Breakfast With Baker - The Ballads of Charlie Baker

Monday, June 19th

Once again the Governor of the Commonwealth stops into the studio. This week we discuss the proposed ban on native american mascots, the controversy over the new recreational marijuana bill, and The Governor gives us a list of his top five Power Rock Ballads!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Governor Charlie Baker is here for practice would baker. Good morning governor good morning and happy Father's Day to day after and yes what did you get breakfast in bed or anything yesterday I didn't but I yeah. I try to shelter and even though I got I got texted by the two kids who were home. The one who was home. Stop by to visit before I went out from clues friends or your little bit of time with them not any kind of a gift there is no there there are no you know gifts or actually. I'm turley who lives in Virginia he sent me. He sent me an a box when three bags of cookies at all. I think I may be out of mantown I was gifted a pair of lululemon running shortly by. I don't when my daughter and I need a break here. You Ernie yes they made my arms like I had my daughter got one minutes you're gonna I'm always I'm operating you have to work for sure with data. Actually and the higher training we let me one and half mile run yesterday and so she gave me the lululemon running issuance was I think got by while yet happy father's at all the dads are listening and on Friday. You can tell how old you and I are because we have a similar life on Friday nights were on our Twitter while watching television doing nothing else. And there is a woman who licences they show. Who was tweeting me and baker was yes yes and she was tweeting that she still had come sail away in her head. Because that was the title fight sign it was an earmark for her on Friday. And sell. You tweeted back at her and me about what a great sign that was and then I challenged you to come in here this morning with the your list. Of the top five greatest. Rock ballads of all time now we are gonna get we'll get to some serious stuff your breakfast the baker after this but I think it's very important that we know you and what other show by the way. Would a governor a sitting governor be able to share his top five rock ballads of all time and know them. Without you there of their staff helping them you know that's why you're the coolest. Why you're the coolest governor that is his own though I mean there is now. Tell me again don't make good choices yeah he hit a give blame Muslims. Now you have your own criteria by which you picked these rock ballots correct correct okay. What you wanna share the pressure. First of all. Free bird and steroid to have and you can't count them because they're kind of in the Rockwell hall of fame and OK it was okay you are at the end and on anybody's list. Three way stairway to have a three birds stairway to heaven knows those are kids it is that just given us an embittered come sail away what got us into this yeah can't go back to sticks and I really in Philly did you go to lady uranium there have been times as well. The the criteria here for me were. Got to tell a story. Gotta have kind of a sad yearning. Notion to it. That is it is a ballot after all but it's also got to be soft and screaming because it's a rock ballad so it can't be coups to go all the way through the car out. Yeah Saturday and it's got to be a band. But I right you can't kisses like I just executed via the impeded you know is due alert you know camp this this. A lot of stuff ended up getting swept away by. Some of those criteria and. So unreliable. So unlikely yet so you're saying it's got to not only there has to be soft part and then they're asked to be some screaming and generally I talked about this that it's gonna be awkward dance on as. Start to a slowdown through rounds and I am yeah. Well that was that was always the problem with stairway at the kind of at the end of next two years ago like you start off dancing slow it's great and then what do you do during yeah. So what got thrown out do anything that you really like it thrown out because of an artist. I've got thrown okay him any examples of well open arms and faithfully by journey Boca boot. Yeah. Alone in the battle of evermore by heart both got the group but alone and I'm Wilson I think she's the best thing is an all time I'm. November rain in patients buy Guns 'N Roses those are or else. They're great songs but they're totally acoustic there's no yeah they don't the last scenario where yeah I know I know I'm you know by the U I'm. Green Day wake up wake me up when September and yes just a wonderful song but again there's no. There's no camera and it yeah. We are the champions by queen. I just love the song it's got everything in it except it's not really valid as I really love song it's just the Seattle there was no he has no balloting part of every rose has its thorn. Which is like it poisons the classic. Ballot but again it's not really Iraq valid and more than words by extreme also. Doesn't care I don't know all right cuckoo's. Meatloaf woods. A lot meatloaf better housing grates on my album's terrific and I would do anything for love is a great ballot but again he's a guy writes a lot of bad right so I. I don't yeah and for those who are over the age of fifty behind blue eyes by The Who is a great song there's no. There's no other orders or not. You we're that one if I made the hard part is in the middle. So it's kind of anonymous I don't you write is just yeah yeah yeah. Yes which in resisted and of course. Again it was kind of a homer on this list. Oh yeah candidates in Florida and Massachusetts and you know that's it and given governor of Massachusetts you have to do that all right so. Are we ready to are we ready to go over Angeles OK so here are. It courtesy of the governor of the commonwealth. The top five rock ballads of all time are we going in descending order are we starting in my remarks are innocent of murder and what's out what's number five organs start to remind harassment. Dream on by. Rates grades and grades throughout his talent like and for me anyway. It was almost like you're coming of age son I mean that came donors. Teenager