08-23-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Takes a Risk

Wednesday, August 23rd


Mens Room Question: What is the riskiest thing that you have ever done?

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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to. Miles it's. Topics are very opposed Sox last we have a very special announcement concerning red festival and our question what is the riskiest thing that you've ever done. We've got a pilot who landed in Hong Kong during a typhoon there was the time blasting winds of 207. Kilometers an hour. Between 126. And 207. He safely landed the plane even though the airport had been shut down it should be noted 450. Flights were canceled they asked him not to do it he decided. Atlanta's babble Turkish airline they came into some hail the size of they said chicken bags basically. Completely shattered both the windshields on the front of the aircraft. Buried the nose and somehow this guy without being able to see was able to land the plane. Then we have the dad in New Jersey he decided that as he was on the drawbridge and it started to rise with the go to bill. He's gonna gun that Toyota rap or he successfully jumped the drawbridge. Unfortunately he added 101000 dollars of damage to his car we have the base jumper who got stuck on the side of the canyon wall. In Idaho issue released they and he got stuck on the sidewall they had to basically come down and repelled and others are questions. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 44999. Hole. Hello Doug welcome to the bedroom. And load the oh well. Let. Well at some historians does. Back in the late seventies my birdies and I used to sneak into. Seattle international raceway. On the backside of the tents. Let the terrible cutters and all that well so little one day during the races we stole it drag parachute. Scene. To get back out. In proceeded. Draconian and cola. And so we. There. Did rocks at there's paper receipt you got to be able to strap well Ehrlich out back of the truck. Now where you guys did you hope. To win them the opportunity to do this. Oh yeah it was the big competition and I. I was really good Iraq's newspaper while Iowa. I like you can sit and out of order yeah I was really little thoroughly good as gone through regular ball put it on the attack on the offensive if like talking we go to one of the guy bigs on the front line services brought her recruit them really good at baseball often and it didn't go go alone all day you just put a lot of notice that the drug. The so that only marriage whatever on the parish actually did so what are you so is the parachute attached to the car. No it was it was dead in the pets and it was just. Evelyn but when you guys when you got stolen what was the goal of you stealing prepares you howry and use it with with when you got a call. Well we want to bill. Let. Throw it out strapped to her to one of us and them brought out the back at the track. And then try to try to Canada's glided up the back of the truck and actively working at adrenaline junkie. Mary I don't know like well like my parents they'll kind of behind the truck or just hope that jumping out of the truck thing opening carries. That's exactly thousand dumbest idea I ever yes so I was adult club. Roof without a bra I know good I was a big umbrella and houses market. So that is the gulf of relevant figure dealing Mary Poppins but but so what happened. So. We get Dolan and I. Outback and tracked it played out eat up against tailgate. We promised thing out it doesn't do anything for a couple of minutes and then there's the local air and before you know I am literally meaning on the top of the of the tailgate. And late night buddy dragon and it is so wrapped up in what's going on that he gets to triple about it beat by mile an hour. And so. I had just Tarrant County slowdown and may have different tram and on the back or no. And even look at him as he started to decelerate. If you guys can remember back in history telephone poles had a. Yeah about a twelve to see that he most people can get there it that your credit trek and so this parachute catches the and it. It'll largest meat. Out of the back of the track like like income and out of Camden. And I'd barely grade the telephone call that went right through artworks there at home. And so I ended up laying in the big pile parachute on our acquire. All of that but you're you're alive that's good. I'm alive and I broke probably only lets site ribs sternum Elvis. We Qaeda in the hospital. Hala how old Maria. Sixteenth. Sixty that's a good age to do that because you get time off school right. Yeah but I missed but also you know I'm you know Florida law does it take for a broken pelvis to recover. A long time that legacy and I didn't Natalie arrogantly but to adapt to all. I was pretty much out of commission are most here. Did you return to sports are few healed up. I don't know. You can help other outlets who into the salaries juggernaut you have any other and the long lasting effects from that