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Monday, June 19th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. Our random question question 8449. At nine at nine a whole other question what caught fire. 45 year old man named Andrew Cheadle was an a Walgreens in Modesto California and he went into the bathroom somehow though for whatever reason anyone take his underwear Alfie Connecticut whose. Can't say that that's ever happened to Maine I don't Wear real tight underwear I prefer you think Lewis or wearing underwear. I can they be that you can't get them off will they led her I don't I don't know it had to be some Dunlap I prefer a little like your room down there formulate a bad tight underwear on but at the time that I had either approved or appeal wasn't. It was not a life and death struggle to get him down but he's in a Walgreens bathroom so the only thing he could think of logically was the burn them off. He did set his underwear on fire with a lighter than he was somehow able to pull them off probably this is underwear were on fire yeah. He threw them in the toilet which put out the flames the smoke did Philip the bathroom in the Walgreens. You know fire alarm and all I crab when profit to be evacuated. Which takes a long time to get to people who are waiting for the prescriptions in the fact manner they're like nine years old Ellison in those chairs. I mean that. Why do you think picked up front and at all so many questions trying to at a get stuck and you get if you're on tour. But he got them off we're sure you let your clothes on fire they have a little idea of not at that point but what do you think is going to lose my under the point bad. You have pulled off drummer in such a bonfire and if you're. Even remotely rational amount emotions guys majority thinking this. Is the dumbest moment in my life for regular events and pro kind of mad at yourself you Thorman to toilet to that is good thinking right right. And now the far alarm goes off and you realize oh it's own well I'm going to be in the news because I couldn't get my god in my own world. So they evacuate the Walgreens Andrew was not charged with arson because apparently the cops did believe as I needed him that they believe the story about it in his underwear Stuckey need to burn moss would you possibly think about it that was not know but it turned out he did have two outstanding felony warrants that he was arrested he's got to be a drug user right. I would assume. How did you sit outside of cigarette smokers. The only other people that always have lighters on them are going to be kind of Andretti people Jordan and then he he had the fact somewhere her on home and the decision went from I can't get these off I'm gonna burn. The drug Jimmie and vinyl Walgreen Rendell Rendell Rendell. Friends comrades and a bronze you can get those drugs in Walgreen brand. That came from a result guys at all this is this is a reaction that typically happens from this it's on the label actually amend my burn as underwear in the bathroom. The low occurrence of side of hello Juli welcome to the men's room. Over the oh yeah. Good how are you are doing great let's see here really I'm sure I've got a question for. Thought it won't enjoy. And there are low pressure we have announced when you know where we actually taking out and it also would you do for a living. I organize motor industry. We do in the automotive industry. A workforce being larger. Retailer you know what a real pain and got a broken well loomed Muslim group. Doolittle oh we're gonna ask you question this is kind of a weird question. Do you remember Amanda binds. Okay amend the clock. Was out there for awhile she got very busy on Twitter. And it turned out from those tweets that she has since said that she was under just a lot of vote drugs you zillow drug all the time and she got lost in there for a little bit and she went away and educators peacefully and that what do we know and then geo and and a fashion designer schools and the like that's gonna get the low profile but she did an interview couple weeks ago I. OK so it's either one of these interviews where I cannot remember I've never seen the show before but the lady in the shows like. Amanda I'm to have the heck is this guy yeah headlights whenever the minute I got I was just thinking they don't panic what do you make. Now the June oh my god I never have been Airways announced job than they would mega Borg like you know. Like tens and Philip let's review women come and into their upon how they looked you know I got your president about how does anybody up. I did so anyway but she said they asked her what would she met when she tweeted out I want Drake to murder my vagina. Okay. And she said I actually wasn't being insincere I was being serious 'cause I was attracted to drag and clearly money but I was also on drugs. So that was my way of saying let's do it man I was on drugs and trying to be a Larry is he's hot. It just means I won a great to have sex with me so I guess are going to interview is okay who would you personally like to murder your vagina. A great. I can't remember the guy's name. Is married to