freak the ass out about it now. In don't understand that it's humor. And it would be because he didn't deal with it from a sarcastic. Point of view he dealt with a from an old school point of view which can't be done again ever again. In the way he did it. Because you know he would say things like you know it is a black guy coming for me yeah and that's hurting world with the Jimmy Kimmel and have an article wow I know. A look around the room and I think like I said that what are what you know at least you can't always goes and I live that's the new version of that you know to be able to. Go hey did the whole point is. I'm not racist and it's the opposite of racism and I'm calling it out. And you've got to like figure it out somehow in this massive disconnect like like I almost feel like a lot of the country has lost. A sense of humor where they can't think about it and understand that. People are its entire people are poking fun. At racism and witty and people don't get that you mean well the reason is what we've seen in the news the reason is it wasn't like that. The weather wise of the Dunn came up and it's time where they were bathrooms you couldn't go in on the you wait. But I and I grew up in that time I was foreigners solar Arizona ferry from in Virginia and it's that whites only and I sediment here's what's why is that. I don't understand it when you reform we bill and isn't what are I don't know why this is like this and my dad is held his head down. In in shame. That that that's what humanities to limit Edward and will when you feel those those things can be Megan's society. And and and racism being out there. Satires wanna and comedy is one of the ways that breaks that. Down right there didn't you later handle that incidents on a special one hour episode of full house yet at times and I frankly what we did say it really well so that's I think that's last year there was an episode where cam is as PGA. Took in. The guy that played Grady on Sanford and Son. A really good actor and out came in and he'd pray. He had alzheimer's. And the episode Yahoo! Annie and little bit life at one point you in my. The line was supposed to be sometimes edges forget and then he went line. He's got to drive up the irony I don't get it if nobody is I wasn't giving. Not but I mean. You know as in I'm not one that. Touches any of that my stand up. Yeah people think I'm like super blue and I'm not you know look at a lot of people don't like so much were blue because that was the indicators that I am just not going away. Go away. Be a hundred Bill Walker both going to be on your grave stone oh it's gonna say I'm not any candidate could hack it did give dust buster busting out of the ground as well but doesn't think I'm mad at them and building next to it it's got you but remember one need like people first started to go see who. After full house doing stand up and there are like oh Mike I know what I am outraged by the cities that have was ahead and HBO special while the video show was number one full house was like number seven. And so there are really popular commercially. And doing those shows as you you're supposed to do and you know curse on full house. And you know host of bloopers show people get him and ads and a person and I saw an I seven David Stern test and I think. No idea whether family picnic little Dziena playing army I was stormy announcement it. And in the gangly enough Tom Bergeron hasn't drop enough bombs I love Tom I had to review we've become really close to you how easy idea here in only started. A few stuffy hosted a show that we had here we had a show called believe he hosted evening. Back where he got went and networked when the local network news when there are three channels and there was nothing to watch everybody tuned in to watch evening which was Alec yet and bush and now show chronicle. We tried it on the air effort. 800 years. But it's and it's interesting we think about how TV has changed too because. Now you can have new life as a Netflix win when it comes to the full house hotel believable that thing is they say it's that are more and you're on the world I don't know says they'll prove. Yeah I'm telling people senator Jeff has the paychecks yet another thing you don't turn down money. Back so obviously among load the bags but. That this music I did one last week actually and I had a really really good time erode actually some Danny tanner dialogue. That was really relevant and happened present for what's happening now in the world which is really weird. Here's a great tax Bob Saget is our guests. And the Texas how sad is it. That I knew that episode. Before Bob savage. I guess about the greeting them anyway yeah that is full house fanatics out there that's actually pretty good team we can play as. You could start to describe and so I won't remember any event I the only one I've ever take that. One day but when there's you know a new version of Fuller house whatever admirably it I'll be that guy yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember. Evident that it's it's been it's been a time I'm. And that's I'm I'm in Boston it is. I love it here you know and I do stand up here for 35 years the left amicable words in that sense I don't stand the paper. I don't think I. I love America good to me I just I'm Terry being deported you have and the that I but the way and at the Wilbert tomorrow night that's my plug and Yasser few seats left on the known at this point Tuesday and it was popular in rehab because it put on sale the last minute. But just one child is what chip now 35 reader writers on the early show and I love her. But to the whole point one wouldn't do in his. I don't know I just woke up Monday. And as past year has been so painful and you guys do the same thing you get up in the morning yeah yeah community on the radio. You're gonna entertain people you're gonna make them feel better you're talking about stuff that you guys talk. And and when you see the news you go to that you wake of these I don't know one of my waking up to or can't sleep at 3 in the morning your finding out what's happening somewhere in the world. Don't know they didn't do that a lot of no way I don't like coal mining you know. Well and then well and then but then you wake up and then I would I just had a desire to go out and and that and that of the new hour tip to meet 34 years it's my last special. Yeah and I wanted at times I got a brand new hours that's going to be doing of the