and we never heard anything quite like it before and it was local brand them. Of course there's that famous the famous picture that was in Rolling Stone magazine view front row at the Aerosmith concert. Standing tall above everybody else's. These steps. That would have a lot of there can't. Back into that and nothing else matters by Metallica all which is all just. Killer song no matter how you think about that or. Governor is here for breakfast that baker and we are going over a list of his top five greatest rock ballads of all time we've got dream on from harassment number five that was nothing else matters from Metallica number four. What's number three. Human was number one all know you went and went misty is that he's sending more edit descending order. Yeah this we have attracted us Dana I gotta tell you something no wonder we have budget short. Yeah. We're I had I didn't you know notice of foreign people stormed the studio and all over here around even then no wonder the older bond rating drop Lowell Indiana. The next what is going to be the undertook the most remote and I really admire the next drawing the that instance number three both ways of in the and by Ali. All right number three both ways linger well there's guys and me yeah grace yet great. And I what's next forever by the draft picks off. Yes. And you're huge strategy that's been and always that is. One of the best loved songs we'll. And then. I remember I was in. I was at a record store very long time ago in the 1970s. And I pulled the circuit and it had this. We're drawing on the front and on the back of it is said this is a whole bunch of local guys you never heard from never heard of the issue with some of the record and it was more than a feeling Boston law yeah. Yeah our our tablet alum was you know Amanda is also just. Terrific valid willow right ingredients but more than a feeling is who is on the character goes goes off and cinnamon of the stratosphere and and I would think him. FEMA had been number one and yeah I did you pharaoh wow is that I mean I wanna make sure I'm right about place in this kind of stuff is when you get in top fives as those those things went through for. I started it it's like you who's better Montana are pretty nice out there and didn't really sure that I win a couple of gets us strata Susan yeah I think into the stratosphere there is that. Level of people. I manner of course but I you know well that is the top five. Best rock ballads ever the bats chosen by the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Charlie Baker and it is 730 and this is a breakfast with the baker. And if you have a question you can tax that it is the tech means text line which is 97. 107. Or you can call this morning and talk with the governor. Who has. Honored his campaign promise to be here every month during his term on our show and I really appreciate that. Com let's start with a loaded the a big issue one of the big issues which is. Marijuana. And the legends manager five writes about I can't seem to be an appropriate that the approach it that way they're gonna go back at a today. It's I think people are frustrated that we're six months in here and do we how do you feel as the governor this is up to the legislature did it did to get this done by. Do you feel like we need to do we need this the legislation to be enacted. Bond because it was voted on yet the I mean legislature passed last year in December. After the ballot question passed a six month delay with the idea that and I signed it because I've got six months is reasonable to to make sure they got. All the pieces right with respect implementing and what that means in the end is that. The actual purchases of recreational. Marijuana law happen in July of eighteen is that in June 3 January 18 I don't really ever promised that part. They also did say you could go ahead and and data and they didn't delay the homegrown piece which I know is important to a lot of people who supported the ballot questions such as went ahead and got implement. But the clocks ticking here in June 30 is right around the corner and and I think it's important that they get something and through legislatures to my desk by June 30 so that we can actually make sure this thing is operating by when it's supposed to be which is. July of any team and so UT's you guys tell them that you say we need something here Armenian I think everybody knows diseases that are against somebody June 3 even thrown in terms of purposes. We're we're going to be implementing. The law without question has written and be implemented as of July 1. And when they say anything when they say that they need from a tax rate perspective the media they need a high a tax rate. To cover the expenses involved in in executing this. Do you call poppycock Goer deals others oh how do you feel about that the I think the number ought to be whatever it takes to pay for the program and that's not thirty or whatever they were trying to slide in twenty I know when he hated. The. The truth is known really knows what the answer our question is immune Colorado and then Washington I think it's won him. 24 or something and I mean those are pens but I calculate the rate but. But my view on this is you can always change the rate right after the fact although it's easier reduce that than it is to increases. Come. But I think. The long story short here is is this one. They the local control question is a big deal for cities and towns. I think the potency issue on the labeling issue especially for notables as a big deal along with the packaging. There's sort of five or six things there out of there ought to deal with I don't see any reason why those camped out with by. The end of this month. You know you mentioned that if if these changes don't come about then it'll be implemented as written why isn't that the case to begin with this is on the people voted on the voters. Voted this and and then the same thing with giving more control to the governing bodies of cities and towns that's taking it out of the voters' hands again. And then raising the taxes to me it seems like. You know the state house is holding kind of like. Holding it hostage so you only got like a week to do this or whatever