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Look What's On Stephen Gostowski's Pump-Up Playlist

Stephen Gostowski is one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL. With his currect record of completing 27 out of 32 field goals, he has without a doubt one of the most valuable feet in the entire league. But what songs give Gostowski a swift kick in the butt to get him ready for the big game?... Read More

Courtney Love To Star In Upcoming Menendez Brothers Film

Being one of the few rockers to successfully move in and out of music and acting, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has been confirmed to play the role of Kitty Menendez in the upcoming Lifetime biopic of the Menendez brothers, who murdered both of their parents in 1989. Love has received high acclaim... Read More

Deflategate And You: A PSA

The children are our future. So in this world of false news, lies, and misinformation, how can we ensure that our kids grow up knowing the truth? Read More

Matty & Nick Go To the Patriots' Send-Off Rally

It was the rally of all rallies as thousands of New England Patriots fans gathered at Gillette Stadium to send off the GOAT and company to Houston, TX where they were face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the big game. Check out Matty & Nick's adventure at the rally below! Video Categories:... Read More

Look What's On Julian Edelman's Pump-Up Playlist

He's the star wide-receiver for the New England Patriots and he's got a big game this Sunday in Houston against the Atlanta Falcons . So what does Julian "Bubs" Edelman do to to get him amped up and ready before heading out on the field? According to are the six songs Edelman listens... Read More

5 Bands That Haven't Played The Halftime Show, But Should

With the big game only days away, not many people are thrilled that our New England Patriots will not be facing off against the Atlanta Falcons this year. In the same sense, not many people are happy that Lady Gaga will be performing in the Halftime Show. So here is a brief list of alternative acts... Read More

Asia Co-Founder John Wetton Dies At The Age of 67

Known for his time in King Crimson and being one of the co-founders of the '80s progressive rock band Asia , John Wetton has died at the age of 67 after battling colon cancer. Wetton's growing health issues were the causing factor that lead him to exit Asia's upcoming tour with Journey . Wetton was... Read More