world where that I do more time because I have. In a favorites one song about my dog when he did to me can't tell people but and on the radio Vietnam and he's a good man's best friend in. Vietnam. I didn't like it and liked it and had a little bit ouch yeah. Close your eyes and what is blessed that different goodness are. Although. Don't people realize that he's from this is that my little bit of turned to the leftist would always makes me. Dis one I have and the and nine year old learned. What words. Now listen here is this is interest in because he I have a whole new group of people who know you line like this 617 tax there. Is 27 years old and obsessed with full house. And it's incredible on Netflix I I guess there's two. A doubt look at this here's a mom he'd probably smasher I'm 35. And I don't smasher army and disfigured her own. Good thing it certainly in the you know normally it works in a lewd manner Bob smash mouth my favorite group of people. And I watchful house is a kid now my daughter's twelve seed that's what happens is that it's every generation so I'll be an airport in the six year old would come opera three year old and then Alou or six year old closer you look exactly the same particular retaining fluid can. And then they'll mugs Bobble goats they're all it looks my kid looks like you do remember the action and a. Okay quote I think that's no that is suppose it's definitely my kid odds are it's my kid did have a religion did says if the mom in the kids says you look like my dad I'm the dad do you think you have illegitimate kids around you don't know about now and not in Asia although I had I am very fertile. And they do give out. Donations at the end of the show oh god I'm a little pedal steel Arabs who as we go at the end of every performance. That's emerged give it don't they just put. Merchants and it's very I created a waited tables and even warm I don't know how work yet the kid or my life like you want to or even but it you know in on your arm you know look at related naval forces is involved flowing sausages we know my is if I play good man human animal about way and that can lead but not in trouble. We are inevitably down on you know go to Dallas and and who won't go worsen matters. Well can you just turn to a break out of whatever you want to do whatever laws as long as you want her solo stay forever I had nowhere to go after this you know is you're so great to this I got to thank you because you do this when he come in here you stay forever and while yes he would awesome. You know I know we're loving each other right now. But honestly and I called in and and it sounded so that I kept in mind. My I Twitter because it was his view the podcast the pockets is really good becomes really do you guys get skewed yes it is the my gets a 65 in the morning. I violent and that is he on something that dude dude it's five of them we you know if you don't as we've fans do it or non fans. And SE. Don't give vampires fighting the oil right here it's Metamucil America right undertaken that you have them to go to Modi and wants is to rumor car. And oh. The you could just get a car and I wouldn't doubt it out anymore you just throw the whole front you know you're Hollywood money if you if you have diary you just get a new vehicle right here right and aids vaccine anyway that I. Yeah I. Bob Saget here. Nannies at the world where one showed Mon night very few tickets available will be right back. It's always a pleasure to have our guests in the studio or this or on the podcast that's on the phone with us. He is Bob Saget. And tell her room. Yes immediately and expertise at the wheel where he's at the global tomorrow night there may be there may be some tickets left I doubt it I wanna get accurate we're talking last hour about the text you want me ask you about this news story retirement last hour which is that one out of every three. Eighteen to 34 year olds. It is living at home when their parents now. That is that has happened yeah that is that's happened because you attack that you're about the country and like at different things from Wynne play you know when you grow up earlier and that there's jobs they did it and they don't know what to do with their careers I have three daughters that are all artists and that they don't live at home they're artists there artist better that was tough for you. Like did you have this like guests I want them to be happy yeah they were all talented as kids that really counts of like they have gallery showings and stuff. But they Stiller you know they're not. They have and like totally gone as. It's as I elbow bad guy. They haven't got performing I had an up note what else did you permits are up to give the kid did get a body ever so in the end it was a replica of herself in the united cement Jim and umbilical cord leading to herself. Thought that she was covered in mesh as she laid there for four hours so I would go look if you act like you know what it meant I was a lot of talk. A lot of talk to or met again you know where it's a symbiotic some idiotic relationship with yourself right which is. You know. But that was the collars and choose gonna in my view that the by two girls are. Real talented and I'm by fortunate in that I can help them when they need help but they're all. Pretty self sufficient and and and make money on their own and and there are but I. You know it if if they were living in LA they probably would live with me but I'd rather them have their own place is unlucky enough to build it but them have an apartment and I need the money if any of them are a lot of lot of kids don't you need to -- me give parents deployed there now might get a weird hours. It ripped through what did you get well I wouldn't global with the with the new what's happening well the new jobs I don't know my daughters to be minors so they can go into the mine took off Expedia doesn't call I have right because really good job real need for coal miners that that's the jobs as they say there's a health risks by. So a lot of work on the pipeline that is anybody's bag for more oil and I wanted to go to the ocean and a bit crude oil now because that's what. Would you will. Will you cut them off at some point never never really never because I I just are you supposed to. As some people saying yeah but it's like Everybody Loves Raymond we return of Ray Romano off the air before yeah I mean did. We're involved in we're talking about Ramada does sound like him and