Every day in the 4 o'clock hour, the boys bring you four stories you need to know. While promoting her new movie on Jimmy Kimmel, Jada Pinkett Smith talks about a racey scene featuring a Grapefruit, which happens to be a real act. The Boys featuring Mike Wendt from Wicked Bites try to figure out...


LB on History - Double Dose of Knowledge

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Matty came up with quotes from Star Trek and Star Wars. Then Stiz read those quotes and made Nick guess which franchise the quote is from. Can Nick go 10 for 10 or does he need to go back to dork school? Listen and find out!


The big story of the day was a GOP House candidate body slamming a reporter. The boys go over the fallout fromn the event, and they had a small in house issue of their own. You decide What Stiz should do after you listen.


The boys were challenged by the listeners to get through the Four You segment in the four o'clock hour ten straight days. Well, today was day ten and the boys got it done! They talked about morning activities that can help you have a better day, a black bear attack caught on film, and Kerry...