now lake at the weather changes the year hit her. Well well well at all and then. That in your own way I guess you got lucky. Yeah I met down to block if you voluntarily did like generally speaking going door barbed wire fence and breaking all of your bones on the website about it like. That's not lucky that you made the decision to drive public. Okay knows I got those interstate bridge recent jump off. As kids and I know for a fact we are glad you were just and so I know for a fact but it appears there and jumped off the bridge where you adjust in just saddle is a guy. I'm telling the bridge every job every book we join the thriller time without without a fair value there she went to dumber than that I think it was done because you had to go through the I bars that word like it was like a span corporate so it was like yeah opportunity you drop through the beams in theory it was insane it was just stupid but of course it but if we had a suit you would hit I beams maybe and dropped into a writer. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 449990. How high it was this bridge high. And I was number one of those guys like I would do some stuff mammal McCain to jump them all super light super high stuff way that the plan. It's water below and leave the kid personal one off a diving board to get in your mind and that watered them or. And I went and all wrong quite the effort to as soon as you learn how to land and you dual ones that appears. And then you know you can do it again that it becomes easier. And I was the only way that's all we did all the time after I got through the first time it is now the last one Margaret how long did it take you to convention so contorted more for ever yeah for ever because it was just I mean it was high and it it was interstate bridge it was really really it was a span are okay did you do that's the reason adult school which can overcome my fear Baltimore nobody's UConn chicken. And an idyllic little internal temperature I think clicking to a river. The highest the ever done like ten or twelve feet and even Mets via a little we but I took it to a pool from ten years which I think thirty feet thirty feet yeah but that was up. Pool only get to the stories of think about it that's opened topical threes were building when you. And don't tell it but it was a damned late and it wouldn't you know it when they damn those lakes you think well there's a ballot unity there than they let them water some time to do some work on the damn you realize. Our products and beat yet it's like it's also open to live up to date as of today. Yeah Ira question what's the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 44999. Cola. Hello Bob welcome to the men's room. All of against our. I guess moderate Keating I did loads motorcycle road racing. The professionally are amateurs like is it like and a year ago and I hear what Jim Martin wrote it association OK but it was part of an actual organization. Yeah you don't mind control the other it throughout on track with the old scores how many accidents didn't. Mack-Cali Rachel Pappas he's and I crashed twice in Portland. Both both sides want to not to deal on a little over a hundred. I'm also this as far as racing goes when you watch the motorcycle racers crash. Even though there on a motorcycle. It still looks like the safest way to crash like you're just gonna sit there and but you don't mean doing that than this lot and it fits back crash remember how Dale Earnhardt when you look at this pleasant looking marriage wasn't so bad my. Yeah this as the race there were wearing full protective Kiel would back support and everything else and armor padding. And tirade school is they're telling you when you crash. When you think you come to a stop count to ten before you get out because he'll be moving to a fully delete milieu go to stand up and you come won't hurt yourself. See what I want to re school they told me to hate white people. Didn't expect a different school that you Deborah got out who the equipment and if and as an awards or intimate with the worst injury while you race. On to me I cracked my original potential recipients on the on the hike up waking up for three weeks gone my argument is still working at the time I quit. Two bodies that are raised with crashed bookend bad. One what all the wall and tumbled down a rock. Brought into Iraq fealty nest and double bad and bad things out the other guy got worse he had the tire wall backed by the rock law. Located optic nerve record of one of its internal organs and feeling that can help out. It's I'm glad you added a really messed himself baucus himself candlelight he was all of the clear that. A smile on Tony five C rocket machines sit what's the line between an activity being too dangerous sooner. I feel like it's that there's some actual level they take the wind suits right I. If that was the drug I think everybody would be freaking out to be illegal days of the statistically the high statistics of people dot. Yeah how long the average person doesn't