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Rockers React To The Deadly Las Vegas Shooting

With the world still in mourning of the 50 lives taken, as well as over 400 injured at the Route 91 Country Music festival in Las Vegas over the weekend, members of the rock community have taken to social media to deliver their condolances in the wake of another senseless act of violence. Waking up... Read More

Marilyn Manson Forced To Cancel 9 Shows Following Onstage Injury

Midway through his concert in New York City, Marilyn Manson had to cut the show short after a large stage prop shaped like two pistols collpased on top of the singer during his cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics . Footage shot by fans has emerged of the incident. Video of 9-30-2017 Marilyn... Read More
Las Vegas

50 Dead, At Least 200 Injured at Country Festival in Las Vegas

50 people have died from gunshot wounds and at least another 200 are injured after a mass shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Police Department Sherrif Joseph Lombardo explained that officers responded after there were reports of shots fired from the Mandaly Bay hotel and... Read More

Marilyn Manson, Boston Strong Comics, and the Topsfield Fair

Monday October 2 Marilyn Manson (CANCELLED) 7:00pm House of Blues 15 Landsdowne St Boston, MA 02215 BOSTON STRONG COMICS: BENEFIT FOR TEXAS FLOOD VICTIMS 100% of the ticket proceeds will go to 'Help for Houston’ sponsored by Mayor Walsh to help the victims of the Houston-area flood. Hosted by Carl... Read More

Watch Anthrax Officiate The Rock War Scene In Stephen King's "IT"

The 2017 remake of the classic Stephen King novel, IT , has become the most successful R-rated horror film of all time. Pennywise the creepy clown (Bill Skarsgard) is the film's main antagonist and the source of fear and death in the town of Derry, Maine where he preys on unsuspecting children... Read More

Watch Billy Corgan's Visually Trippy Video For "The Spaniards"

Fresh from his upcoming solo album Ogilala , Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has released the cinematically psychedelic and surreal music video for "The Spandiards." The video opens up in black and white of a soldier off to war, and then transitions to his journey through the dreamy, vivid... Read More

10 Jittery Jams That Celebrate Coffee

Where would we be were it not for that morning cup of Joe? We wouldn't be able to start our days off on the right foot and last an entire workday without it! Coffee is that little voice in your head that says, "You can do it." It's like a warm, liquid hug for your brain. We love coffee so much that... Read More