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Yo Momma's So What?!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked, "If Your Car Could Talk, What Story Would It Tell?" This is a loaded question because we know that you and everyone you know does all sorts of things in their own car. Sing, fart, f**k, puke, pick your nose, masturbate...your car, if it could talk, could embarrass... Read More

Watch The Foo Fighters Cover AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock"

While visiting BBC's Live Lounge, the Foo Fighters re-tell the birth of rock n' roll with a cover of AC/DC 's classic song, "Let There Be Rock." Because when you put the Foo Fighters and AC/DC in the same room, there can really be no wrong! Watch it below! Video of Foo Fighters - Let There Be Rock... Read More

What is THAT Thing and How Did You Get It?

Hola Bitcholas, Man, oh man. We asked "How Did You Get That Thing You Got?" This was in reference to whatever disease or scar or birth defect you might have. We asked this question because of a confluence of stories regarding people getting sick from tick bites, cat bites, and various other... Read More