In Case You Missed It - Watertown Firefighters

Monday, March 20th

After the tragic passing of Watertown Firefighter Joseph Toscano over the weekend, Fire Union Chief Rob Mannix and Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts President Rich McKinnon, stop into the show and talk about how to raise money for the Toscano family, including through TheGregHillFoundation.Org


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Excellent I LB thank you thank you very very much. It is 704. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show. We gotta get these guys set up when. Mark can take care of you gotta get that. Way way high up there. Because one of our guests did assist the pushing six foot eight or something like that here. This morning but. I'll want welcome to the studio rob man X who is the president of the Watertown fire union rob how are you today. And rich McKinnon is here as well enriches the president of the professional firefighters union Massachusetts. And unfortunately guys are here on a sad note the great guild foundation. Has been raising funds over the weekend for the family of Watertown firefighter Jo to Scott now. Who lost his life on Friday. And certainly. We we all saw that news but. My how it Howard how are you guys doing over in Watertown. We're doing okay were busy right now you know a focus right now is as jewels and a beautiful family and you know the guys who are actually. In the fight with him that day so you know we're very busy everybody's busy all the guys are kicking and you know get huge open appeared that Richie you know the guys and all of you know everybody's open foam blowing up admiral sentence and then it was an especially did I mean I guess every fires dangerous and special hours I reserve. I just. Fire in the second floor if you look at the house the first floor looks fine you know things about sharing apps is and then you know they knocked out quickly that image and tragedy ensued yeah yeah I'm Danielle is mentioning that Joseph. Oh was the firehouse that cook is now that we know we have quite a few cooks so really you have an idea as a lot of guys like look at the size of us yeah. I'm out to me skinny man is Louis business I was really questionable atop the cells Mike come over there for good Carolina Arnoldo. What homer bailing on a second launches as I like that pollutant. I'm at but so we'll show is seconds and then go and really it always is special to you and he'll actually ribs that is. Just. You know he actually funny story the morning the one of the guys that he could be in Kansas City does have a track record. The biggest Maggette and you can always get it because my gourd he didn't place he nearly boiled them. Well I'm he certainly. I saw several interviews loved being a firefighter. And so loved IE I saw an interview with a friend of his. Talking about how he volunteered and at a campaign is. Not a lot of kids and fish there's a kid and just she stayed with that for all these years and it was a highlight of the Somalia. You know those second only to lose you know and his five children he's got five children die via okay. Absolutely Elisa Mary Kate Patrick William and Michael. The amazing kids little Michael room only among other hospital we have today that he would walk though you know have to be in the for a few rows in the that would be thirty people always want to eat twelve year old kid each kid each person I don't think you can come just like you know. While I mean that's the thing that I think you know those of us who work a regular job like this. Chances are we go to work or coming back from that. Non this this family blah there has been their father won't will not be back so. We have been. Taking donations over the weekend and and we just went over 101000 dollars donated by those by the listeners thank you everybody and that money will we're adding we started off with 5000 dollars as a match so. Should we get no further donations that would be 151000 dollar check that we would write but a mom I know how. The people who listen Michelle aren't and they step up all the time and I and I know that they will continue to donate so. And certainly rich this is one of the things that. As the president of the professional firefighters union is probably but I should say probably the worst part of the job ranked. It is actually the worst part of the job arm and fortunately. It is something that we deal with on a regular occasion. And to our credit into the crowd of the families of that something that we do very well exits of the journalism. But very high on our. For the memo and for Jonas fairly but again it it it is awful for the family yeah yeah well if there are those. Are there things that you guys need and it did you know the fundraising is is this going on their other things that the Watertown fire department means I thought everybody's concerned and food. You go as far as the planning the logistics we have been meeting activists. These guys appear famine in Boston. You know. Said save that page in of them as he used to. So things are coming along. You know we appreciate that and certainly ask if we do everything's going pretty good right now and you know register and take care of green and in he would have been done their minds and open them. You know they have a huge surrounded him down there and everything's going okay right now you know we certainly. Need it all right. Well I want to thank you guys heard stopping in. I certainly hope that the those who are listening who'll rule are inclined. We'll reach out whether it's to the Watertown fire department. Or to the professional firefighters in Massachusetts and offer they're for their help whatever whatever you guys and that. Meaning thank you very much thank you for everything you do we've always been there. For Russell over the years. Not just on on this strategy but other tragedies in the past. We can't thank you enough for everything you do for us some in the people Massachusetts well it's really does it mean that these listeners. We asked over and over and over again and they donate over I don't know how he has the most amazing actually does that hurt they're amazing people you know throughout the come through or resign and I mean you know. Well we're thinking about you guys and not ours any penalties you guys need please reach down and let Osama I realized thanks guys that's rob man acts the president of the wire town firefighters union enrichment can and the president of the professional fire raging in Massachusetts. You can donate when you go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great gill foundation not a word. It is a tax deductible donation and will be taking your donations all day. Every Tuesday and WPA here. Include nuts Psycho deranged computer and seemed. I maniacs.