disappear or are. I'll low lying down and I don't know how old I'm not did the guy who is on why aren't actually snuck up on murdered the Canadian to what do you murder it. Then delicately threads in that area that's right zone Joan and Janelle all they're yeah. Yeah and I don't tell you say Aggies from he's an Italian dude from Pittsburgh. So you wanna memory to have we do we know who he was before he married Sophia regard. Yeah do when you get a little kindergarten yet. Julie you be having you know the my wife also would like him to murder her vagina as well. So I have on upstate I got us into. I don't remember that these will. That he's the old law that he's still married yeah. Intuit don't play again until they're put them on the free way of ally. Alright we remember what it gets older than Tara. Oh he's back at number writer Juliet who would be number two on the list just just because that we we that's that's a good call waiting to hear one environment we are really what I might be growing 59 on the list who who is that. The world now. Will Smith. Only the you see if you think Murton got to see him on suicide god I didn't murdered Regina. That moon okay yeah. I know I don't know what Will Smith fresh prince Will Smith independent today is he's saying her speech relates men in black hoodie it's what it meant little Schmidt and Will Smith is good enough with a welcome a little I'll leave it will bear Independence Day. Four. What was Loren welcome to the jungle. What was the one where you lose late CIA. Operative CIA is that mineralized. We turn around was it like this do you remember. Or better yet look at occasionally where a lot of reliable journalist Deborah. Because it's a mean dude looks the same in every movie he's in Mosul and I think. Rate easing the CA or something and they filmed Limbaugh morning when he was there yeah 00 with gene had a gene had a an enemy of the state originally when Phil is what it but if you ever had sex with a man with a mustache would have he's mustache Will Smith. Because he's a diet has had sex with men with mustache and I was only noticeable difference you know Madonna thing to do. He had an apartment a heroic is that why wouldn't normally please and Obama today for the look at this base to have going to put must athletic a mayor or today. On that it's never been like a form with and that kind of late. Dublin just grabbed me out like I show my I don't know whatever is never passed at 5 o'clock shadow of oh wouldn't that be the dueling regularly and I don't know men and you know Lyoto owner got wrecked his. IPO just a little bit longer I was in this draft though enough that softens our little that yeah because there's a thin line between toy like a weaker to between making just you have sandpaper on your face three affair Nassau Jimmy Fallon sport solo statue and I was like Dara. Look at I'm good I'm gonna say. No matter what I like a guy with mustache Blake is not. Partner and I don't look at it I don't know that I like out what do you origin rehearsal she worked normally you were below your making a number. That is most that's been a different place would that make it easier. Hammond does them a different slightly different location. You drive away or let the way it more. I love where I am a perfect or perfect I don't have the mustache notified you that right you look at them look like I do I would have to think that day in the automotive world there's a high percentage of mustache you know men. I work in the courts are herself. Well as far as I'm Laura. You don't know the difference do brand that overall and yeah brand mechanic must run them right he was saying you must quickly be answered that ran yeah general manager of sales must. Hard red numbers two and zero sales no way I don't know men have now Jones said. It's. Hello Chris welcome to remember good god could do auto guys. Whereas you must slash. No you know I have a beer goes further than what we're way that it it's the only good news Buchanan's. But sitting here. Like Justin. What do you do. There what do your parents. And I mean. Is her hobby. Maybe they took Q hiking and now you like to go hiking may be they took it to baseball games are what whatever the deal is is there anything that your parents enjoyed doing playing piano playing an instrument or anything like that already been bad yet you continue to do smoked two packs of cigarettes a day whatever it is. Hillary think they're doing you'll always called a lot of mean they've reaped big ones they've you know they've worked and they. Became retired and no they didn't spend your whole lot but we could however. Went and now all platforms and law and holy land all of them you know are we gonna talk like they hope I don't know what most people would you like go. I don't know where did you do the same with your family. Our own yet. Mean we have all been together as kind of gambling so we have a development that what they're really gonna do the other. Talk turn up. They end up sometimes. Just based on life experiences you like to share the same experiences of advocates and other times they just don't get a body module of the times as a polar opposite