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Nutritionists Rank Halloween Candy From Best to Worst

Some nutritionists ranked Halloween candy from the best to worst for you. They based it on things like calories and sugar grams . . . whether there's any protein or fiber to help keep you full . . . and how LONG they take to eat. Here's their list of nine candies, starting with the best . . . 1... Read More

10 Songs for Every Type of Halloween Night

As Halloween closes in on us, so does our desire to get festive. And seriously, what better way to spread the Halloween vibes than with some rock music? While some rockers look like they stepped out of a Halloween megastore year-round, others are more unassuming. Yet despite their looks, a lot of... Read More

Too much candy? Seriously? OK, here's what to do!

OK, are you seriously complaining about having too much Halloween candy around? I would understand if you're talking about Candy Corn... YUCK! But otherwise... Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH HALLOWEEN CANDY? I'm sure you're dentist thinks so! Well, as Halloween is my favorite day of the year, I'... Read More

"Here's To You Mr. Robinsons": Matty Meets His Musical Heroes

“Here’s To You Mr. Robinsons…” They say never meet your heroes. But “they” probably had crappy heroes. Because on three humid summer nights in Boston I met mines…and it was GD glorious. Before you judge me too harshly for the fanboy tale I’m about to share…ask yourself what it would mean to meet... Read More

Nikki Sixx Confesses That Drugs Don't Help Creativity

Motley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has had a long history with substance abuse and has even managed to come back from the dead for a new lease on life. While appearing on MSNBC's The Beat , Sixx spoke about opioid epidemic in the United States, reasons why people turn to serious drug use, and the... Read More