before death and have you re right and necessary and bikes and he had two other buddies and they all got injured is artist Sarah erratic or drug and it's a look we just did the averages here. 10% of people to do does suffer some kind of severe injury that would be illegal. In a free and hearty to me it's not the severity of the injury is much is just as the pain in the ass and I know for a fact that a Fargo truly mountain biking. A man who is take a sledgehammer and break a collarbone right there for a because that's going to be inevitably with the McCormick for public at you it's like if I step on a skateboard ever get in my life I'm out of logistic motorists can snap at Marist dissent and have to know with the outcome is going to be. Oh yeah I'm their regular last dollar and escape more I was probably honor for maybe you get to to Mississippi for now my feet or above my head. And I norms and come down hard on my ass which it would idea but tiled floor. Of Italy's those things that they the caught on fire for awhile. Two we'll deal to the hover board right as soon as I got a lot of those among I'm all because I won't that just figuring this thing on their regular and how the Soviets remember exact into the future to I guess they like actual hovering over board. And you think yourself like I keep my balance and skateboarding you out with me all of the programs like literally with real program. But in the complete disaster a look at my kids an athlete you say the thing with the wave of the future flying cars I think about road rage. They went IPO while people that a four tires on camera now imagine them piloting something. He's seen me the guy just on the one whale back. You recycle the you know the little times a little the we electrical. You talk about the one thing do they ignore you when they annoy me yes the I don't know I don't know you I don't know you'll get industry why did they know is they come clipped him by year's super body on the side note you know each of his trying to figure but I don't know what I put my finger on why they're in on one guy real aware what will real into illegal it elevated right. You're on a bicycle you can often got the invite Jack and what's the rescue saying that you have never done it for far 999 all hold the line or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network and did you. Yeah and did some men's room. A third turn up who Sox last our question what is the riskiest thing that you have ever done a 44999. Cola. Hello Steve welcome to the men's room. And have a dog. Yeah Hillary is the narrative I jumped up a 25 foot cliff in the sand. Were you aware that sand that was what was gonna break your fall. Yeah and you chose to do this because why. I'd joke do it while I've been working out just took about three years to work out do we went to. But or flag where we go there every year we jumped down there and the edited and the bottom of the clip all the time ballot wanted to jump off the cliff into the sand and now. Eileen. And the chanting stop the lime. All of the band at the bottom let the market neck broken it jump and I just decided to gulf floor and I did it and actually didn't get hurt. Amazing you know it and you yeah you knew the terrain I always. Always look at those guys do the parachute partially opens doesn't open whatever they. Landed at bush and survivor land like a soft bond and somehow bounce or whatever and I think to myself like. Sometimes that crap happens and you know I mean like you just gotta hit the right spot on earth. I guess me I mean and others won't clip and and I think I don't you don't want correlate like it matters she doesn't know that and I can fly overly compliant lake and in China Campbell on that but also people that survived that. It's just. Change the hitter I heard when there was a guy that fell out. Parachute didn't open. He laid it in a vineyard where they had just Tilda ground right right right right off to Canada yeah exactly it one guy with rule bars and now in the roof of the barn broke his fall. And they when he crashed through the roof of the barn it's stacked hale bales up there. So basically although he you know went through the blood bath salts bill later in the day and races survive that. Then the guy who recently our remember the right thing that was parachuting he crashed like alligator. Yes yet still at work big differences his parachute did open. He was dropping to the ground at the rate that makes everything okay he misjudged where you had landed in an alligator on it was for control. Our question what is the riskiest thing that you've ever done not to. That's because he is our question we're gonna do who is the riskiest thing you've ever done before far 999 alone there's just no shortage finance and other laws now. If it's now at hello Shelby welcome to the men's room. Oh wow all right I. Well just like they got a couple bad as all other races motor cycle well tolerated dirt bikes professionally Coca how long did you do that. What that how long did you race. And I laden