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The Yearly Rewind: WAAF's Top 10 Moments From 2016

The year is almost over and a lot has happened over the last 365 days. We've seen lots of concerts, met lots of new people, and made plenty of new friends! In no particular order here are our top 10 moments from 2016! We learned about the joys and dangers of Pokémon GO! Video of Mike Tries To Play... Read More

Sebastian Bach/Skid Row Reunion Will NOT Be Happening

Although Sebastian Bach said in a recent Vanyaland interivew that there will not be a Skid Row reunion, we shoudn't call this "Wasted Time." Bach says that although managers from both parties were negotiating terms in which a reunion could be possible, sadly those negotiations have "taken a turn in... Read More

Liam Neeson Will Put The Fear Of Santa Back In Your Life

I think we need the FEAR of Santa back in our lives. I'm not talking about being six years old and worrying that Santa won't get you the sweet Atari set up for Christmas because you wrote "I hate Suzy" in your own poop in the school bathroom. I'm talking, you better be good for goodness sake or... Read More

Check Out The Trailer For Blade Runner 2049

I can't tell you how excited I am about this! My nerdy brain is going to explode with excitement! I never thought there would be a sequel to one of the greatest Science Fiction films of all time but apparently it's happening. Blade Runner 2049 is set for release October of next year. Two months and... Read More

Rob Zombie Created His Own Spooky Stocking Stuffer

Halloween may be Rob Zombie 's favorite holiday, but he's just as good at celebrating Christmas too! Teaming up with PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals), Zombie, a strict vegetarian, put together his own stocking-stuffer package that will go on to benefit animal rights causes... Read More

Talk Dirty With New Bret Michaels Emojis

Coming just in time for Christmas, you'll be able talk dirty to Poison frontman Bret Michaels as much as you want. That's because on December 21st, 2016, Michaels will be launching his own line of emojis and a lyric keyboard. Rock Legend Bret Michaels To Launch Game Changing #Emoji & Lyric... Read More