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WATCH: Mastodon on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night (4/3) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mastodon played “Show Yourself” on the outdoor stage. The band’s said they put a huge emphasis on improving their vocals for this latest album, Emperor of Sand , and those efforts really shine in this performance. In ten days, Mastodon will hit the road for... Read More

Don't Stand So Close To Me

Apparently we're not a country that likes people invading our personal space. A new study asked people how FAR AWAY we want someone to stand when we're having a conversation with them. And the average answer was 3.11 feet, which is a little more than an arm's length away. The study also asked... Read More

Disney Goes Metal

Yep, you read that correctly—Disney is going metal, trading their ballads for something a bit … heavier. Enter: Metal Disney . First things first—this is a kids’ album, so remember the intended audience. That said, there are some pretty impressive names on the album, including former Ozzy Osbourne... Read More