raking in doubt about ten years old and when he said just territories seven on Monday you're still professional racer. I had yeah where you tell did you run is over creek. I know directly called spot accelerate under almost OK so basically different NASCAR with dirt dirt bikes. Got your order out or some of the worst injuries you sustain so far. Well two weeks ago today I did broke my numerous letters on bond between the shoulder and elbow right in the middle. I snapped it right right in the middle. Yeah about does it again feel like that's what happened at the moment it happens does your body take kindly to you gotta put you in shock you want to feel the pain. Most in pretty good shock I mean I hate you know like crap so Tom what are broken in South Dakota earlier eighteen insurgents and we're on the way to go rates that are at another place in the Illinois. And we are just doing this experience would you between. Would you be on NBC sports about two that in I mean is this televise everything else. I will be at some point one of the races I am my my good best friends are. As shout out to Brad acres on you'll see him on there. In debt and help after how fast the bikes go when your when Iran. Depends on on the tax a lot of taxpayer raised in California I would do the mile long course you're doing over a hundred miles an hour on some buy in. Bigger guys that rate the out. That great between classes. They are doing a 13840. On some places. Give a regular like that you ride around just to get from point a to point B. I know I it you know pick up trucks and box and he. Or yeah a driving regularly like you have a hard time regular ticket you get the adrenaline is to get to do the racing but then like you're gonna go to the grocery store maybe it's only three miles away but you just want to open that bitch up and drive their ninety miles an hour. Does sometimes death. I found out that adrenaline on the vehicles now I had a street bike for a little bet. And I had about a year and it just wasn't for me just because that was my problem right I wanted to go back. How much of a bike that you that you do that you drive professionally what will be the cost of that bike. Older older and grannies deal like that he probably the way I have a set up Oca. But you can never write that thing on the street here or fifties. But you can because that thing ever be street legal. On the date Q I've been told they can I I've never done it minds is to set up that I cannot stop. Somehow when they provide dirt bikes that you do Nike can mostly actually. They'll they'll be really quite there and in your on your girlfriend that. I have a lot of actually it's a little over three years. Idea I was gonna say man of their like kicks it folly guys around me what's with the tour scene like when you're out on the road and Indians fan base that follows you the comes around limit what what is it. It's just a lot of local budgets come out you know to grace is that hole all around out there are some that travel around the country along let that settle all. You know not necessarily expect you know. Half half half half all awful lot of dudes here and that man you can. Add stood it is a pretty unseen though that those guys does your wife claim jumper every time we race. You know she actually likes she doesn't mind it at all the good news a little worried when I broke my arm well yeah. They make funny your like it Sturges causes not hardly hear an Indian you know Peter lane and for us. A little bit yeah but you know for the most part they love the racing we raised in that in a bar scene. That they've made a course. And out of buffalo chip which is just one big giant are. And I'll tell you re write them in our backyard they see that on TV and just a few weeks. I would you bet the a couple of chip is an outstanding bar in the meantime you'd his name is pleased directly after hoop like it has to be goes about bars legend they have like the concerts there there breeze and motorcycles airplane does play the miss buffalo chip. But I buffalo might have brought you the late okay baby condemning an Obama Sturgis is they have the rally in your I go to buffalo which you cut it. A four part 99 I don't want what's the riskiest thing that you have ever done. Hello Blair welcome to the men's room. Up lose. So I get the story that I have my body in we will announce how a bit of fishing. Leapt would be island this was about six or seven years ago. When and how the fishing out sequim. And we've borrowed my uncle's boat she had just bought the boat so I had actually never driven the boat or. And got up work about five or six that ninety's and there's this was during May so it kind of start to get dark when we got to the both. And that my buddy that I was going fishing let's say how long is that gonna take to actually drive the boat. On water over the square and he's like pick up 45 minutes or so. And two week they're taken. And can't figure out how to get the GPS reveal what's on the work they had no zero. And in and so 45 minutes turned in