you know you wanna do anything university consent of their new era. Other is we have still what do you do the when your parents did Foo Fighters. Performed in Iceland and Dave girl brought his eight year old daughter harper on stage to play the drums you probably see the videos on mine Dave said. She told in two weeks ago that she won played drums. So we daughter per song she learned we will rock you by queen which tells me that hopefully I can learn we will rock you by queen are really said at a track a don't you'll think so I know I do well edu and attorneys from today. Even today did you not play we will rock you on drugs. And I. I think that goes on for awhile yeah and then I gonna James was alone with. I don't think wanna changes maybe could so she was thought I thought he says came into one big bucks to reach he cannot play to reconnect convincingly play we will rock you. But I would you gotta gotta be how do you drum kit. The drunken charge right Kathleen brought across all the main plays drum up with the Miliband said yeah the mantra he can teach at his drums that is currently in my garage and I would keep time. Pains that are different every few bullets of its assets to different he did you can beat you you take it if that's an element of the tomorrow. And it went there clarity act and talk Jackson got a taxi place just after I know I'm Bob just learning I'm gonna be a Fina. If an eight year old got to play Wii U Iraqi dummy I ain't gonna polls say you're all I know I Goldwater. Doesn't afraid she's blessed with the talent with David spent some time with me the that don't wanna play drums to ease what did you make that statement in two weeks you could Wednesday for Foo Fighters. That's the real thing that's very cool thing. And you know as a dead man like anything else that's going to know yeah you know my daughter he's as you reform don't want and helping shrink for a and it's just like look man you know and play with him at school like he played the jaw Brinker. Then after exist. And I totaled what are might want to get that all he knew I got actual Reagan reassuring people age story right they actually. So I don't know I guess you go to the shrink ray gun store. By your entire string heating and they get offensive to get a gun that you viewpoint towards the other and how much do Byron than anybody in a gun to our men and misfired. I don't know credit question question aid for Florida nine at nine at nine Nolan you're listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room was miles. John. Pro. Okay. Midge midge and I admit to go this brand. What job what movie TV show or bands would you say had the biggest impact or influence on you was a kid pulls the thing maccast steered you. Maybe simple. I was probably standard of seventies games ago those kids and Stallworth and nothing has Prague particles to make your. Star Wars was just dominant Atari was dominant for me for awhile or. A video games likely go there's little or no opportunity crappy television pleading cares what out of my dad memo that was like look this is. This is far superior but could look he's right losing to George Plimpton but it yet is still site loved. And loved it so what movie TV show band whatever would you say was the the thing that inspired your childhood. Man prior I got ready to Iran. Well I think they exploited. What was the first album your fundamental. Level wall look at those first one that really got me answer then how old room. I was pretty I'm probably thirteen. You are you smoking weed religious sober you listen events that man oh man this is this I would is so over first time listening. There are few other and and this I don't watch much out of my box doesn't sort of show jar shark Alley. I. Posters. Had some of their albums division bell what the big arm and final cut later on my. But that another thing that can put Steelers break in bad. Wrote what he Selma now. Of Mike analysts and all its of that he makes them a budget distributed. My dad actually with a chemistry teacher. My notebook around as well boggling Mandy you're looking a little fault at all what I dvi. I know I make it seems to think I got a hand tiger has seriously does your dad have any chemistry dad jokes. And yes OK give me give you those please please let's see. China speaker wire and which are normally the more you know just enough element jokes well what what what everyone does your shake our resolve or. Harbinger explained that we are pretty true. I creator everything you know or if you considered accurate everything has carbon and yet it bonds and analyze I. On carbon is a hole are par yeah yeah you like you really say why it's like this or remember ninth graders carbon or carbon galore. I paper. Would believe I just signed a one a typical just assume there's carbon in OK Ahmanson prison as a movie TV shore band and the biggest impact on you as a kid about you took. Feels a movie and a band man well. How tough to say TV he supplements HE a L okay. Yeah and oh my god I'm about I know I had so many of the figures stood like dominate in my childhood directly GI Joseph Star Wars the same way we had the figures we played