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The Guy Movie 100 BROMISSIONS

OK folks, we listened to you - after our mammoth effort in putting out The 100 Movies Every Guy Needs To See, aka The Guy Movie 100, aka The 100 Greatest Guy Movies, you let us know how you felt. Did you ever. Thoughts, feelings and disagreements aplenty on the movies we included, but mostly on... Read More

36 Years Ago, MTV Made Its First Broadcast

On August 1st, 1981, music and television changed forever as the two mediums gave birth to the first of its kind, MTV (Music Television). Video of MTV Original Broadcast 8/1/1981 Mirroring its launch to that of a space shuttle and the moon landing in 1969, the very first music video broadcasted on... Read More

Newborn Baby Cow Resembles Gene Simmons

Does this cow look familiar? Because if you look closely, this newborn baby cow bears similar resemblance to Gene Simmons of KISS ." The cow, named "Genie", was born on July 28th, 2017 in Kerrville, TX with a pattern on her face that closely resembles the KISS founder's alter-ego, "The Demon,"... Read More

AC/DC's Brian Johnson Walks Away From Car Crash Without A Scratch

Brian Johnson of AC/DC is a big car enthusiast. He's got a 1965 Lola T70 Mark 1, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Bentley 4 and 1/2-liter Vandenplas, and a whole lot more rare and exotic cars stashed in his garage. So now that he has stepped down from fronting AC/DC due to hearing problems, he has had more... Read More

"Atomic Blonde" Director Wanted To Include David Bowie In The Film

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , the director of the Charlize Theron '80s spy-action flick "Atomic Blonde" reveals that he wanted rock icon David Bowie to make a cameo appearance in the film. David Leitch has managed to include two very popular Bowie hits in the movie: "Cat People" and... Read More