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Too much candy? Seriously? OK, here's what to do!

OK, are you seriously complaining about having too much Halloween candy around? I would understand if you're talking about Candy Corn... YUCK! But otherwise... Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH HALLOWEEN CANDY? I'm sure you're dentist thinks so! Well, as Halloween is my favorite day of the year, I'... Read More

"Here's To You Mr. Robinsons": Matty Meets His Musical Heroes

“Here’s To You Mr. Robinsons…” They say never meet your heroes. But “they” probably had crappy heroes. Because on three humid summer nights in Boston I met mines…and it was GD glorious. Before you judge me too harshly for the fanboy tale I’m about to share…ask yourself what it would mean to meet... Read More

Nikki Sixx Confesses That Drugs Don't Help Creativity

Motley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has had a long history with substance abuse and has even managed to come back from the dead for a new lease on life. While appearing on MSNBC's The Beat , Sixx spoke about opioid epidemic in the United States, reasons why people turn to serious drug use, and the... Read More

Rob Zombie Confirmed To Direct Sequel To "The Devil's Rejects"

According to Bloody Disgusting , shock rocker and horror film director Rob Zombie has confirmed that he will be coming out with a sequel to the acclaimed The Devil's Rejects . To bring you up to speed, The Devil's Rejects is the sequel to Zombie's first film House of 1,000 Corpses where we followed... Read More

Welcome to the Grouch Couch!

Hola Bitcholas, What a day. Woke up in a foul mood. No reason; just one of those days where, for whatever reason, you see the negative in everything...even if it's not there. I believe they call that 'waking up on the wrong side of the bed'. This is grating because there's no f**king reason for it... Read More