more alien movie we you know play and all the toys too but does. Just do well again cards ever and I'm in my brother Ron who kissed me I kind of miss that. I'm trying to think I don't know probably the first dum MM with him a biggie smalls the first time to sum up the injured yet just kind of stuck with. You probably have never heard of John that. A builds didn't rule can build the apples and I don't I came out you know our government agencies today gaffe he died of pancreatic cancer 81 years old he won Academy Award for directing rocky. Folks supposed to Stallone know any also directed the first three Karate Kid movie I think Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay yet in Iraq let's say Albertson. I his anniversary Karate Kid first recruit a kid movies and the first rocky movie captain montage man he also did lean on me. With a Morgan free matters a great movie and Joseph Susan Sarandon save the tiger was Jack Lemmon site and I got. Rocky five which is moderate. All the time remorse and hairless ignored dinars are still puzzled us too slow to gloat just about everything to the job Sosa. No votes but as a whole you rude guru and boom. I route my geo said and he looks is similar reference of this. His earlier films rockets say the tiger influenced my adolescence he will be missed and that's why drink virgin blood an entourage still quite a child. So he directed the rocky Emma for for good erotic kid man hours in a news about credit cared so much thirteen fourteen when it comes out I'm remember. My mother says hey you wanna go see a movie amateur I had no idea what to do is I haven't heard of the movie watch the movie play and get to watch the movie the other day. So we are leaving the movie theater in this particular movie theater Baltimore it's the same building you used to work. Rotunda yet were pulling out old. The movie theater and there's two kids but my age and are clearly waiting for one of their parents and mobbed like homer so they are now mimicking. The final scene of Karate Kid in you see the long Gilligan anchoring position but says he's rocket you know trying to keep movement who takes his body square in the face coming like. Dixon in the face and drops his friend would pull out of parking lot vital my guy. It was a movie many kids kick friend and face the robot you'll take that Blondie in the face. It was unbelievable and a five pillars with a lights in the target on Wednesday that I've been in a statement friend. It's. Guarantee that there have been friends hello Robin welcome to the men's room brand. Friends or rock saw and I. I am proud of unskilled us went. Rob what did you use. For something other than its intended use. Motorola lock. 00 yeah. What war did you use motor oil for the purposes we think you may have you don't learn all. Holes maybe a couple different things. Was in the this custody level that was attractive to both. So let's go quickly was perfect what do you would you would use for. Well. I used to be a firefighter. And I had use that to remove the current item. One lawyer from your person. Lol well know enough from me. From a patient will say. Okay well I you came you came to the scene no pun intended. And as someone had to Jimmy something on their body that they could not get office they have filled wedding ring. That's on their finger something like that what does this always know what this patience issue. C. You'd go see. Why grow beer bottle this she didn't wanna get pregnant. Do a marathon moms. Did G news and in front or back. In the front compared to it created a vacuum right. Delusional and your bottle right so idea and she couldn't get it out. Poland and her inside so does she show up to you do you get a call and you go to we were drops out I call. Did they hear Blaine what the situation was did you get no it was pretty obvious. Errant. Humor if you own. Not as young as I look at the time but there were up controversy young chiropractor. And I had these. I'll Wear them to. Use a dribble drill hole in the remove the vacuum in the bottom of the bottle. I'll I'll gladly no bull yeah. That's thing like a bomb European label. You're Garnett twenty shotgun on W wanted to hear that you don't always have until they're here. It's. Amounts on the other end of the bottle there and realize it's your. Wanted to pops right out. Or that popped out and I think it Arab. Cool mom. Grass behind it but it popped out we see Maris drop by this whole scenario get a ring or eat out. We believe in did you an eight man. Hires to say hi I have played big mouth empty bottle of Beers talked about Hulu and had to go all the fire department. Did you get it out of me but you know what frankly dumb Bob and rob I. I go a long long time ago and I do the couple days of a fireman type training griped that the attorney for the rest yet and it's all just say no liking your golf in the in the building where they have a gas lines and it's on fire and do all that stuff and you learn how to breathe so that you know when you have your tank on everything. And you did all that correct. I would be out we didn't learn leopard along we know. Had a aux are not okay all right and