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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's "KILL4ME" Video Features a Johnny Depp Threesome

It’s all sex, violence, and rock & roll in Marilyn Manson ’s new “KILL4ME” video. Johnny Depp makes a cameo (following his starring roll in the recently released “ Say10 ” video), creepily cozying up to sleeping models Jocelyn Binder and Bailee Cowperthwaite before partaking in a threesome... Read More

Johnny Depp Stars In New NSFW Marilyn Manson Video, "KILL4ME"

Marilyn Manson has Johnny Depp engage in even more sexual debauchery in his latest video "KILL4ME." Let's run down the list of things this video has: Johnny Depp going from voyeur to threesome in mere minutes A hotel doubling as a church of lasciviousness Manson's echoing plea, "Would you kill for... Read More
Lord of the Rings

Amazon is Making a Lord of the Rings TV Show

The rumors are true. Lord of the Rings is being made into an Amazon-produced TV show after the big Bezos confirmed a deal had been reached to bring the franchise to the small screen. RELATED: ‘Star Wars’ is getting three more movies Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth. pic... Read More

Cat Man? Do It.

Hola Bitcholas, G'day, bitches. Today might not seem terribly exciting to you and I'm not gonna tell you anything to change that...BUT, I do feel compelled to share the fact that today is my daughter's 7th birthday. See, you don't care...and why would you...but I do. She's the kid who created... Read More

WATCH: 8 Things You Need to Know About Greta Van Fleet

Brothers Josh and Jake Kiszka make up half of the rising Michigan rock outfit Greta Van Fleet . The band has a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin , but they’re their own band, and they’re here to tell you a thing or two about themselves. Well, 8 things, to be exact. In the Billboard interview above... Read More