In Case You Missed It - Heroes Cup

Wednesday, April 19th

Greg welcomes in a couple of Jakes (firefighters) to come on the show to talk about the Heroes Cup, America's largest hockey tournament for first responders!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right let's get some good news let's get Mike and the guys from the some brief fire department and here because there's a big gigantic. Hockey charity event. Which is happening this weekend. And it's. I wanna chat about this hero Scott and I wanna say hello and good morning. Two my fellow my fellow Jakes is at the end thanks for coming by this morning. And you guys have this big huge heroes cup event which is going on this weekend the. They are groundless and unity here as that is the largest purchased on our door in the country in the whole country yet we had 900. Offers responders fire police military guys all come with the Marlboro for the player 120 hockey games and three parties over Purdue's. Saw how many girls. Yeah except Larry games the police are gonna part of the dvd vs New York yes and it it. It is so competitive and so when Terrence would be legit had I was I I was playing over do you beat to play every year. And literally it was a five on five and a kind of of haven't square up when Berry back member. I don't remember anybody ever bring up the storms but 660 scholar he's got he was like 66250. Pounds yeah zone of course I was expected because I you know. I was yet their original plan for Boston and saw that I literally had to fight very active maturity of now it's crazy this all kicks offer small what what Cheri is this about benefits of a host charity is the last golf foundation which was to Boston firefighters died three years ago. But ultimately benefits are forty other charities every team is action plan for their own charities so well of course we can we're gonna benefit forty different charities us. And everything kicks off on Friday night's. Who is a big local party right as of Friday night our games start doing our opening ceremonies at the convention center and Barbara. OK we have paid on big opening ceremonies planned we and our casino tables a lot of concert Rea of a PGA indoor diary of PGA pros NASCAR is terrorism and the hooters girls Jack Daniels girls are crack I'm down it's going to be a party excellence and you can go to the baton and show your support on Friday night and actually two cuts to the dust on Bucks County get those you get one heroes to pocket dot com or even get matador OPEC. And room for any other teams or are not this serious full this year or were full this year Radek kept out of 54 teams on next year we did bump the corner and up to 86 teams that here. Yeah its currency that's good for you get president solo work a lot of parking lot Iraqi well I like a hockey. When he's here to maybe if you're lucky I'll lace them up on next year and get back out on the ice it's been a little while for me LB but. He is doing yard did used to be in over thirty superstar. Over in the west Borough leak as is well documented so. You're over zero the over thirty team when you are like 46. I know. Absolutely maximizing your assets I didn't skate very well see in your heart your fat ass truck in front of an act now it's like cameo is office that was my out else that's that's right in front of that right in front of the net. All right well great work by you guys and this event is this weekend and what's the website one more time for more. Formation Ottawa Senators heroes cup hockey dot com idea and no men or how we met previously so hum previously in NLC and I was in high school playing hockey. An enormous data layer France and one dollar clip I thought well let you in Thailand and like I did in the trouble and a coach who is basically tired of it so. He's put all of us on a bus and tellers were going to and we went to go visit I'll be when he is locked up. When you won the people who are scared straight by LB Andre that you've got to remember the good news about that they think that it would be if you didn't meet me back in the day hold on. We have audio of this went LB got locked up I always have to explain these things for new listeners. When LB was in jail. At the bill Rick house of corrections he's a real next time I'm just today I just spent five hours in the jail and Clinton when I was in high school but I'm a when LB was in the air your phone and he was in there for like sixty days or whatever was miss Michelle for months. And then Jim things they had him do a scared straight thing. Armed with the with you guys obviously with your team to try to get you back gunmen on the right path it would turn him into hooligans. She were you able to find that audio just looked up prisoner number. It may take thirty to forty in laser it's probably under inmates 1047. Whatever the loser so I'm glad what did you now. Now nobody here has pretty nothing else did I here's here's the idea of LB dramatically talking to these children. Today I'm. Inmate 1030 to 47. You user that is is scared straight. With the wind and byers. That's fantastic. All right well and you guys do great work over at the us a brief fire department that network and and so Dugard bring us some food and now it is a thumping and again the bios appreciate it some people might be shocked that I had food left over the holidays and how often firehouse. I did have that had a little food left and mount Wilson also Alan. Can't. I was though I thought I thought but I Ponce and check and then. Yeah I have both Greece and Julia with me is that the guys forced them. I'm like you know getting on your Smartphones and you're not gonna watch Netflix you're gonna drive to the fire station would mean and deliver some food these guys Hannity job it. The hill apparently works what do what do you do I would be charger for the post. I think I have to tell us it was our nation died. It was it was on this if there was also agree that good night what was a great to see great work and lie and thanks lot for what you're doing and the season I.