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10 Incredible James Hetfield Moments

Today (August 3rd) is James Hetfield 's birthday, and we wanted to celebrate the man who has helped forge Metallica , as well as the future for so many other rock and metal bands, sharing some of our favorite Hetfield moments. With a musical career of over 30 years, it's hard to widdle it down to... Read More
Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl

Paul McCartney to Guest on Foo Fighters' 'Concrete and Gold'

What do you get when you mix Paul McCartney with the Foo Fighters ? Aside from a probably weird-looking yet extremely talented English-American, you get Concrete and Gold —or at least one of the tracks off the album. In a recent interview with ET Canada , Dave Grohl revealed McCartney as yet... Read More

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Has Had a DAY

Hola, So, today's blog is gonna be a bit short. There's a reason for this. Well, a FEW reasons; (1), I'm lazy, but ALSO this has been a rough day. There was a memorial service earlier for someone important to me...but I couldn't attend, so that has been on my mind all day and it's been distracting... Read More

Rock The Cradle: 13 Incredible Rock Star Homes From "MTV Cribs"

We often fantasize about the lifestyles of some of the greatest rock stars in the world. Do they live in a mansion with 11 bedrooms, 23 cars, a pool, a yacht, and a toilet made of gold while dining on fine china made of black market ivory? Thanks to the classic MTV show, MTV Cribs , fans get a... Read More