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Michael Stipe Of REM To Release Photo Autobiography

Michael Stipe , lead singer of R.E.M. says that he is currently hard at work on a "series of books", including a photo book/autobiography with longtime collaborator Jonathan Berger . "It's the first in a series of books I'm releasing," Stipe told the Creative Independant . "This one focuses on my... Read More

Seether Gets Extra Heavy With New Song 'Stoke The Fire'

When Seether announced that their latest album Poison The Parish would be one of, if not the most heavy album they've ever done, take one listen to their new song "Stoke The Fire" and you'll realize that they weren't kidding! Listen to the song below. Video of Seether | Stoke The Fire "I think [... Read More

Things Are Getting a Little Dicey at Taco Bell

Taco Bell is generous, and not just because they'll give you six days' worth of calories for about nine bucks. They're generous because if you ask them for hot sauce, they'll give you a huge handful of packets. They're good people. But their reckless sauce distribution strategy backfired earlier... Read More

WATCH: 5 Awesome Steven Tyler Microphone Dances

Aerosmith dominated the hard rock scene in the ‘70s, and even though they had a rocky period, they continued to crank out hit after hit, selling over 100 million albums. When it comes to the band’s live performances, though, it’s hard to deny the electrifying stage presence of two band members:... Read More

Evanescence Working On 'New Territory' In Upcoming Album

Evanescence fans have been patiently waiting for any news in regards to new music from the band. "We're working on something new — and the info about it is on lockdown just for a little bit longer," Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee tells TeamRock . "In a short amount of time' I'll explain exactly... Read More