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Thill's Big Brown Blog Moves

Hola, What a day, bitches. Craziness going on everywhere...most of it good sh*t, so no complaints. However, after months of waiting, weeks of being alone here and days of absolute chaos, this was our last day at the KISW studios. Well, we're still at KISW, but the stations studios will finally be... Read More

7 Classic Mick Jagger Moments

Mick Jagger has turned 74 years old today and he is just as energetic and spirited as he was when the Rolling Stones first started in 1962. He's got the moves, the voice, the lips, the strut, the attitude. He's got the entire package that makes every frontman a legend. Of course there are mountains... Read More

Does This Life Hack Actually Do More Damage Than Good?

Every time you reach that paw into a pocket full of earbuds, there's a brief moment of doubt: will I retract with a handful of tangle worse than the dreadlock of a zombie Rastafarian or will my cables still be neatly coiled? The real trick is dedicated space. When you put headphones neatly wrapped... Read More

Watch Stone Sour's Johny Chow Propose To His Girlfriend Onstage

Who says that romance is dead? Love is in the air as Stone Sour bassist Johny Chow proposed to his girlfriend Christi Allen live onstage during the band's show in Ontario, Canada. Vocalist Corey Taylor turned the mic over to Johny as drummer Ray Mayorga filmed the entire happy moment, which can be... Read More

Nikki Sixx In Recovery After Undergoing Rotator Cuff Surgery

After undergoing the knife for a second time in 2017, Nikki Sixx recently shared some post-operation photos of his rotator cuff surgery to his Facebook page. Sixx wrote in the caption "Rotator and torn bicep fixed. Doctor did a great job........ THIS IS KINDA SHOUT @ THE DEVILish?" A few months ago... Read More

Is it Weird that Ronnie James Dio's Hologram Is Going on Tour?

The late metal singer Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) is set to go on a world tour this fall … in hologram form. Yes, you read that correctly. Using audio from Dio’s live performances, Eyellusion has made it possible for the vocalist to belt out classics like “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow... Read More
Members of the band Motorhead arrive at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center at L.A.

Motörhead Covers Album To Be Released

The Motörhead catalog contains several cover songs the band recorded over the years, and 11 of them have been pulled from the vaults to be featured on an album of covers due out September 1st. The surviving members of Motörhead have signed off on the release, which will be called Under Cöver​ . The... Read More

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows It's Out There

Hola, Today we asked a fill-in-the-blank question: "I would never have believed ______ if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." I brought up the time I saw a UFO. Observed it for over an hour before it chased me and the then-girlfriend off of the beach. True. The thing about it is that as soon as you... Read More