Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses 2:39 PM

Music Submission Policy

WAAF-FM Policy Regarding Music Submissions and Programmer Access

  1. Programming decisions and music selections are made on a non-discriminatory basis.
  2. Materials should be sent to the attention of Ron Valeri, 20 Guest St., 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02135.
  3. WAAF-FM accepts new music submissions via CD. Although mp3 files and other forms of electronic media may also be accepted, considerations such as email server space, virus scanning software, and hardware limitations may negatively impact our ability to accept music submissions through these alternative means. Accordingly, WAAF-FM suggests submission of music via CD when possible.
  4. Music submitted must be of broadcast quality.
  5. Music submitted must be properly edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene material.
  6. Music submitted will not be returned.
  7. WAAF-FM does not sell or barter access to its programmers.
  8. Ron Valeri has established specific dates and times for dealing with artists and labels: Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Artists and labels are encouraged to respect those windows. Please be aware that our programmers have many competing demands on their time and thus may not be able to return all calls or respond to all correspondence, particularly within time periods artists or labels might desire.

NOTE: With regard to musical work performance rights, WAAF-FM holds non-dramatic public performance licenses with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC only. By submitting music for consideration, submitting entities and individuals represent and warrant that submitted music has been registered with one of these three performing rights organizations. Alternatively, if you are not a member of these organizations, you represent and warrant that you hold these rights personally and grant WAAF-FM the right to broadcast your material. In addition, because we stream WAAF-FM over the internet, by submitting music registered with SoundExchange. Alternatively, if you are not a member of SoundExchange, you represent and warrant that you hold these rights personally and grant WAAF-FM the right to stream your material on a non-interactive, non-subscription basis.