In Case You Missed It - Lenny Clarke's Ball-Busting Aerosmith Tale

Monday, March 20th

Comedian Lenny Clarke stops into the show to talk about the Boston Beats ALS benefit coming up!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You've got jugs in the do you shoot with Daniel. And skinny jacked up. Yeah so much added smells really some guy with bad abs of steel angle you're you're making a soul that I get out of Jerry Dodi but I did it legally. I went into that. Iraq I'm in one apple election law every right out. An analysis that given him give. Donna yardage that you're you're dismissed as it like now you're on the other guy I did my patriotic duty I wanna be on like America's jobless they have four months. With the clock you don't leave lab you remove. Off you wonder why people wanna come that is yeah yeah and I I you know hell maybe it's those lessons in fifteen years ago yeah but yeah. Article to every three years like clockwork Amano venues again grabbed every three years every night ruin it may just look at Michigan go get out. I really got I would not I did it one day at a guy was accused. A molested his kid and I'm gone on Fridays and let that guy didn't go it is why the divorce why should get it. Just think justice grow ma Ella. All all I've seen out of the outback I never I never and I wanted to kill her particular hunt right now yeah I got it twice. Both prefer some very exciting property damage cases in which lasted a week I I know everything there is to know about you know. Water conservation areas and then the swamp lands and things like that here in Massachusetts not by choice I got could actually just doing the television manager again I'm convinced that but but. That's a cake in the mood to. I went to court once a guy. Ran a red light and hit me and I plowed into a gas company. I shall now a measurement that I was now a moment ago. And they wanted they wanted so we five million dollars I was just on the covered TV guide years ago right. General wisdom is always acting and I would get money. And and I know it's getting good at what price would you would you have Williams and was beyond my life sucks and I go yeah magic pepper and I will go and it goes on and on Iran is it took a week of deliberations. OJ didn't take a week and tell them that big that my lawyer Freddie dole out and I couldn't quite violently. Iraq operation it's just to share minute trying to make money off my client is just got some success in television. Well I would tell you it's remember the Alamo and he sits down and I looked at oak. Yeah. I I yeah. That was a good to have lawyer in My Cousin Vinny alright Garrett I. I I was the first thing I would say when I go and there's like I support I can't really see this anymore I support the legalization of marijuana well that happened I wanna legalized prostitution legalized all drugs cocaine heroin Aaron like shadows would say that. Sometimes I think it got me up a one time. The judge like called me to the stance has yet to write all that stuff down that's like why are you so anti law enforcement. Well I mean of course I'm just probe get no buzz line. Your honor and I don't want it until they got I want it all to be legalized. Little announcement I have so paranoid leaving that place. You know but he uses via whatever Hillman Neitzel Hillman to what is stance reportedly doesn't have a big incident because we don't know I don't know yet quality Golan there while he's still in his civic duty god love them down tonight. Yeah that's right. An awesome guy it was a big league white caller. I scam like millions of dollars people you know Greg was in court not known no Lansky who Ponzi scheme this Ngo and tonight. White collar guy Greg in in millions ball or get him back. I can't dig into Obama low eighties has been ponson had maybe 101000 times. Yeah yeah. Just saying cookbook out he's a man so let me let me oh hole and you you don't you don't his visit us just to say hi. I was gonna. Yeah my idol. I was a bottle I'm out here. I you know I announced that I know that could get much of an ongoing feud about this elderly porn thing which amok. Started it all we know that we carry that he did apologize I didn't I apologize to our side that I had no right to say that you just please. I'm involved with some really silly stuff is no reason to drag you in the mind. The world. But you've got the the Boston beats a LS benefit asset under normal. Six our exit doors doing big show which Pristina early gel list on pop asylum a doctor is generally well Sean love G anything I played real Christina roan needs a break. That's yet seemingly very idea funniest moment. She's funny I thought to go to forty years. She's funny isn't the one moves and before Rosie and totally. Yeah go to oh my god she's about that's Australia. And who else is gonna be there Joseph list he's been traveling the world would Louie CK jacket from Boston wanted epic and he's really good really big act now. And that we have some ought there's no we have food and we celebrity chef does celebrities I don't moves celebrity boost coming out what is it for me. That is good gets diverted by a and that's real (%expletive) That's a cavalcade of those guys at the big event and it's to help raise money violence which is horrible horrible disease line I guess the best people so that's what sex. Yes those are the back bay events center that is of course that I've been over there ever been a yet a look a vote now whole wall if you if they're having you you know it's a classy place it was thank you you're very welcome yeah they'll dress up haven't done so that's April 6. Back bay events center Boston beats ALS and go to Boston beats the LS dot org but he especially shoe made by Chris squad so for this event. Well we'll all very nice and not addressed and you only see it I I still long. Was was was. Made for me. What we're would we get into jail on their stripes