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Watch Audioslave Reunite Onstage After 12 Years

Fans have been aching for an Audioslave reunion for the last 12 years. And after all of the recent interviews in which guitarist Tom Morello and frontman Chris Cornell have been playing coy, it turns out they had been planning a reunion this whole time! As part of their Anti-Inaugrual Ball in Los... Read More

Rockers React To Donald Trump Becoming America's 45th President

Donald J. Trump has officially been inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America, and as expected, there is a wide rage of positive, negative, and sometimes neutral reactions to the news. How did some of your favorite rockers react to there being a President Trump? Check out... Read More

5 Rock Star Performances At Presidential Inaugurations

Political affiliations aside, you can't deny that presidential inaugurations tend to attract some of the greatest musical acts of their time. Below are 5 memorable performances welcoming their new heads of state. Video of Chuck Berry & Little Richard Bill Clinton’s Inauguration Ball’ HBO,... Read More