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25 Outrageous Rock N' Roll Quotes

Rock stars can be belligerent, crass, crude, angry, silly, and many times... profound. Over the ages, many of the greatest rockers that have lived and died have left behind memorable words to live by. And sometimes they can also leave a little too much information. “I’m not God but if I were God, ¾... Read More

Music, Magic, Comedy, and Lasers: The WAAF Word on the Street

Thursday April 6, 2017 Singers Showcase: A Tribute to Elvis Presley Berklee Performance Center 136 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115, United States Boston, MA 02115 Friday April 7 The Garcia Project performs The Jerry Garcia Band Performing classic Jerry Garcia Band Shows from the 70's, 80's... Read More

Acoustic Disturbed Album To Feature Original Songs

With an all-acoustic album on the way, Disturbed revlealed that the record will include both original music as well as acoustic versions of songs from their catalog. Following the success of 2015's Immortalized , an acoustic album has been on the band's agenda for a while. Frontman David Draiman... Read More

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Alice In Chains?

Alice In Chains is one of the greatest grunge gods to emerge out of the Seattle rock scene in the '90s with the rare gift of not sounding like any other band. Part grunge. Part metal. All parts rock. But do you know Alice In Chains in a "Nutshell"? Try our quiz and find out! /**/ Read More

WATCH: Mastodon on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night (4/3) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mastodon played “Show Yourself” on the outdoor stage. The band’s said they put a huge emphasis on improving their vocals for this latest album, Emperor of Sand , and those efforts really shine in this performance. In ten days, Mastodon will hit the road for... Read More