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Ted's Blog: KD and the Warriors

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors just won the NBA title and people are not happy about it. I like Kevin Durant though! Number one: Because he is from PG County in Maryland where I grew up. I should mention Kevin grew up in a totally different part than I did, I grew up in PG, but in... Read More

Nick Loves Being On "Doug Loves Movies"

If you've listened to MATTY & NICK you know we love talking movies. A lot. We kinda frame almost all of of the news and our own lives through a cinematic prism. "That's how winning is done!" -- ROCKY BALBOA ANYWAY...there's a popular podcast and traveling comedy show where nonstop movie talk... Read More

Viral Video Of Old Man Rocking Out To Metallica Will Inspire You

Never mind Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. The old man in this viral video only needs one thing in his life, and that's some Metallica ! Because when you're a Bernie Sanders lookalike caught in daytime traffic, you have nothing to be ashamed about while rocking out to "For Whom The Bell Tolls." If... Read More
Xbox controller

Nerd Talk: Xbox Just Released a Beast - Xbox One X

Well, there you have it. Announced at E3, the console that'll certainly be the "you've gotta have it, but you'll never find one in stock if you didn't preorder" gaming system of the 2017 holiday season: Xbox One X . That name - it sorta feels like when you wanted your email address to be "big mike... Read More

That Time Paul McCartney Punched Eddie Vedder In The Face

Paul McCartney of the Beatles has had plenty of hits throughout his career. Among them includes Eddie Vedder 's face. While filling in as a guest DJ on an all-Beatles station, Vedder reveals on a time when he was hanging out with the rock legend in a Seattle bar one night, and he winds up with... Read More
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WATCH: Teen Receives Birthday Gift from Late Father

16-year-old Johnny Crow received quite possibly the coolest birthday present of all time. Everyone’s got that one thing they always hoped to see when opening presents growing up, and for Crow, that was a kickass guitar. When his father unexpectedly passed away two months before Johnny’s 16th, the... Read More

Metallica's Lars Ulrich Granted Knighthood From Denmark Royalty

You may now refer to him as Sir Lars Ulrich . On June 13th, 2017, the Metallica drummer was granted the honor of knighthood in his homeland of Denmark by receiving the Knight's Cross of the Order of Dannebrog by Frederik , Crown Prince of Denmark. Metallica posted an image of Ulrich with Prince... Read More