lost all my money. Do that and that's the with a Swedish chef for miles and nobody who looked a little bit there yet but it but yet he lived at home to lose 29 some regular mono do yep yep we got married and of their home. And and I lived in until I was twenty to go to college in the don't know which really turned me into the based nerve burglar ever been. But there's you know there's seven to be said for but it is having to our generation is. People don't have jobs or know or have a direction of of where there were what they wanted to do and it's very very hard you work. Ray Romano was good and final did you what child I loved my hostname I actually audition for violence between me and remind them that less able and you and I found that ray got a I was happy formats and I knew I grew up. It was a very good all the other have been found you know I'd I'd I'd done controlled substances on entourage and other shows before you know it's that I ever had you know he had two women in bed with him on one episode never had that before recess. Until I came to Boston. I know I'll never get time here and it never talking about the never. Never ever had a threesome. Well one time because they were siamese twins but. I don't know about a better. Lowe wasn't there a different personalities are good but they finished each other's sentences of annoying now it's wait a minute I. Would give it to me please don't stop and I want them to stop and you know they would argue. Are being seriously you've never had a threesome yes how does that not happen to walk as a lie I was married till 22 years ago and I had seven girlfriends and none of them said hey let's bring my friend in the and I know I like to multitask I'm very concentrated you know. You know be confusing gloves a lot of stuff happened and the lion but I mean I guess idea. Be open to but I have a girlfriend now so to those that those over you know what I'm not a kid anymore. I don't black you Lori Laughlin joke but I dug their new what does it mean what does this not I was a surprise him on the sentinel threesome I mean she's not always there she is our hottest human beavers. I don't I don't need to see Johnston must make it anymore Tina. And I'm giving him all of it in Ramallah the cool the way is Dade school days of relishing today -- by alienated -- -- of that watching -- -- -- is one of those friends here is this practical jokes that you don't want them to do yes you know runs around naked and as we we had a party for birthdays and Vegas and he was like running around the -- -- smashing his parts of against the windows yelling at the city and and then putting his -- against you know president's out on the last in the mega blowout that's yeah. The good Jain gasket. But that didn't go as well as many would turn around to the other side too which good. I don't think that's probably why a lot of smarts that wrote the let's Akzo is about as creative and people on us because that the in the theater never happened on that now but I was at his house when she said I hate to call you during an error. Yeah. I was I was there and exceed their living hell I wanted cinema with Oakland Santa Monica at the time. So I got here that use diplomacy gives you that if you were gonna get excellent if you don't get dating familiar version of me but I don't numbers on the excuse me but. Bob Bob Saget is here hold. Sort of an alternate theory question here on full house of David David inside they gave him the premium put studio live premium forward knowing also you Ford for less what's up what he wants and Bob. It's about our. Security people wouldn't talk about some of the alternate series people can't put our full house. That it took you out there. Like being made shall never existed. Well let's let's say we did land and we met I don't know that. Wait wait wait wait wait let's still doing one at a time and then and then again how about that sold me to tell you on value attempt it's so the first what is what shall never existed. This showed that it didn't and vegetation to do with the glossy display. I want you I love what you're on. Yeah. Sluggish existing Gary Coleman was on an unmoved different strokes or whatever it was that. What's the next one the girl on small wonder might not have existed I guess maybe from him but yeah. Resurrect her frequently you know so what else David let us. London the show it took place entirely in purgatory. Well no I has. I hit you know lead if you have a counselor you and talk to him. No it did it did not date guys in purgatory and lets you didn't like to show which would have been purgatory and there were days where. I went I can't memorize these lines because I can't remember them that was purgatory bit that was my own fault for not having a good. Memory for lines on it and we kids' show but. No it it took place and houses every Cisco. That is that this is what's this David is where what are your theories is almost true yeah not purgatory because that's a negative connotation but because it's the love show the show's. For major twelve year old girls so it wasn't anybody to give an opinion on it should be twelve year old girl. You know and create sort of a two year old could do what is the data and voice are just going with what he's hurt okay your day of the year on defendant David here's a theory that defense put a house got bought by Jeff Franklin. Who produced the show. It got bomber actually filming there in May be getting a made some some exteriors. For the new seat season oh wait I'm not supposed to say that I'm an idea. Load. How would you feel that I Asia I am saying is yes it doesn't matter but anyway I think Jeff. Franklin bought this house so we can just say two girls you know you wanna see uncle Jesse's group on the left yeah. But the shot but the house here's what's weird. This is what's Tripoli and house of wonderland like a house itself is like 12100 square feet the real house. This set is like seven and 8000 square feet yeah that locking the door and instance right now alternate universe. We covered this on the podcast when we unfortunately jinxed Donna articles by. Armed to the the Olson's like it do you see them our time yeah I do and having normal now they're they're they're great people and I'm close to them. I get a play last year in New York called hand of god where I played a Lutheran pastor. Which is probably closer to Danny tanner than you know about cared about yeah I'd. In good people. Did knows me even as it