you've Judy go into a building those simple loses on fire what are. Oh yeah. Are many many many times now when you went into that building with everybody and you're all roped up for our view and and there was a woman in there with a a beer bottle in her vagina. No. This was on this was this is top ahead thinking you're here there yeah I look so just office can't. But does hurt any protocol. For beer bottle extraction amigo you seem to be the guy or woman read about the stuff like we always try to believe there but the thought it seems like inevitably. The fire department as the become a guy ever and it's what do you guys. Like what does it. Cops tackled native people. Fire people figure out how to get things out of people that should not be in them should do they get their home. This is correct I had all this was in Southern California okay Robert a grease fire what's best thing for similar thrown a grease fire. I'll throw when I increased fire yet you agrees prior to your opponent that's normally how stuff start shall fasten your house we throw on that. We could throw flower on her flower OK he's all right. I'll have. Why wouldn't I thought you could smother animated outing allowing us to LA with. We got it again towers junior standing you just can't pull water no I don't I can't you don't you don't put water on it you. Think they ought to groom away. And then you can do now barn. Com couldn't flowery or giant error bottles liners landed hanging over her opponent. Another long have you do extract anything else similar from other people. Our own well in that sense. Yes we heard just stop. You fire starter who thought it would be a good idea get a tattoo after it happened to you. Certain. And it wasn't a good idea for him bulls attach to a well. I hope you guys more details you may lose and very dramatic yeah above his. Barack science mean. He got a tattoo that said enter here no I'll look important and Errol. Pointing their own right yeah he's a big target up to Iowa they humility was then do rub him that's when the monarch it would be funny it is it is yeah Ayman. He was straight to open hero doesn't youth in south like yeah yeah. Yeah yeah it is here now running down to is Dana does not I don't know if you can't get dark amount of their. But I he was gonna do what he did didn't you hear. I threes and we ask what did you use resuming other than its intended use here you go apparently there's a new trend where people. Who don't have tanning oil improvise by putting any guesses would you put on your body instead of using any contents solution coconut oil. Now now accents I think. It's a minute. Deflect these are you ready to hell I don't know my Coca-Cola people are covering their bodies on Coca-Cola before they go on the sun they say the caramel coloring the Coke helps bronze them. Good and quick. Unfortunately this is probably done a terrible idea I don't know what you know about your side but it does amazing things by even digesting go Google it has tons of chemicals. He will eat through a nail none of them provide any SPF protections he really just accelerating the chance of burning your skin. And potentially even developing cancer them tell him that. As far as using things not for their intended use one of the what did you think I think you know. And lather up and Coke. I don't my brother looking color wheel and eyes and their friend. Some more of the comments as I used a troubled toothbrush holder wants. But myself I was young no rule toys yet but it ends with it got the job done and turn. Improvised government average symptoms a New Zealand does a lot of things you can use. Other. And over the kind of forgot every purpose. For a guy yeah well and you dog in search or just in general just in general I don't absolutely you know if you go to a hotel right in but it tells it they are treated for high off. Or to keep you we spoke of hope and it's ridiculous about it took this lake. PG good I heard it says those who provides containment. Graham the Bible and its uproar those bad blank pages we can roll the joint so you can do Bible papers I grabbed dials departed time and yeah. I used to go down there and they had this big bowl of fruit. And you can. Basically carving anything you need is a ball wise and peace for all sure I would go down and like I grabbed a pair. And I get to see the guy look at that and I can tell like we made eye contact like he's most read to you need fruit this guy looks way to guilty to be in proves. WOL Bruno might look at that it wasn't the only thing you grabbed yes and that's what I think we'll examine day 1 pair 11 o'clock and then right as. If they don't tell your family you're really feeling like I know you're not. I don't let the heat and the Iraqis are friends I don't know their real you know I know we win. Friend and I am glad that Barry smoked and Illinois senator. By the way. Now people this thing out longer I forget the moment of commons we talked to be firefighters there. We talk about grease fire east of what flower I'm gonna read you. Come commences. I'm pretty sure flower its web bull's ass that's followed by a different person. A dude isn't I think