I don't know that I'll just I was it was read about him that I did have and it was overalls here you know I don't know it was a Zynga. The media and trying to figure that my department store. Yeah it was a Christmas there was another Christmas guilty or he's a buyer but he eat dark oh Bernie. The he brought his house on adage you know. How pleased with that when you look at my guess when I intimate bond is why does she said yes you know. I'm worried about finding her fibromyalgia. Liberated unabated and I don't wanna. But today I should automatically just don't find that if you get real yes what we're doing this for refinement. And recognize what yeah Lilly. The British of them for practice and I still a pig did not not not not the funds is now while I don't know what the right out of harm's yeah. But he imaginary disagreement as hair blowing in the wind like to bury more fires and yeah but no I love them. Sorry where what else do you what do. Goran got got a Family Guy coming up a couple of months shot and a year ago but it's coming to fruition. And we get to Jake Gyllenhaal will be stronger you know yeah that's the only through who will pick which they cannot count him out Wynton. I thought it just waiting magic all the sites I think it'll hold them because it Jake's performance was so good. That they see you might be nominated for Nazis that while the trailer topside. Guys are doing the whole that's equitable he would no legs you know now than it was it was pretty amazing. While opensocial I would put a lot of great local can be a little local actors in economy. Patio deal. And they Richmond who was. Who has a ballplayer from BCE plurality CLA was great. Grateful big sigh of but now we should agent. As it and that's where the money players wanted to let you know where he worked in the sic me a check next legs are brave big tall good look at them again. And he was a terrific player but he gets even better rated. Well lately Clark has joined us in the studio here at 939 and not to accuse me blowing elderly porn but to. Did you tell us laws and how we love or to. You don't some hot all the women these days I'm not not real not fallen down markets that step and has some you know. Slowly I need for the night you you're a guy gets my freeze all the and you have to. They're little high. We're excited about it's a temporary all man and a once Yemen and yeah yeah I don't check very. A lot of people when I was in LA you know I'm outlived its electoral bureau and if I BO BB king Chuck Berry. That I think that that some people and that the Richard on the Hollywood Squares. The hotel areas yeah yeah I laugh at that seems like a natural place for Little Richard you as I got Richard. Does it is directed activity it like it. I don't expect it to about it much of that you have now that's all that was really. And Canadians often have to open for Vance. What are some of the bands you've opened for harassment audio on my Gaza that was when they become the scene when was that actually went off of that seventies residences 62. I was there there are now on thirty there about thirty. But 35 years ago oh yeah I think so whatever year that would like when they got back from rehab yeah right and what about for the second time I think there was still. Listen backstage was why you know there's. Days to come to Ximian and I really only workers are at the time it was that this is have you had that you can play no iPad and get some minutes undue poking. That I got that had been cut. With that happened all of them. At the off him. And so like and who have been able to my going to throw bottles at me. I literally thought I was gonna look at a camp and under way electrical and you think and some idiot throws a bill that hit me in my and that's. Drops me to my knees. How it goes why. Is David dial up but they get the of the body got reached you'd corrected dragged. You wouldn't show would pay a couple grand details are important but aren't I. I love this I go back. Up that it's much. And and as should you wanna go to Gmail does I don't know I've done in my hand and I'm not really UN later would take a bottle and outs in Japan for. He really not. Address. So that's what I'm looking back. Maybe it was a bad move you know I got shall get as to go and Europeans to reach. Out loud for outlets like huge adjusted to me let it. You know the funniest comedian I've never seen off I used to hunt. Funny right side a drug load them but I go overseas. And a possible leg got the greatest. I opened. Geez this guy in black. Johnny jet fuel pretty well royal Albert Marshal on that amount to about 34 really hit. And I got to go from there she was so Long Beach I mean I get there and I want it is his whole giant cable will move. And they go just my impressions of Watkins what does this stretch eat food go to sleep like a bail. Out apparently slipped or there's so. Wake up and this guy with dark glasses and black was shot and you commute and realized there were announced he would have been. And I do we show and it's. Because I want you going to listen man I got to go get hot and hot. Yeah. I want what he was really nice you love this. If I shot a look at the wings or go and have a when he's just made all the food you didn't want who I play what like locusts. And while. Well I've felt Dolly Parton and opened her yeah strategy you know when I came out humanized before it hit the biggest. Beautiful west comes in Cleveland Ohio. She loved the dog and wanna go to a light of that support but I'll return to confidence and Colombia while. It's an idiot and I know yet how profit would have doubted that back and I know it when the bulldozers on a mission is now an army encourages. Let's put it was working a lot yeah. Let Clark I'd the most immediate Eagles gore now. What do Clark here with us on the knobs are not they held a morning show oil minister duty answered Johnson we do should Danielle.