was so weird that I was doing his character and instituted plant and and both actually came twice to it and Mary Kate came in. And and I and met her husband. I just love them love them very much and they have their their friends with my eldest daughter I mean are there in my life they're like family to me. Some very protective of them and a so it's kind of weird do you make jokes and stuff it's like I'm over them while amber you know in the past I I used to make more lascivious type jokes. Like I don't know thirty years ago. About 25 years ago. And it and now you don't like him now I'll do in this kind of jokes anymore that I. It canvasses for he and Angie is forty and and ask you may cater when year old with a my oldest the 31 and their and their beautiful warm they're great they got they've really good closed case to be good for you wanted to know which which one has a fashion as hard as well as well but they don't the best viewed him as it's dollars and branches of Ann McMillan of the they're really question and I buy their underwear. Emery and right now I Wear all their clothes and my clothes I'm wearing a pregnancy outbreak. Terrifying I don't I don't wanna get off sentimental but I mean the the appeal of a big benefit coming yeah and I know it's near and dear to your cars that we should we should talk about some nights. And so nice of people. People aren't that nice some time. And OK. And miss. And I had it just keeps you go absolutely I'm a little down my block and hey you know that's an attitude about it that's if you can just pay cash and how good he can't figure eight. Downward movements and in my music it's have a personality. A the years ago this is bad segue years I'd love. Two sisters in my life so that's bad almost 34 and then and years and their brain and the other was 47 and she got a disease called scleroderma. So about 25 years ago I got involved. Before my sister was even diagnosed is known noses diseases. And I got involved in this word of a research foundation which is as RF cured dot org. And it's funny we have seen a website movements his son and his parents today here's my Wednesday but. And it's on my website let's mention every website. But I do benefits and I've been doing them for years and Robin Williams. Who is greatly missed. Did the first benefit needed seven album he. If there are comedy event benefits called cool comedy how cuisine and we're doing 1 June 16 in LA and I'm being honored which is kind of embarrassing. Because a host of the mall and I've produced the mall and they said we're gonna on you Bob and then it's even of course you have to give the ball rather talented producer and editor posting as usual so. John davis' gonna present the video. That people are saying we love you above all that nice stuff which is humbling and weird. But I'm honored because we've saved we've raised over forty million dollars. In the past 25 years otherwise I had to let Sydor researchers trained Johns Hopkins and you just have as ever and another. Universities and centers of excellence to that are helping people go into remission and helping cure people it's a very bad disease very very bad idea is skinned intern delight. Almost late stone and and and your your lung Babel the when people die when he gets severe. It goes systemic and you get a pulmonary hypertension it's barrier of the lungs. But June 16 we're doing we do these comedy benefits that are reverend people curse they just have fun. We have bands and we we you know John Mayer's and a bunch times and I Counting Crows in and as well over train their budget umi and accounting for. Those my all time favorite. I do not that anybody any idea though as I do my bad guys cell line holding hands now and and I Adams of phentermine and. He's also Broadway though he comes as he's means shows that when I do plan on Broadway he's like an every door. Our mission is he's backstage. These are ready musical he's he's talented man. But this benefit there were doing June 16 Jimmy Kimmel is gonna do the auction was me. And the last when we did no way the Beverly Wilshire Don Rickles was there and a poke in the audience so. It will be very bittersweet wonderful night and bill Burr is gonna do stand up and Zach Galifianakis is gonna do some time that is just everybody that's coming out his. Raising money can we got to raise money that's how we do it so and killed in New York is a bit of a drive and I know that not all Bostonians wanna go to New York happy at the right rivalries but I we do every year there we have we've last year we have Michael changeup however we've had Louie CK and Steinfeld I mean it's. I draw upon my friends and comedians really do help the only. They help each other when it's a good builder I love and I think he's one of the best damaged alive right now alive right now right a lot down in my text these other. And I outdo this is clean is that I can be politically in this but I will yeah yeah I have we you do my bed and I'm texting. And any is. I won't do your benefit but I will be there and a little rub your. Not enough the upper apartment the lower part of a man he had accepted a bid to air the knots at the yeah John yeah my job you know I must object I love that you're you jumped the whole night. But I'm not going to perform a and then. Though time goes by a couple weeks and I we need to make invitations so I go you know bill did wanna clarify that you're doing yet. And he's I don't know what you're talking about and no recollection of anything we ever talked about it. So two days go by and it takes them back as many calls we some things you know tells them not quite a man. Yeah I tidbits have cigars and Mike binder is a director and writer good friend. He's abided isn't like you anymore. And then he's been fine the guys have we will we you're gonna do the benefit is it okay. I'm doing your benefit but now I'm not gonna speak to it all the whole night and would ignore you the entire. And then I tried to get back to him rubbing my joined the entire night Sumner. Steve I get everything get get my wish list is that I'm being honored that I deserve yeah yeah those were on the front these people I think that existence then of his time here. Lee he is why do you think you mentioned Robin Williams. And and and it made me think about comedians who. May have died too early why the way way too early why do you think there and that being whether it's John Belushi order you know it's it's about comedy that. Are being