and now we're putting in all these challenges it I just. It just seems like you've taken the power away from the people who voted them. Well I would say first of all of and never promised the six month delay because. Everything I've heard from Colorado Washington is they feel like they've been playing catch up service and Cisco past and they've never really felt like figure arms around what was coming. For the six month Inger Miller from what as far as about question Mike. People voted to legalize recreational marijuana I guarantee you that question was thousands of words along the idea that. Even a significant proportion of the people who voted for that voted for based on the details or I don't you know I don't buy that. And I do blighted they voted to legalize recreational marijuana and we have a commitment to the people at cal to deliver on that live up to that. But given the conversations we've had with people on other parts of the country. Dealing with some of these issues around packaging and potency. Labeling and local control are exactly the issue is the here Colorado Washington and people talk about the things they wish they'd done more gotten right. I'm done more and got right. But the big issue at this point is. Let's get something done hearing get into the process of implementing this thing and I think the fact that they didn't punt on. The homegrown piece was a big deal in the context of actually delivering on. One of the key elements of what people want it when that vote question was passed in the first place I and so on. As in a local control peace the hope title of the thing was regulate this like alcohol right right all the way alcohol works is you don't have to get a vote at your load you have to get a referendum in your local community to make a decision about whether. Have liquor stores are not have liquor stores in your community or where they go you can do that with a vote of your governing body. So if you're gonna regulate this like alcohol that's not an unreasonable way to frame. But again I think the big issue at this point is get it done put in place implement it. And they can happen. Yeah but it's it's it's too it's almost completely different from what people voted on the military. Well the tax rate depending upon where they end it may be different but again it won't be that different. My expectation is that tax rate won't be much different the ways in Colorado ones that will be something reason with them do you think that's going to be a deterrent though to consumers. Cool disabling Allen Christian ago. Keep getting it from my weak guy screw this up not to pay that Axl hasn't been a deterrent in Washington Colorado mean those are billion dollar industries journal states but I think it could be care. What the taxi or something know what does that upon no I I think incidents I think can make a tax tire I think the potential revenue even in high tax areas could be higher if the tax rate lowered because I think a lot of people are just. We refuse to pay that extra you know like they're doing very well that. But if the tax rate like 10% as compared 24 I think you see any bigger boat but that's just the big issues. Gotta make sure you have a competitive. Regulator oversees the court and what we do have other controlled substances but. But again I think the big issue at this point is pick a number in on the senate. Houses it's when he hit the Senate's. Whatever the mainland the number was during his twelve. But probably agree or something in between which would be reasonably consistent with where Colorado Washington are already. But the big issue is June 30 right around the corner. They need to get whatever they're when they get done done and if they don't go we should just implement the thing is passed. Where do you stand on the debate currently in lieu legislature abouts. Native Americans not nicknames and mascots and or high schools. I think that's a mean basically I I've followed some of the testimony at the hearing. I think that's the sort of thing where as long as it's not a derogatory. An issue. And most of people who testified that that there in their communities. It was either an historic. You know an historical representation or. Or a source of pride for or both of their community from. What about the confederate. Memorial on George's island which some are calling for removal of yeah I think there. I think historical monuments again no problem with them. When I wanted to remove them or with them being there I know from a historical monuments as a general rule OK yeah but that particular store. Monument. Given the way the wording works on that and the fact that it's located on public property. It's a bit beyond and glorifies to some extent. The voice of the south and and the war and that's a problem even I would like to see our. We can't move that. We sent a letter to the secretary of State's office because that is that is on the national historic register so. That can only be done through a change at the secretary of State's office who oversees all historic commission stuff. Number we were normal letter and asked them if they could find another place to put it. Even though it's a means it is our history and isn't much in my cannot promise that his abilities these things are history good or bad their history in right which is why symbols when most of time I would say I'm OK with. It's sort monuments I just think one in particular if you read the words you should read the words yeah I'm and that sort of though the words the words on it pushed pretty strong case okay that's a bit different than the way most people around here would interpret. The minister of that particular conflict sales tax holiday and probably every debate no it legislature sometime in the next week or so. You're in favor or like fear happened and you wanna see it happen here okay and if that happens and we passed some something for recreational marijuana law that also be tax free. No I'm sorry I didn't even really think I sort of question yeah yes. Scenes we go home grow on Massachusetts Mike if you want text read into. Warner home okay. And where are you could probably buy your own growth supply just past three on the hot etc. Oh yeah. I