In Case You Missed It - Matty & Nick Interview James Hetfield!

Friday, May 19th

Well technically WAAF's own Mistress Carrie does most of the talking...but Matty & Nick get a couple questions out!


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We want Indians 37 W fans podcasts are all is I'm. On your schedule at WAA asked. Mr. scary. He is under the owls. I probably could phrase that more elegantly I think you there might have been more eloquent way to say that she is he carries recesses is just carries bowels now. Now mr. Kerry is underneath him. So let's do it. And right now as we speak you know this is what happens when your boss goes on to living social dot com and hires to radio city. Now it seems at the afternoon group watch a couple is making his way. To that room. Mrs. Cary is in and we will be able to interview him and we have your questions fans' questions we have compiled. It's going to be. You know once lifetime type thing really cool I think he's going to be. Pretty cool pretty nice I think I think. I'm ready to be intimidated by advocates James Hatfield I mean obscene amounts natives in every video listened to days of his albums right. I here's a huge football fan and I believe he roots for a team. The patriots have had a couple of who went over to a time all right let's go now LB is here by the way. WLB let's go now lives. To mr. Kerry mr. scary it's not your guy is how are you dear I am literally. Backstage. At Metallica at Gillette Stadium and James Hatfield just locked in how are you paid to an off them they had just found. The tigers. Addressing number twelve and have you heard about it I get out. Yeah tackle and it yeah Betty and nick are broadcasting live from splits Ville which is on the other end of the stadium. And they can probably see this massive. Gigantic. Stage that you guys have built. Can you talk to me of how it how big this thing is because we some of the specs on justify your alone I'm afraid we might all go up in flames tonight. Yeah that'd be yes definitely film that. And that again. Yeah. Which are the odometer on I don't know how many step of steps that can be viewed in tonight it's it it's a huge stage and you know if you're if you're. Our age and you've been around 36 years and you're gonna do stadiums go big is this the biggest production. I don't know is the biggest production. I mean when we need when they speak and we we didn't step forward had two speeches in it was OK the creepy stuff and you know this I would say when you look at it is the biggest we've done as far as outdoors and just sheer size yes. Is because we know that like the flames a loner like 600 million BTUs we've been talking about the miles of cable and all the guitar picks and everything. That you guys are taking on this tour I said. Some guy the other in an interview that he pieces. Why you have forty foot flames. Why not why do you not put a book and why would you have. Why would you if you you know why would you not have forty foot flames if you could. It's this giant it's big it's huge it's it's who you know the whole idea around this is too. Make everyone feel its closest possible. That's what we've always done from day one tried to get people drawn the end you wanna see speech or expression we wanna see. He was he sweat when defeat. The expression that joy. Everything that goes into making this show. So on these big screens if you're way up in the in the nose bleeds and normally you would feel like you're not part of something. This year still labeled account that those tears and ours you know what you want to an off but it your up close and personal matter where you are and so we try to do. That the two biggest stories of the week have been obviously you guys coming to town and then we have to talk about Chris Cornell yesterday because the entire rock communities in warning right now. What was I'm memory eerie experience with Chris in just how are you dealing with this loss because we're all just kind of shell shocked. Do it. Well it does make you. Hug those around you yeah for sure. Band mates. Family that's out here family at home. It makes you realize that you know there's that there's a darkness. That anyone and everyone can find it and feel that they're trapped in. And when you're there and at least I know the depth of my darkness at times it is difficult when your in this case. To even fathom that there's someone there that can help you or has been through that before. Sometimes you do you distance such yours that's a loss I can't. Obviously can't explain what he was going through what. We all have or are misses and check in with a each other. Check in with each other Libby took the normally do when yes it's it's a sad story and there's a lot of sad stories recently you know especially in the ground rule. Losing a lot of people and you know with you for us let me and and all all of the things that have been happening last couple years. It just makes us feel. Even more grateful to be out here doing what we're doing here. We're gonna be surrounded by love I know you can hear everybody at splits building Matty and nick are right now your gonna be feeling the love tonight I know. You guys have all these people were split on that line that wanted to as James questions right. Yet James and that unit here at the bar we've got a whole bar full of people that have listened to las the last three hours but they are silent listening to your everywhere and I think that like to say hi last. Small C my brother what you gonna get tonight. Wonderful. Was listening to use. Driving in and gives us and she won mayors podcast you were talking about being a young kid. And on your wall. Was the poster. Of a Boston icon could you share with us who that was and why those two toxic twins meant so much to you. Yeah well I'll tell you that. Who wanted to be one of the guitar player wanted to be seeing here I commended doable. Two periods the we're huge huge part of my grown up