chameleon and a lot of pain that's SA did well a lot of people not everybody there are some really mentally sound. Comedians they're they they exist. You know Jerry Steinfeld. He is ornery. And how he looks at things that you hear it in his standup. You know he's due wise is like this you know and he did a bit the other night that I said it's benefited at Madison Square Garden Jerry was there Chris Rock it was really cool mind that performed and Gerry did this about stamps and and his leg what does it cost what are they worth. It was just a relevant one price. And now that should give it away but that yet disease new special I know he's doing it announced soon. And as and that's why he is two years of buddy Chris Farley like though that that's it did that's the other people and driver's side is the drugs to deal with the people like it's all what I'm asking whether as a person is an addiction problem. Second this parental problems you know there's problems with your family you you don't have to love usually have a father's what I have found the I was differences Sam Kennison. I was transit of Rodney Dangerfield that's different circumstance men live to 84 and yet here's a friend. But what we got our comedy to deal with his pain over his father and it was probably via an and he would he had a really rough childhood. And Richard Pryor nobody had a temperature out that I got to be friends with them and their movie with a man. And the you know as he was raised her prostitutes meaning via Peoria Illinois and and and he had an incredibly troubled mine and addictive personality Artie Lange. Our minds according tenement argun RD I had to his podcast to keep Milan he just got arrested. Yeah again and how how long enough like two weeks ago oh yeah yeah talk it's an idea podcast right after that yeah. It backs in you know McDonnell wants to do a sequel to dirty work. Which is called key party a liar hi. But Chris Farley's is incredibly tragic and I erected dirty words I was his last director and you pretty well these last directed and he wasn't in good health and and that's when he goes Saturday live to rob on my guiding him breathe yet. And you should have been taken away to a place to get cleaned out. And it and a lot of people tried you know and if people that cared a great deal about him and his Brothers tried in. You know that is just so many people who would Mitch Hedberg is so many people of tragic. And the Belushi syndrome and and and that then there's of the flip side of that that are so many people like I. I'm hell bent on entertaining people right now I'm held down making people feel better I got three kids they got to take care of this morally. And so I think my standards even changing and ams slight less blue and I think and I government grow from talking about her mean I mean. He can't really hurt people I hurt my daughter once in an HBO special. My my middle daughter. I called to the senator Robert 'cause the world revolves around her. And they said logic here is about as or cell service that I found a Thong in the laundry and it looked like ipads. Yeah. All he talked about was are saucers I love our eyes and how much of our eyes. Turned into some monster baby birds screaming at the world about Verizon and her eye patch in the IE general prior written and she was really she's got a lot of crap Ford didn't a lot of friends here a lot of trouble as. Bob your an HBO's. Well that I thought there third person that's like I told that story I thought that would be the funniest. Or in the world about Julie and none of their trip to Florida and me naked eye god knows it listen I'm on God's greatest hardware up early in the morning. So my daughter's high school. Date date they were getting may go to Florida so there up at the same time I was on crutches because a bust in my ankle. A locked out of our mouth I was now I'm news on how now I don't wanna back at I'm back to us. Nude on crutches got a much I was there a lockout the bathroom and my daughter senior high school standing right there now. Our kick after practice I can't cover anything up. He can take that everything off that credit reporting on her arm so that I can tell on the radio it was like the most impairs our that was the most embarrassing thing for me. It's the most embarrassing for her she was ready you know idea is he yeah they do that and by the way that's a guard her pro life yeah Scott for it she and I got to got past that she's really really Smart and but the good therapist and a minute and Canada but that I I'd try to steer clear of stuff about. Personal but my act. When I started was all personal stuff as my girlfriend meant to beat him alive in the my baby and I did comic relief once did actually used seven times and that was a really great thing that was on HBO the Billy Crystal Robin Williams Whoopi Goldberg hosted. Good time to others out well you know what on the take a break again. It is a mile I felt that happy about that and you take a brand tell the story is not I like that in my heart I would love your stories and are on what was your stories like Reagan running your kids that are kind of stories doubles down on who hang for a minute will apple will tell us story we'll come back and I want to remind you that Bob Saget. Is that Wilbur. There is some tickets available to only one show tomorrow night seeing go to the Wilbert dot com will be. I ran through that ever I collided on I walked quickly to the men's room during the break in at plus plus Bob's what they. Do you think he'd had ditched on a day where the ball go. It it. To do as a superstar man and we want to talk don't look yeah I realized it was his health well yeah. Celtics I was I do and airports this yet through who was out there. But today as people check and holding a design is my girlfriend's birthday that kind of thing is that your girlfriend. That would out there yeah and of echo since you've got I was gonna say there's lakers smoke show this it's probably a good PR person such as like wait a minute. So he just finished yeah I she's she's she's happier person from the clubs are huge because he was he was just saying you know I don't I'm not lascivious anymore and that I'm a quick apparently is is definitely an travelers inside find Boston I have guys that Randi Randi worked her for the Wilbur. Publicity and stuff so way. Before. Before. You rule before we take a break you were talking. This guys where our mere. My lord. These guys these kids today