tighter shot it and grow it and smoke it and listen to the governor's list of the top five save my ballot off Scott free up some of the ones that didn't matter how. Where do you stand. When it comes to safe injects injection sites. I know that may year. Is an advocate for these and and these would be places where the mayors and advocate he's knocks. Okay I thought I'm pretty sure about that OK are you an advocate for them. I would comics I would call me a skeptic at this point okay am I. We're still true we're still waiting on some information about what the actual impact there's one in north Americans in Vancouver there are several of these and then Europe. We're still waiting for some guidance. On the one in North America which is in Vancouver and Stewart what the impact that's my view on the surface. It's become an interest in almost any real hope people get better okay. But I don't know I don't know if this holds people get better and com. The and any other big question about it is just. What's the data say about it as a harm reduction device and those are really two big questions I think. Mayor Walsh is against it hasn't added twenty and fifteen he was quoted as saying he would consider it. But as recently as last week I believe he told Boston Herald that he was he was definitely against it. All right this is. Phil on the Framingham forward studio line with the governor framing him Ford normal Sally afford for less feel sad that governor. I don't mr. governor. More info. Yeah I got quick question for you object to the marijuana tax I believe he says some long lines that we actually could be adjusted up or down. Dependent on what they need to cover the costs. I was 100 Japanese example any street and get it just out. Well but especially wasn't any night and voted on a pentium the I'm hopeful. And while the income tax that's your cornea income taxes gradually been going down come. On a formula based on the performance of the economy it's gone down twice since we took office based on the formulas now I think five point oh. Five. But there was that brings me to something near and dear to my heart. Forty stand on the millionaire's tax but I. We'll play time to talk about that between now and the election of them. But I I generally speaking don't think we should be raising taxes OK I think we should be living within our means. Excellent I would agree with that I think you look it. Look at what happened in Connecticut when they passed that you know connect keys to be their most affluent and again. If people. Newton some of the millionaires in Massachusetts are the people who employ. An awful lot of our people and so. In the eighties when when they passed and in Connecticut that state completely it if from a business perspective. And what it was a completely change so something interesting but your gun you guys are gonna talk about that more coming up this guy I mean yeah. Whether there's votes on the ballot in total for all of its pain in the will be a bunch of they'll be a bunch of work from research point of view what does it mean no work. Will be affected what might they do all of sort itself I think. That's that needs to work its way through the process and give people a better sense about what this would translate to. The other question I just I didn't amazing event to come on Saturday overdone considering. My grandparents on my acting got to talk or. A bunch of our veterans have. Aren't tough should fight hard to add to live life and get it right and much people care about him. Not so much veterans think they do an amazing job I got tons of compliments about. About view in Massachusetts a factor they get the sport to get from Massachusetts. By. Veterans in his one thing outreach programs were. A ton of veterans are in really really really tough shape. The need federal help it will that ever comers are just something that gets. Cost to the wayside. You know mass does its job more what the feds ever ever ever step up for the guys that are in really really crazy. You know suicidal tough drug situations. You know did their battle an American but in you know. 10% of hope that they really need. So the well first to borrow. We Massachusetts is the only state in the country that has better service officers in every community. And we have probably as broad a Tom collection services and support for veterans is unified and anywhere and everybody that's totally bipartisan everybody's enormously proud of that. Given the the the sacrifices these people make. There are programs in Massachusetts who have. One of the biggest and best ones for folks are in the situation you're describing is called home base which was started by. The Boston Red Sox foundation and and mass general hospital and it's basically a pretty holistic reach and support program for people dealing with what they call the invisible wounds of war which is Pete as the entry BI. Right brain injury and and posttraumatic stress disorder and that is. That's a spectacular program and and we supported it. They've done a great job. Sort of leveraging the knowledge in the clinical programming they've developed there and it started to make it available to other places not just in Massachusetts but around the country. But that's clearly an area where. We only to do more and a big part of their reason for that is that and frankly the changing nature avoid that you're dealing with most of the most of the federal. Programming around serving vets is built on what I would call sort of an in patient type model more. Or or service at a site toy model a lot of stuff you're talking about it's much more about. Pro active and aggressive outreach which is a different way of thinking about that stuff and and there's a lot more needs to be done there. And incidentally I don't know we got it will weigh about way up against the clock here all right governor thank you so much for being here this morning and a great job when you're supposed top five rock ballots list. We'll have another one Korea next time I'm in a one being hopeless and I'm an investment arms Carlos the guitar solos or something everybody can live with Simon and the moon are a good sign by the and I remind viewers here first that breakfast waited baker.