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Russians Seem To Do Everything Harder..Even Passing Out

Russians are a tough-ass people. Being invaded several times and living under Czars and Dictators probably had something to do with that.  They also may be the hardest drinkers on the planet.  As evidence by the plethora of drunk fail videos that are all over YouTube.  This latest one shows what I believe to be a Russian man passed out in some type of yoga position.  The only way to describe this is "Performance Art".  I've never passed out while peeing.  I've woken up in what was hopefully my own pee.  I once passed out under an open car door in the middle of a field during a bonfire party. When I woke up I sat up and slammed my head into the bottom of the car door.  That sucked.  But from the looks of things this guy's buddy's aren't helping him and he will wake up with atrocious back and neck pain.  At least it's preserved on film so he can show a doctor.


Russia Map Photo By TUBS