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37 Years Ago: Judas Priest Kick Off The '80s With 'British Steel'

After releasing iconic albums like Sad WIngs of Destiny, Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith and Painkiller , one would assume that Judas Priest could not set the bar any higher. Come April 14th, 1980, they exceeded expectations with the timeless album, British Steel . “When we were... Read More

Peep This.

Peeps are good to eat on Easter . . . at least, they are if there aren't any chocolate eggs around. And that's the thing these days. There are ALWAYS chocolate eggs around. According to a new survey, Peeps have PLUMMETED in popularity over the past few years in the face of better Easter candy... Read More

Katy Perry Admits Protesting Marilyn Manson's Shows As A Youngster

Pop star Katy Perry (born Katheryn Hudson ) admitted in an interview with Vogue that she would often protest Marilyn Manson 's concerts due to her very religious upbringing by evangelical pastors. "We knew about Madonna and Marilyn Manson in my family because we picketed their concerts," said Perry... Read More

Seether Assaults 'Vapid, Empty People' In New Song "Nothing Left"

When our modern-day "celebrities" include folks like the Kardashians and the 'Catch me outside, how 'bout dat?' girl, it can leave a foul taste in your mouth of what pop culture has become. But nobody seems more disgusted at what society as evolved (or devolved) into than Shaun Morgan of Seether ... Read More

TriStar Making Progress in Cup Return

Cole Whitt and TriStar Motorsports have put together solid finishes early in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season, considering their circumstances. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the season started at Daytona International Speedway that TriStar announced its return to the Cup Series for... Read More

Just Another Wednesday In Titletown...

Decisions, decisions... Any given Wednesday night the average sports fan would be happy to have A game to watch, with mild to medium interest, let alone two games, with massive playoff implications. Plus baseball for between the commercial breaks. But such is the luxury of riches for the Boston... Read More