and down. So much that I have my mom he needs on the wall. Look at like those guys. You know I just wanted to be at their views be the poster and it's cool and super cool I love you and what music. Did for me how what brought me to a certain plays out the fuel. Hold maybe feel a part of him speaking for me so. You know there's hope maybe there's some kids out there now that had some tell the post through there. One day. If you don't it can happen if you truly happened beyond the. James it's no secret that you are huge football fan and you root for a team that is on the rise of Aden was an injury away. Last season from possibly challenging the Super Bowl champion patriots. In what would have been an awesome guy they're that got picked number one sided I'm about him to Brady at me. And maybe they'll meet again it may know me this year another plane in Mexico City. May I ask you as a huge raiders fans coming here and playing in Tom Brady's house. Not that you needed anymore incentive anymore snarl and fire the does that keep it just a little extra fuel plant at Gillette Stadium. Well a lot of amazing things have happened here. And that the patriots fans or die hard I know and there's there's there's nothing but respect for. A teen who is resented dynasty like this. You know a lot of hard work within committed. I can't deny it that I am looking at a picture right now and who looks like the pool and squishy. Our kids are doing is over. You won't ever get that tuck rule well. Third that's the Newton a Metallica song talk rules I don't much I understand we're having a hard time seeing right now blinded by his answer in this and all those ratings it's absolutely speaking the the speed of different towns and rivalries and we'll let you go game and we have to go on the if you couple rapid fire fan questions before we get to that speaking of rivalries in cities. Enter sandman. Has been you know a lot attached to co opted to this Yankee can we get it back tonight. Sandman. He's retired now we have. Spirit you know it's been. You me you guys you were hijacked by and by yankees. It's played all over the place in it pumps people up at night yet it. And yes it belongs to everyone who uses where you needed it and it hopefully will pump you look at night that we meant to be. Public sports fan domain that is awesome to hear we got a couple rapid fire questions for you real quick from some of our listeners here. Who gave us these questions just a few minutes ago Matty OK here we go James is get a few of these in. Renee from Dudley wants to know you're a thrill seeker what's your biggest thrill these days. Well. I'd I'd say yeah. It's still get up on stage playing here you know it it never never. I can never get over the and nervousness that no matter how long we've been doing this I get a huge thrill out of playing live and I see one of the best feelings is connected with with. You out in the audience it's it's amazing to see like in 86 year old in the front row and then right next few guys like at eleven year old. Very front like oh my god. How will the your eleven year that that show I mean first of all I couldn't my dad and Obama look good show. But I mean there's three generations here I see the love in the passionate. That bonding and that came when it happens out there. So I that's still good views each room. Okay one minute one minute of dragons that it is you can't elicit from Pelham, New Hampshire favorite song to play alive. Now. The new album out. All of those that. We'll see. You know what we were point five of them now. And there's still more to go so well hopefully the film has politely. But. That was rise. Again. And it's a mom we love that this rise change to more real quick. Sabrina from Brazil loves use you as a model mass now she wants to know you covered turn the page why did that song speaks you out of all the songs in the world. It was it was one of those songs that just told our story we've been on the road. For 36 years you know we're through the ultimate road dogs and we've we've gone out we've done what it takes to build up. Huge family fan base out there we played everywhere and anywhere so that song lyric we just summed up our life. Awesome and finally came to what you get out here Kristin from Paxton. Says I love you so much I lost my brother he was your biggest fan what inspired you to keep on keep them on it just being Metallica. Well stories like that mean exactly you know everyone lost someone. Their lives or if they haven't they will and its and it's difficult in music has certainly helped me through. All kinds of tough times. So you know sort of hears stories like that but people have been. You know turned on to Metallica for various reasons and there's a guy that's been following us around. The Belgian guy that his daughter was killed. Driving accident that he discovered Metallica to hurt even after her death so great food stories and connections like that. Hey guys I gotta get him out of here and this is that you got the air I'm gonna get a couple sucker punches and that deflated football common. Let's hear James. Lead singers are rock think PGA's thank you. Awesome amazing let's wow yeah wow can we just take a moment real quick hey you. What an awesome guy right. Great absolutely forthcoming. Didn't give any of those pat answers that was the anti Belichick press conference of awesome hard rock interviews and number two. Nobody was told them this before but. In case they ever went dry it'd be art he's got a great voice I. I mean obviously he hit it I can. I could see him do it car commercials are moving trailers are just like hi you're listening to Frazier we've James Smith is no garden no mixed. You have a metallic Boehner. Please tell me he's not once again if I. You log on that was a thrill that was an absolute thrill from losses of that share all of you here. And Christopher Paxson beautiful I got a little misty out. A little we're not there enough right there.