idiot all caps do not more flour on fire. That's combustible you baking soda and went on Fire Island for the little but I am through you spoken. Can we don't know if Gloria I seriously ask this I don't know there's an ounce monitor was the right call profiles Central Florida fire. With that I had degraded a big pizza popped up. It's an NCAA and then go to my mobility you're at a shell there there are people have flour at their house and here. They beg Ted to nonstop. Flour to make no need to be flown out to dinner sometime even if your leg and holidays come he's one of thick in some them up. You all tomorrow or am I am you had a good call that's all you don't I just don't they grew up close they can all the stuff. The people who eat cookies. What's to come on let's yeah you'd find that little doubt Jamaica. Hello Matthew welcome to the bedroom but what a lot of old job. Matthew Matthew Matthew let's go this well who would you say is the most annoying member of your family let murder all of. Oh I know now Pacman and yeah. That's what do we are gonna be unheard northern all right you don't actually because you answered that's aqueduct by doing what's wrong with the amount of okay what you are like me for an. I admit that so you elect ourself WJ Debra Arizona boys are full so yeah I have a lot of executed scientists. You over burying her in. Like normal although moved there in my heart of Canada limited knowledge she's always been that way. Yeah you know at all early. Can't Jerry and get everybody saying. You're you're I don't want to sound like at the US really region's poor man iron willed us when we uses an easier question would have been your testicles. Our play in third grade so alternatively talk about this all the done I want most. Don't play in the outfield and the third baseman to ensure that I can you play third guy be that they eight during breaks are not so great now bill. A one hopper and that dude looks to 1860 to eighty was severely. Yeah I hit it then he can hit yeah I took it right they do that. You're deep down John to a brilliant light vehicle got purple and lower my belly up her political looked purple yeah I had a hit and the ball so hard to pulls turn purple. Yeah I'd root for my kneecap can let my duty. Look there's a reason that baseball professionally he's diamond the situation the way it is at ninety. When you get out on a Little League field the ball still coming off the banner at the same speeds theoretically as it would a baseball it's still coming at you now you moved. Thirty feet closer to a guy hitting that ball. Thirty feet. Thirty feet looked. I mean do it this is Rick reed earlier. Bret we have three of these and have a 110 mile an hour Balkan right in my next his live bolster emperor WW theory though he'll slow pitch softball you shouldn't hit it as hard right you should not no I'm saying you don't physically and Kate because part of the reason you hit a fastball from Major League pitcher goes on apart right well it rates of his energy that he's thrown at that on my theory but there's a difference is this it. It doesn't matter these are still grown men and even know it's not nearly as fast as a baseball. It's still softball that's been hit. It you know played at a very the total value arguably third base is and like no way not only the evidence and aluminum back. So whatever it is all right let's just go to the simplest reason those dudes they're running 94 basis though exactly and that's Jeff Africa Brian Moore and you could affect you forget the last time you ran good guys not put the however come over the rules limit I shot the jewels you're asked him run pretty torn. Guy's name Stephen pains from Huntington Pennsylvania had serious pain in his right testicle for over a decade so back in 2013 years and I've had enough. He went to a urologist to have removed. But today removed the last one damn man didn't suit in last week a jury awarded him 870000. Dollars for his wrong ball. I want more. We're requesting question 84499990. Look you're listening to the bedroom radio networks. I wanted to tell your guess is as good as mine Zeta categories of celebrities and did donuts will do your guess as good as mine right after emails in the men's room and men's or live dot gap around. Friends some friends friends and hello Gary you're welcome to the injury and all not our job. And Harry and talk about your fashion via fashion your. I mean I Wear clothes that aren't those noise the deal to close in this instance look. As far as fashion goes for many many many years. And he in my youth I iiroc day Iraq the Fanny pack. Enemy at Fanny pack was the greatest thing ever because you didn't do profession. You do did for. I convenience and looks like you have been angry ever since not only to bail out ration could you give land based and where he appeared on what I would carry with me I would have mud bowl. My little container marijuana I would put that in the back as it pockets at the time which is the hidden pocket because marijuana time was speculate. They now have a tag cigarettes and lighter in the front along with my wallet. My keys this is before the cellphone air out of stuck