video people are having a relentless argument about I think entourage terrible this is a video yet expect to have a quick there and there. Bigger reason than we do you do shift and they think they're in their home studio hello hey Rick. Yes I you do it with opera not too much hate spotlight just wanted to know a much. You won't you grip your yourself out of what you are really like your character he played our doctor Raj is our little area blood. Building now. It was fun I had Doug Jones a friend and he had made the show and -- I'm friends with all the guys on the show really really am and I did it against four appearances and then. So another him and it was a guy that you know kind of the dirty version of me smokes cigars takes girls away from guys smokes a bond you know. I would just kind of the heightened version of myself. Nothing like you aren't well it's weird had a girlfriend years ago that it and she's too nice she's in your view of what you character and entourage and as it did not I was. Turns out I'm in a black robe I have shape or four days from holding a cigar. And a woman and a bikini next demands by some sort of realized I was kind of real good but I'm the Baghdad was a massage and mystic you know guys so I'm nothing like that his. When you have three daughters you kind of have to cut that out us they create. Oh yeah. Yeah when. Actually. I think I'm on a more weird bug polar blend of of all the different things and I've got to actually. Plain character that's more like Danny tanner in a movie in July. Called. So the family's concerns of the dark comedy and my girlfriend of foolishly put to post on FaceBook asking for an intervention for the kid and that's not really where you post. An intervention and not not a good idea and the Femi gynecologists. Leads the intervention. The only doctor in the house pass those ten people and house and we're gonna dude. In an Indy way and I'm really description great script over the past five years sort from the get. Make it so I'm excited about that idea herself. Well you yell you're so yeah right Christie say had fire himself one day and then rehire himself because he walked out zones said that way outside the trailer and and her about it and yeah I love Billy. No and I talk about personally and you haven't let everybody liked that show called 700 Sunday's that was really really good. If it is seen that you'd you'd use it changed any opinion never had a seven Anderson is was. How how many senate seat he spent his father so it was a of two and a half hour play which I'm sure you would like as if you know the giant fan do you need more hours of him. But. If you have to really special things and didn't obscure reference from me. I like to hear honest I got a lot like me that yes important. I understand not a fan or don't have somebody here what are your essay after you leave yet it's terrible idea. I was here I had your back some sort of generate an equity obscure reference a didn't your girlfriend Vicki live in that Chicago. I don't remember wonderful house that Texan announced oh lead now that negated a frenzy that but I love that girlfriend. On the show and then. I don't think when the show ended I had a girlfriend on the show. And then I had a life on the Fuller house in the first episode and now I don't know where she is. So may we find out I'm not gonna give me spoiler alert but in season three who knows now Nielsen's didn't do Fuller had no they did not. Do it they they don't act anyway they have an active for. Ten years this afternoon on the fashion line so you know what it. You do your show and it's it's one day it's our world is even if you come and and Lou and it's. The hard work eight you know compared to. Hard work you know a ridiculous like going to my mining job or how many do that going to be a coal miner relays decliners otter tail it out of political about it go to your mind is a minor slight. Fire fighter yes with pay airports are named Susie he's a short space shirt. Revs used an ethical money or better yet again shoots his yes that as Disney's basic. Yes insidious disease Barbara which you don't usually call your kids to see I mean that with we were in the. And so I mean it's a certain time people that she's a great actors so the and I got my last name so I can't make fun nobody. No matter of childhood. People are holding on the end believe and I hope it's good got to hope it's good but they've been holding on. The concrete he story told you Gaza something better happen unless it goes back well you know let's get a tank text messages saying black. There are holding it up tank is if it's got to showbiz mudslides I was gonna tank. But it was about the importance of family and and I had. Ended a bit on comic relief which is for homeless people the benefit was on HBO and it was on every year and I do like seven times and it was all the money went to. To relieve the homeless people's tragic lives and so the bit was I realize what's important live had a dream one night. That a Condo I was in I was married at the time I only had two children not three when I did this stand out piece. And now all regret that I told the store he says that this so I I am a Condo we lived in it was an earthquake and you read people have big big dreams and yet you ever have epic dreams like that where things are destroyed easier especially now global disaster movies you'd have wandered past twenty years of that's thirty years of every movie everybody dies in the air and so. The earthquake destroys echoes that my wife at that time and and my 22 daughters are in the ocean and I realized that got to save. My youngest first day I went in order of who I thought at the moment in this crazy town received her than his neighbor's sister that I went back a little while law later got her mom. And as opposed we've joked that it was like ten you know it was really not nice thing to say at the I realized I had my three family members I saved them I saved my wife and my kids and I realized that that moment. That the only thing that mattered in life was my career. I. Yeah. Not a good thing they go against people like you aristocrats yeah it did it to mislead and it's just not guilty and and and and got an 110 god I never look at that there was another never wanted to. We're gonna leave and Robin Williams god bless him Baghdad on Tuesday god bless them it's it's it's a cliche tempting to say some times. But I his I took him really difficult those that don't know devote