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WATCH: Cheap Trick Talk Lou Reed, Release Velvet Underground Cover

It’s no joke that Saturday, April 1st is Cheap Trick Day in Illinois—oh, and April Fools’ Day. It’s also no joke that the band has a new single out in honor of their holiday. The song, a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For The Man,” is available now . Cheap Trick always got a kick... Read More

50 Years Ago: Jimi Hendrix Sets His Guitar On Fire

There has been all sorts of memorable moments throughout rock n' roll that are forever etched into its history: Elvis ' signature dance, Ozzy Osbourne biting he head off a bat, and of course Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire. Fifty years ago today (March 31st, 2017) the Jimi Hendrix... Read More

Joe Perry Looks Back On 50 Years Of Aerosmith

Aerosmith is about to achieve a rare feat only a small handful of artists have ever earned: their 50th anniversary. There are some marriages that don't last that long, so to celebrate 50 years together as a band with the original lineup still intact after all of the ups and downs they've gone... Read More

A Perfect Circle Announces Their First Album In 13 Years

No, this isn't fake news. A Perfect Circle has announced the upcoming release of a new album in 2017! According to the band's press release, their fourth studio album will be with their newly-sgned record label BMG. "We just signed a new record deal with BMG! Looking forward to sharing new music... Read More

Watch 25 Years Of Pearl Jam In 6 Minutes In '25 Years Of Alive'

Time flies when you're having fun. In Pearl Jam 's case, they've been having fun non-stop for the last twenty-five years. The band's videographer Kevin Shuss assembled 25 years worth of Pearl Jam shows and condensed them into a six-minute video in honor of their upcoming induction into the Rock N'... Read More

Winter Is Here The New 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Trailer

HBO's "Game Of Thrones" is known for sending chills down its viewers' spines with all of the backstabbing, plot twists, and gratuitous violence. But in the latest trailer for season 7 of the television series, three of its main characters (Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersi Lannister) feel the... Read More