In Case You Missed It - Ass Tattoo

Friday, February 17th

Owner of Boston Barber and Tattoo Co Robert Dello Russo call in to talk about the Tom Brady ass tattoo. 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And Robert Dello Russo is joining us here this morning we admit to Apollo hey hey Robert. Yet how are you what's the name of the place. Yeah. I. So this guy what tells about this guy because it's an interesting thing to put another man's face even if he's the go. To put another man's face on your left butt cheek what color eyes shadowed his anywhere else. What is the hilarity I you know it is it is an interesting thing what. You know you don't all of night duty at the impact that Tom Brady had some other men that ever. I never seen anything like that before in my life that's truly little just a Republican. Yeah you wanna hug them here a guy could be straight and he's the only one of the guys. So this guy did it would be straight album this guy came and and did you didn't did he homeland that he did elected did he bring a sketch of Tom Brady hopefully it wasn't that courtroom sketch a movie like I like how does that. Did he contact you at a time and say listen I wanna get Tom Brady on my ass how much does that cost. Yes well well they called ahead that he asks or parties yeah but he you know what a bunch of his body had buddies all day long we just all you obviously I was afraid and everything at your dropped what are. But these guys are actually really cool. They would. Dead Sea area simple one what he was going to sort of plot let's spur of the moment. Our meeting like that he actually said he always want to get here all right you want but it in this for the perfect time for that happened. And he did that in his goal Florida defect RA you know I I walked in the rock solid Nash you know and so those crazy government look at how do you without. You know they realized that what he was going and might this guy Israeli door that's just Kapanen and in the United States and irrational about doing really proud. He. Said he wanted to do that's a long time. And I don't usually when somebody does something crazy. It's usually have bet that they lost but something like that but this is somebody wanted. Now they Robinson's life if it's okay. That said when you're like oh it's a little crazier like wal it to NASA to Brady portrait com and under over on. Are you assures before the needle hit the flash. Are you want. LA you know did you do I don't know if you did the anchor you view your artists are well Tom what are you sure you want this are you showing how many of those before he. I mean that ability several bills because of those that we actually had a guy come in and get a penis actual belief formed in the actual. That would certainly what it my hundred yeah I usual. Was I when we went well as the I'd stiffed it resistance totally insane I mean he's got a word Clean Air Act to go on the end of my life. I. Hate ballots they can't be paid by moderate all have to go it yeah like five minutes. They got them out it was like oh my god has just said you know all right at such a penis center at least minimal. Yeah yeah I thought that is not up. How much. How. It costs for me to get the portrait of Bruce Springsteen tattooed on my apps well that what would go well that costs. You know I don't before. I'm puzzled Beers there was expenses ninety and I hero Brady but that's disrespect police Brady's face. Regularly then you know right wing to ask is that it truly is yeah point I made a point did you at a point. I mean I'm not all I let it go eat away. Later Brady I get to do we feel like this is is it an honor it to have your face on another man's butt or or. Is it is that this respectful if you're Tom Brady do you feel it's a chemical like this is the animal. The career of Tom Tom Brady I concede queries come from but I definitely. Have that on my mantle of the man. I can't think of one might see some some. He's actually. I guess I doubt he's not a man red very nice. Yeah all right so and then the guy. Well you know use the same surgeon he contact him. And all the muscle and you know. Iraq result there yeah it's on the way wouldn't let you know we talked save name would enjoy it based but don't. Seen all that a lot of maturity well it would it ya any actually sat out one. And what not to do with that Bobby doesn't want it wanted to hadn't had so you don't wanna talk you don't want anyone to know what meaning that like while I respect. Yeah yes the acceptable was strictly send them right. I got a script isn't it definite usually I mean I I don't know all right well. Well maybe he's got a girl from wife. Maybe he has that kind of line up play if you guys made sure of that jealous I don't some during foreplay as he sees it all players on its Ohio yeah. I up up up and a all right well I don't abandon widely Sony didn't coast we got my hands on your. Today. Is so is this that we would you say that this is the weirdest that the very redundant the hooters. I mean other than the Panasonic yet he had this little Brigham and sexual portrait of another man on a Nash cheap. Now he was really happy about it now. The president got penis tattooed on their penis is that so they didn't forget what a wise or what was the what was the real. I mean he decade he came in and neat personally called. And I want to talk him out of some you know my housing is blocking McDonald. Has said you know do you want to do what I don't that's actually exactly. He has said is that while you won't get paid far from the college world aren't out throw the ball but he also know. It was such a short that he would say no. And I told to get fired under all he said I'll be there and fifteen minutes. And that's a body. Is body paid for it he went to the ATM machine and talk all I. 800 yet I 117 dolls and as a drink sodas all look out the paper that pets who heard buddy penis. That's fantastic play good talking point at the bar different judgments about that yeah but I'm all right well thanks for coming on Robert and no problem he'll always you always have the memory of being the guy whose business tattooed Tom Brady's face I know. Well yeah well hopefully I got I got some of the memories that's different territory. That ten year anniversary that this month so would order special follow up. Sobbed. Needs described it's a place that did. He is. Our people would disabilities would talk about what service dogs. You go with the winner Tom for our ten year anniversary would do when. And hit ten dollar haircut for ten straight days on average 13. March 4 and all the proceeds go to that charity so. What's it it's an atlas together. Out my place of Auburn tackle company okay I didn't answer it thanks for yes Austrian a lot of well. I mean let's and you have a whole new thing. That you can try to figure out what nick what what what would you like I mean met you that to a light in the Bree gets treated as a the yeah obviously exactly and I think it is portfolio with the crafts in the off season this year whatever they won't resign amigos is somewhere else very well liked it more Brady appeared knob and it was a bad example but some player that you think is going to be the pats but you know they get rid of people that are now.