Q about an hour. About an hour and fifteen hour and thirty minutes later in the dark at this point and we have no idea where. And then all of a sudden one of the Q motor kicks and it won't we can't get it started again and so I guess kind of the pucker factor one have to okay. Who do we call at this point we have. No idea where we're and I mean it's completely pitch black at this point. I mean look Louis ended up getting the motor started up again and then ended up getting to sequim about two and a half hours later in. Is this kind of one of those weekends where anything. If anything could happen batted it happened bad. He's catching halibut. You know and it's get that we're well hello I am at home page you know I had bugs and now we're about the so announcement. Is expected. The motor web the one of the batteries under the going bad we had to hitch hiker right in the count by battery and. No wonder all Google started this well this is a brand new boat. No and I was one of the other issues do it kind of an older boat and tied. I've never been on this particular vote could be and I kind of got in the day. Is is the boat kind of ready to go and everything other than Japanese yeah you know. You know just. Just gone out there and you'll be fine and quite as they can hit the dreaded word for it them. One thing happened to the next then. It was dark it was cold in one of the engines shut we we go weird be stranded out there for awhile. Yeah sounds like a good time. In that you have planned met my my former neighbors still firm yet. Every come home I thought both sides fired up all of my cool one so. We got as nice as boat lift we drive for a while to me point original so. What what I'm about to wait Ankara some speaking he's got a little Bottke that he hooks up. And this is a good day it's just a home good day drinking beer have a good time. See planes. Land somewhere on the slate today and one of the things about my neighbors that he's also. And I guess the pilot community leg. Indy community won't come notes and you Audrey can and have a good time so. These different deeply into coming and making things and taking off and he's explain good dude loves point so he's explaining most of the things to me about the seep. Well we see one has no historical program and it's gonna come in Portland. Body. Looks up looks at the bottom of the plane with a serial number one article on the NC seventeen Bob. Hope that I am a buddy Roger so. Michael that's also may heal all that aspect of the brave fire to borrow. Look what you don't click on get the flight path with. When you're gonna do what you think I'm getting the split Pratt regional and right here and I mean. But it's playing Clear Lake the Reid got the MP I've I mean it's. An. The awesome plane lands and turned around the cockpit window opens she was on coma with finger. At you. They if he. I'm like the smoke posters. Yeah like you tried to get under the in dale Mir got under his points out that kind of stuff each other all the time might quit shouldn't now. That is had to go wrong with the plane do when you don't want I mean it could go wrong. It was oddly Wellesley I thought he would kind of mess with a little bit he literally which went to get under the point I think. I think the riskiest thing that I've done lately was I was on my scooter headed home one day. And we've had some risky screwed me I was gone from a I was coming from a spot that I didn't know very well but I didn't know that up at the shortcut. That I would end up kind of close to where I needed to get which has paralleled to with the interest so I turn on this road. And I realize when I'm on the road like oh god this is an entrance or. To the unit. And I'm like I'm on and who's not and I can do about it and traffic is moving in a pretty good calypso after the scooter much faster than a scooter you know Superman didn't bring that up. That's dead and I now know that I am in the very right lane all right I'm not keeping up with traffic at all. It is is not a good situated close I'm I'm like it it. Fifty miles an hour are up a hill speed limit 65 for a post on this the last pewter. This not a good situation. So an eighteen Wheeler passes me like. You don't feel on the wind and everything in as soon as he gets back in to the right lane and I'm like. I'm 65. If I stay like ten feet by the drag your ass it is I still like fifteen feet behind the C eighteen Wheeler he. I would have yielded just draft so but I know who puts on the breaks I'm gonna be dead than be right back in the pan you know me and I swear to god man for like I'm saying rear door I'll order a drafted behind an eighteen how long were you on the interstate for about five miles a day come out to me a lot of figure out a way to get up every single time those the next it would just take you to a different freeway. Mellow. Or I. I have an injured at ninetieth on my and Noonan and on target ops I is basically draft to the whole way behind him. I was like I get it again how NASCAR works now I understand the fundamental