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The Solar Eclipse and the WAAF Blood Drive

Monday August 21 Total Solar Eclipse Safety Tips Boston Public Library viewing party View the partial solar eclipse from the library's courtyard, watch live streams from along the path of the full eclipse, and enjoy activity stations to learn why solar eclipses happen and why they're important. All... Read More

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants Your Treats!

Hola, Son of a bitch! That's my reaction to forgetting that I needed to write a blog. Actually, 'son of a bitch' is my general reaction to any and everything. Good, bad or other, 'son of a bitch' is my go-to term. This has been a long week. Not bad, but long...mostly because of my voracious alcohol... Read More

Rock Your Workout With The Rock's Gym Playlist

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is many things. He's an actor. He's a wrestler. He has a smile that can stop traffic (seriously)! He's also a humungous workout fiend. Like many people that go to the gym, it's almost mandatory that you have a workout playlist of some sort to help motivate you through... Read More
Chester Bennington

You HAVE To Hear Chester Bennington's Son Play The Piano

Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to the late Chester Bennington 's son Jamie Bennington. The 21-year-old is a classical pianist, and his mother Talinda Bennington let the world know about his talents on Twitter. Our son Jaime is as talented as his father @ChesterBe... Read More
Solar eclipse

LISTEN: Your Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

As soon as people started talking about the 2017 solar eclipse, it’s as if everyone suddenly remembered Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 track “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” We mean no offense to Ms. Tyler, but seriously? Why should Bonnie get all the credit when there are 22 songs right here that revolve around... Read More

MTV Announces The Return Of "MTV Unplugged"

For the first time since 2014, the hit MTV program "MTV Unplugged" will return to the network in Fall 2017 with pop/rock artist Shawn Mendes, according to Variety . Making its television debut in 1989, "MTV Unplugged" has featured some of the biggest artists in the world to perform acoustic... Read More

Evanescence Releases Synthesis Version Of "Bring Me To Life"

In their upcoming Synthesis album, Evanescence announced that some of their biggest hits will be revamped with a mixture of their signature and a full orchestra, complete with strings, winds, percussion and more. Recently the band released a synthesized version of their timeless hit, "Bring Me To... Read More

Billy Idol Almost Had A Starring Role In "Terminator 2"

You may not believe it, but punk rock superstar Billy Idol almost had a vendetta against a teenage boy in "Terminator 2." While speaking with Heat Vision , actor Robert Patrick , whose intense stare frightened audiences in "Terminator" sequel, said that the role of the liquid-metal robotic assassin... Read More