laws and and I did one you know what here it came out and I had a and as did the name of this part of the body be an atomic bombing at a peace camp when they don't I had by late wired and hot wired. Camera a pin you know and camera. And I'll need a bigger camera about 11 bit actually I'll tell you all they had would have most. I came out of state I did 67 minutes a standout. And then all of a sudden and by the way ladies Java I did some really special I had these cam it's gonna go for the big screens where the where the universal amphitheater was is now the Gibson and take 5000 people an ally and and I pulled my zipper down and there's a camera. And I went to the audience in Ireland the people that would better worse better worse than that I'm Jewish I have a lens cap you know get all the jokes and and if it. And then I I was saying might go like you take off your shoes your on hallowed ground major the burning bush great balls of fire all kinds any reference that had to do with the crotch and and admit I was going to have to people in the audience at the time was during OJ trials right. After it and Chris Darden was in the audience let them on well I don't wanna talk to you with the idea is camp and another way to give us the beautiful jewels of I hit closer to the amount. Leaves nothing. In. Via you've been pretty Dinara and I zipped it up but I got ousted Robin good to me when. Those very funny chief. Pretty serious because it was like nobody was better really good leadership and Robin loans and you know it was the Heidi mr. happy get. Why a lot like like rapid fire a lot like one liners I assume that I don't know how much that was written and amity and probably and I'll always through his mind Uga filter restarted it was you know in the it and he came from. Adding to a different on kinds of things that the kinds stories but. He was very rapid fire at everything he did and and you that would have been an amazing thing to watch him play with Casey would have thought of a thousand more jokes than I thought it was as funny to see him about Levi got us into it oh my god this would have been great for Robin. Actually what they do it as good as dividends or Robin. Who's comedian. That may like may do you like gut laugh. If he had to pick just one idea what you remember laughing like them then. The joke he laughed at the most of the comedian living has made you laugh pops out here like has made a casino that's so tough. Who really makes me laugh having done her goes really made me laugh from my gut. A lot of times even more in person than watching him on stage. I would laugh really hard and it Richard Pryor when he was in his prime Kazaa because he goes he's truth is that thing at lord human. And you dolls and and he would also. Be an admission of guilt of all the bad things it did. And Rodney Rodney was a good randomized to ride these jokes associate to get fifty minutes man just fifty minutes just kill don't fit team. Eddie Murphy and refining margin item every genius so a I did I was actually hosting companies to over ten years trying to get a job. And he was working out raw. So I was there when he worked it out when Heidi came in a blue suit and he did during the standing ovation at the front and I was just posting trying to get a job anywhere. And wood and coal mining and totally totally would go right into the mines typically. And a week later and he admitted that it was good but it wasn't. The five star Eddie Murphy which became rock. One week later just one. He fixed everything he added to it came in a red suit red leather because it would reward and my children yet and it crushed to the point where when it was over literally the building rumbled at 400 people at the main room of the comedy store. And I I just went this guy. Is it genius this guy just knows. It's sort of back and hit at least in the recent case hit me pretty hard Lisa Reyes Luis is USA today and others go that's just funny. Over the years you know you watch people and and bill. Berg makes me laugh Chris Rock makes me laugh really hard some time let coach and I love the brazen ness of it because it's not just. It's not just doing stuff for shock value or anything and people called me shock value amount of shock value community to what I find funny. But but. But it. I mean there's a lot of really funny people Steve Martin. Did you it was a real one of the reasons why I'd be as that of actually becoming a comedian it was right that timers on film school. I'd wanna student Oscar or got USC film school. And he was a giant star and so one of the first celebrity to be doing you know rock star type. Performing tab and it admired comedians albums and listen I your best player double no problem yes. What about did you see Dave Chappelle's new stuff on Netflix I haven't seen yet but I loved nation now yeah. And I'm looking forward to seeing and I ousted the new when the that's gonna come out is. Even better than vote the one that just came really but I Itar amused analyst and polluter. One thing is I don't wanna borrow anything. I don't again anybody style and only anything. But I actually just did this Madison square garden show with the with Chris rock and Jerry Seinfeld and John olive from a huge fan and Tracy Morgan now a little walk people ball beat. I recruited Rick yeah. Sixes we're Britain Nicholas. Who I used to say in my act FISA to lose there's a very good seats aren't. Is that I want loud and grouch is that adds that mr. grouch is now just my ex. But I mean there's been a lot of people that you don't even know about like he challenged me knew that Jonathan winners used to make me time and winners. Well correct my dad had a lot of Jonathan winners record's funny is I don't know very funny that Bob Newhart oh I'm I'm not here it is the I haven't and I was on my way to do Jimmy Kimmel went on Google's passed away and a week after week after. Wow and on the way I called Bob Newhart and and I and I said. But he wearing no I said. I'm gonna go on him on and mentioned you can nice them calling you right now and is it too ye sure sure we're Bob. And it many we talked serious. You know and tell me about the memorial and on this stuff and and then I said I'd like to go to dinner with the U these at all talk I'll take his place. Music joke and the dogs and Zora and give all the sudden and it's like we're gonna go to a new argument goes that's it it is replaced doctor. And he's the greatest immediate commitment the Bob Newhart