that in there too but all these things I can kind of keep with me now. Granted I would still Wear one if it was back in fashion but it is not but it was part of that fashion trend that I felon to. I had the ball on everything else so what fashion trend did you jump on whether that's like an Ed hardy maybe a three or four Ed hardy T shirts. Maybe one point time Iraq demolished. Yo the trucker hat what would fashioned thing if you fallen into. Our work the converse kicks. What the sharks at a chart a man yeah is that number always at the one that's like give never gone away I don't know that's. So aren't there creator but it's a weird thing which as I remember this when I was growing up. Josh just manual broke right and most of my younger years in my twenties award talks because I was in fact broke. And you didn't even go to the shoe store to get chuck to went to the grocery store there and wire bin by the Catholic. There's really got my camera and you hated it when your parents mom and then something happened. Ramones like no dude jumped are also and I'm very happy about and I'm glad the judge just I mean we're always cheap and then there was always like kind of the rock crowd that warm chore. And when I was in high school might late ninety's. I think it was the first time I saw other people Wear them and all of a sudden they were cool but you mean like how little I. I got made fun of learning and I don't goddamn money but I do think there's a certain sect of people generally the rock crowd with a child will always be cool. There if you're eroding in a band you have jobs and thank you might not have any other kind of fusion besides to my thing is if you find something that's comfortable and pitcher right and then stick within the genes have a very hard time finding jeans that fit the ones that I do find it like Levi's. Or looked at how lucky jeans OK debt load and they're also like I like what you you should have a really nice pair of jeans in my got paid ninety bucks for these Lackey genes they are nice fairy jeans and literally don't know what those are nice but you nice runs are fashionable they come in council like you know something that. Do I got a nice really nice pair of jeans that Wear hand me down from a friend right this. He lost some weight to that you want a Muslim yes I'll make them sir. But they got to button fly. I didn't Lola I know I did I ain't so like I these are probably my most fashionable jeans I tweet out something about wearing. But flies you are what are you weigh less and have a look I didn't chose not there. A regime that people even harder on the button only. Is there anything sacred about the dad and will you weren't like. I hate bonds lied to the team can be mean you just forget to bootleg written really ugly girls somewhat quickly yards or bottom line where's that I didn't jump on the affliction Ed hardy T shirt there right. But it didn't work out like with a T shirts themselves I thought were pretty cool we want to. Rwanda if they had gotten burned out you know with the with however that that happened so quickly let's go to war must not look at red. Sharks have been around Forever Knight he's been around forever because everyone wearing the people that chose to Wear the affliction stuff I think ruled it for everyone else. Same with pains and wife beaters. Like an older locally under underneath white tank top you know what I only got called them a wife beater and begin explains why they fell out of him. You go to tank top U wanna thank you complete the call eight ones because Steve when they had the problem pink slime is the meat of the problems the name it's not even the product I'm telling you right now teens right now has it as an undershirt in it attend top undershirt and if they are to sell the three pack as they wife beater. And the wife beaters three for ten bucks and I'm John needed some more. Did you ever if you not just on the label night beaters not anywhere where you have in respect for human beings right right yeah and Arkansas short. You know and I've I and that is because they don't noted it was not a lot else he generate dialogue until we got in trouble in high school right so late in. They did they do the basketball team or whatever so we do have lake theme nights to go watch them. So we thought it was funny to have one night called wife beater tonight not a good read and I remember the prince will be like you call it white tank top like and you're not call. Quite good here. So photojournalist is sensitive photo plus I don't think those things ever got to fashion they don't brother's room look one thing about you know what you might not know people were an undershirt. Brother Rodney Hampshire man in its it is amid the drawn church they did my coach talked him. Might cause them aware AT shirt now realize our CB outline of the tank top underneath like duke yeah. Home army. Reason we ask what fashion enough trained to jump on soliciting Viet hardy multi and whatever. There are a pair of blood genes now. For 570. Dollars 500 in Selma to seventy plus would say that giving goalies coming up oh. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.