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12 Highly-Anticipated Albums For 2017

As 2016 draws to a close, almost everyone is higher expectations for what 2017 may hold for us. Although we can't always guarantee there will be good things happening on the news, we can be sure that there is going to be a lot of new music by some of your favorite artists next year! Tool As if... Read More

Scientific Proof Why Your New Year's Eve Is Going To Suck

New Year's Eve is upon us and everyone is excited! Everyone's got big plans on how they're going to party their heads off, go to an open bar before the ball drops, maybe finally have a drunken make out session with your big crush! Now will all of your New Year's fantasies come true? According to... Read More

1 Year Ago, Lemmy Kilmister Died At 70

One year ago, rock n' Roll has lost another one of its greats. Motorhead frontman, and all-around legendary badass Lemmy Kilmister has passed away at 70 years old. Lemmy had been suffering from a wide range of health issues throughout the years, including a hematoma as well as being implanted with... Read More

Watch Carrie Fisher Give Courtney Love Life Advice

The sudden loss of Carrie Fisher left the world shaken, especially those that were closest to her. Among those individuals was Hole frontwoman Courtney Love . Carrie fisher - great wit - great friend / one of the brightest lights has gone out . Deep condolences to Billie and Debbie Read More

41 Years Ago, Iron Maiden Was Formed On Christmas Day

Unknown to bassist Steve Harris , the world received on Christmas day 41 years ago one of the greatest gifts in the world: Iron Maiden. Inspiried by the 1939 film The Man in the Iron Mask , Harris named his band "Iron Maiden", unaware that there was already another band named Iron Maiden as well... Read More