area you'll save some gas just draft. But is still the stupidest and when I got the excellent. All the cost those those stupid but yeah what. Eighteen wheelers man remember on that lit the Baltimore among interstate 83 more and I'm trying to get home. And at this time. I'm going to a broadcast schools keep a smile my dream of course is to be on the radio as it works out on this particular based first on my government and radio. To be fair not my name I was known officially as the trouble spots and EB three north but. That said though. Driver's side tire blows out of the deal it into tire again up but human side of this and state in this point economy and operate a corner of river of orbit. Changing attire. Of cars blown by and I mean there's not a whole folder to the rose by I did not see it coming. You just the feeling you've given an eighteen Wheeler goes by in felt like it was within two inches I'm sure was not by. Hmm what's the road moves one when you're actually standing there and how much wind Korea. And I just remember my aunt snapshot like involuntary reflex like I snapped my aunt shot. I've never change so quickly mileage than I just had to sit in the car and enhanced option. Like the truck went by and yeah I think I almost to die like I think I almost has got wiped all the reasons your whole week. Omar got only giving you that we're adrenaline Imus and car shaking poly couples but you'll cast a man whose article in the situation. Get out of duke. Should be scared. Yeah it changed its parent without interstates it's very endangered. Now that is funny you know I think the other targets which don't change the passengers. But the car is of clipped the back in the course matches and move basin here's what I do every time I change tact every single time I changed tired called republic. Again that well takes over the time I couldn't I couldn't find his spare time. How they help you know I could not Pamela how the roster it would all I was acting on I don't know you'd lower it from my. Today I saw. Our I get out the Jack and I find the place to put me out and I've got up with a jacked together. Jack that bad boy up and get emergency brake on it car park and get this thing up and MRI. I can Jack up the car and at the tire out I could change this tire that I go. I didn't lose in the lug nuts. Benefited diner back to Jack and all the way back down to start all over again though is forget it it's just that one simple step you never hear. Never fails every semi. He had a do that every time community. Our question what is riskiest thing that you have ever done a four Ford 999 I do feel like they design car I feel like and look AAA is a fantastic serve idling and he was gonna due after the way you understand ago but on some level. I believe me scheme with car manufacturers of things. Most people entering into Taiwan would we can hide the tiger and I hear you we can hide the time. The going to calls or you can record to realize I can't access the god and look I know. How this is all constructive but I can get the cap ball to dip to lug nuts here's Tripoli via well it not only that it even with Keith. We just so used to how cars worked yet but you knew where the spare tire. I am to now decide where my car my car blew up to like about jeeps and my car here we'll be fine in western Virginia at one point in time I mean yeah well I gotta think that on it you don't try to find the damn. What they chatted stuff in the cranked so late where you can find a dire overnight and they were highlighted as the Jeep I would just say it took us awhile and somebody had helped he and they mean a deluge AAA is behind the wreck that don't the tired dude can release of the Jack my car blew up in I mean engine completely that the engine block cracked the whole engine fell out of the car drive another I mean it was a disaster that you concede the dual degree road underneath in Agassi and and smoke was blowing out the radiator all you know the coolant will burn and Mina. It was just like this huge fire ball. So I have to go and get this car I don't have a way to get the car so I rented me you all death and with a hitch on the bank. And I drove back down to Virginia to pick this thing up now what I did not think through these are all too late switch back roads. Is that the U haul is designed. As a truck to have stepped in certain so you can't just have a U haul and import car when nothing is familiar you just freeze down to the car and back it's it's women all over the road box truck is just swimming up. Shaken at the wheel like for six hours of sweat like. I would die over a crappy Volkswagen Golf GT with no animals should Sox. What is the riskiest thing that you ever done a 44999. Along all the lime or your calls coming up you are listening to the manager of radio network Sebring into the newsroom with. Surely have a very special announcement concerning a red defense. It's on sale now in room live dot com posting is by the way only fifteen bucks for eight hours of outdoor drinking and other dumb