In Case You Missed It - Chocolate Lines *Sniff, Sniff*

Monday, June 19th

When you think things couldn't get any crazier, the guys bring us the breaking news on 'snortable chocolate' coming to the U.S....In case you missed it and in case you missed your mouth! 


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. And stuff. Oh. Well coached many what are you met. Her yeah. And passed on this. The pool hall. And it would isn't rocket fuel. To drive if. He has got ER cut you know cutting up some. 85%. Pure. Grade a dark Dominican kicked how. All that is chocolate did in the and I. But hanging in and you know. You know Matty ice to snippet just like you like to tasted extra dark dolls durable chocolate has arrived in America it's process. Coca part of snort. And rarely gives you health benefits of dark chocolate calories I wanted to keep talking let's keep talking a ski talk you know while hum I'm usually when it feels good right now let's rock. You know it's going to be great I can do anything is when I finally can get chocolate in cocaine and I can put her on Amir and I can just do piano sniffs. The a white Kia black he just normal talk who has been around Europe for awhile but it just made its way here in the products called Coco loco. I'm sure there's no doubt about that law it's a process could cal how Porter cup now. Snort dislike cocaine was that he is dripping down oh literally didn't have. Did that man punch somebody a firm like a chocolate bar in the sixties Adam West who exist falcon can now add the new job environment that men. You're freaking me out right now man I'm so sorry. This to a hot button that by the way this hour bug in the hot flash is one of my favorite pieces sound we've ever played on the show and I and that's not just the chocolate. It's fake cocaine docket. Time for a hot flash it's. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashing a review all the way down in my palm. Ready and nick we'll cover it pierce your hot flash on WA AF. Is it safe. This. Coco loco the answer is we think so it's not approved by the FDA and it doesn't have to be. Necessarily bad you are good for you to enjoy. But I say go for it. Could cause sinus problems they think. We'll see now now now now now. And I found out now as on Tony by about Amazon while. You know what I'll probably get those 25 dollars from Amazon and our hot flash sponsor. Cornerstone bank. Build your future with cornerstone bank by visiting them online at cornerstone bank dot com cornerstone bank built. On trusty one of us who is responsible. OK so this is one of those wasn't. Hi I'm Josh rochlin. First wanna do this move by Tuesday groping and on a play that sound and I think likeness and his mom probably. My most favorite clip we've reported on the show. Now mark Betty I agree with the text in the 978 and a chocolate as weak sauce in school we used to snort pixie sticks Yan that's what I talked about that South Shore cocaine Ewing who got stuff. Learn dude there's been no high like be in ten years old. You take a little fun dipping your pretty very very honest Omar that it and you snore pixie stick and then afterwards just you half a pack a big leech you. You could be invincible. You would feel legitimately invincible over five minutes and then you'd be asleep against the wall replace him out based off a semi two straight hours. Who got next who's got next to us I think it's actually called Quincy meth I came and I lovable pixie stick barter.