is one I mean people don't know if anybody out there that was to go look up. You know do the button down mind of Bob Newhart. It's pretty brilliant unit and you see people that have come from there come from that school which is you know but. Jim gaffe again or yeah I think are totally right brain regions into pretty amazing you guys it. Come out Buick how that was his fantastic. Comedies so many people have that. Resulted Jack Benny way of talking which now have lost everyone of you what's that upon it's it doesn't matter I don't comedy you know you know all generate happiness is what's interesting to most interesting to me about comedy is there's like a tree a tree and it. And it's if you're 28 and you listen this show or your 37 or weird or your fifty. You have to understand that those people you like like if you're talking when you say you lost everybody let's say there's somebody who. Loves ship pal. I mean Chappelle is it's impossible not to. Love your power I think he's he has his gentleness that came from somewhere that influenced I think that they killed him I was at prior we have members tire right watch Richard Pryor you yeah you know we're Dave Chappelle came from yeah there Richard is the grandfather of godfather god father of a lot of people. And I did a mood of the crowd critical condition and I became fairly close to them I was really really lucky. To know him and I asked him once when did you knew you were funny and he's had four. And that's what I knew I was funny for android could make eleven forwards your role that's amazing and I try to get the girls and nursery school who like me so I was I think I was accused of drug companies don't live which is so we really want to talk for guys get a little gullible and actually closing down my babysitting service. Yeah Qaeda being aware of that saying and I'm not going to be a midwife anymore I hope I don't my teacher ready. The dual well but I love funny and anybody who I love anybody funny. Anybody mean just give them a Jack Benny reject any hoping woods Jack B and T chief. It was cheap you can go and then big joke about him that Andy you always Denny was 39. He was one of the kindest men in the existed in real life in their life and and Eddie was also dirty so people these comics would all be happy to be blew off the air. Yeah but you know it there on television or in a movie you know they don't wanna do something dirty Imus. Unit now they would be Bob Newhart you're probably end occurs in a movie. Yeah and people would like because he's got to do but it was Jack Benny the idea that anyone joke was we're guy comes of them goes your money or your life and is as long pause. Annie this goes I'm thinking yeah. Couldn't have cared about the money total. That's like a character Joseph Louis the guy that he referenced who worked for hammer great the great guilders sleep well. Yeah like Rochester Rochester batter that extra bag kind of a bit of a racist time yes it has and it it it was the the the black man's role in a lot of things it wasn't Amos and Andy which we will never see the light of day of again right but it will be but it was Rochester get my car yeah yeah it was yes mister Manning and that that dates back to a time that we don't want to revisit anymore you know. But it was but he but he loved broadcasters show it was his. Assistant to find his business that are good at what what's amazing about golf in the wind. If you watch that. That's not dated because you're watching persecution. You're watching. What's slavery wise yes so you're you're you're calling it now. Whereas in the in the comedy world you know what year is sidekick was it and that's where eerie though that's where we'll Cosby changed the world of I spy. That's where. You know. It's insane. Alan icon and fall like that. But in nice by him and Robert called I was watching it as a kid it was like man from uncle it was they were spies and he was just who is now. And I looked up to amend his eight year old or whatever age I was watching the shocking Q what happened Cosby. Mean you and everybody heard it OK yeah those are your heart forever and comedy that they know I had heard it forever. I'd known him off and on a middle I was like on the tonight show of two weeks before Johnny went out the Arum zone because we. And and you Bill Cosby you know and used very used very gracious to me actually. And then when you hear about it you know it's just. As his tragic and and terrible. There's going as you say. Then how great was John I can talk Johnny Carson how those giant Johnny might be the funniest human beat from a wit perspective and quickness. I would think there are a lot I was up late for him we we memorize those on thirteen times with Johnny and I would just sit there and talked to him and and one time my mother came backstage or as a Johnny this is my mother and my mother embarrasses me is the worst thing when you. Have a guy that is it your favorite guy and here's your mother and just what you know we think you're doing a very good job. Or thirty years thirty years thirty years he's been in the areas of taking and taking a pot. Mr. Carson and he goes thank you ma'am. And then one night I was on innocent. I'll sit ups are about the audience announcement. If you had known no other terrible if they're terrible it's not your fault you know. That's what you do in the event is in between they get to talk to malveaux and a couple segments he was so good to me. As a what do you do when you get a bad audience and he goes there's always tomorrow. Would you just tell your approach would you do you have to there has always in my leg like yoga while I just that oh my god I got called and it just turned everything. Big idea hall suit alternate universe. I thought about it and oh yeah. Than you with that while it honestly it's it's been riveting that this time I'd love to have that guy that's always but really you know when you're on in sometimes a year you have that in fifty minutes for us when embodies that. I'm so thrilled IQ okay and haven't made eyes so Bob sack yet. He'll be at the Wilbert tomorrow night there may I would assume any season we're left sold out our zone. Our zone it's always great to see you thank you for her loyally come into the show oh hold on I'll be nice feeling Barnaby Jones promoting something I'll call and I got a book about Lionel Hampton and sometimes take it and they're like yeah call handler and an Arctic. Hey there's and I. Six days ago so I.