stuff our question. What is the riskiest thing that you have ever done 8449990. No genie welcome to amend. Hey auto job. Are. You know one of the Turkey is dead right. It. Does not make sure we make him an Turkey and cheese. Well. I think we'll. I'm entering some pop and look at that Rihanna a happy during again. Team. The pac. Equal a. Cherry Coke cola and Turkey well eating apparently is rescue as a bodybuilder who was found out on the floor after he choked on food item a on this story now that we absolve it of body arid. And knows a guy who choked on an anger was famous rapper within a month unicameral prodigy prodigy he choked on an egg lies in the hospital for so trust me about doing the most dangerous thing you've deposited right now by eating you might die before into the phone call and we will feel bad it. I'd an amstel assuming it look Altera Turkey did you put in a lake how big was the east Turkey that you Stockton. And like. Normal life. Three minute to give much thought. If you are a little on the edge men do a big scoop Adams peanut butter without anything to drink it like 2 o'clock in the morning when you wake living on the edge right there that's as close as I usually aren't yet. So it was a risk using it you ever done. I didn't meet applicable well. I didn't California and I think that's terrible that we all concrete at the skateboard at all rap vet. Are striving to most great evening and I think this is not irresponsible. And saying they ever been there a whole other ball. And me and a couple different beside it. Let it out and parents. Float out late and a welcome aboard when it but it isn't when he did tapped into that article bedroom underneath and then they. Hasbro as well. Yeah. So and we might edit gardening and a phase at least technically not a beer at him that in earnings rose. Oh yeah I asked you now Detroit's finest. Actually we only mode just rose. Arnold but do these programs like the most of the Beers are especially it's stroh's stony all of it like it's cheap and that's why we drug Schaefer Schaefer. Alex I guess that's led screwed up when they added that L. So you're drinking on the boat. Ron a world of work part of it is now where parents at a town so we decided that her eleven year old brother should be the captain of the boat. And honestly. I think we actually made him drive the truck or in the vote none of us the wrong. The. And then 94 early nineties and sparrows. How Laura you'll again she's maintain the listener nineteen you made an eleven year old drive the drop drug ends of pulling the boat. I drove a great angle that you do know one of their own anymore. It just went out in that you know and that in itself. Arms anyway if only we'd been greatly strengthen their night before which do because we were. Had a hangover though he gets. Keep driving it. Let me help me out he's driving it he's eleven and you get to the lake. Does he put the ball in the water correctly. Yet okay now iron about iron about Arnold and I are both gone about now as good as it's helped. Now having a blast right there avenue around he manages I don't have been hectic it is but that couldn and I don't but the bunch other. So we proceed to drink and then my friend I have a brilliant idea let's go swimming in between you know look like. How all the both chilling and then like now between the boats. So let's jump in the water on them. Ink in her all that BT and that's out in them the first swimming and the horse so drunk. We see each other cute kid that much into local. Driving a little teeny. And like I might not in Lebanon and around. The growth and the soda is in the water super fast and all that from them like. A minute rounds a minute I let go of the rope and I got this huge yacht into swam over to it. I'm not a company that I'm Bryant and not even like him in other. I ninety told Bloomberg TV yeah right. So yeah. About that. It would couldn't count how does that kid now the be allowed mineral but did all that heavy lifting. Seen that would have been and I can't help it he years ago when. He. Me yeah in Canada and my third. I. You keep the Turkey in your mouth and everything Obama. It did when I kid but it well yeah yeah that's evidence and you knew that person. Out there who can look at how many kids do you have and how old. I'd keep Iran and Melanie 23 of them are zero woods. And move on from there yeah. What is the riskiest thing that you've ever done a 449990. Yeah evidence that age you gonna do that stuff I think in ninety. I don't know that I would have even the tool kid drive the truck that police about like that that I'm told him that amber I would do but everything after that late. Yeah we jump in water and we were drunk and we'll take it so yeah I'll climb on someone else's vote party but the eleven year old did not drive the vehicle you know. So we've played them we went there for one as a rescue saying that you have ever done it 44999. All hold lime articles coming up with seconds. The show and many pins continues on the men's room. The radio network.