What's Up With The WORLD CUP?

June 27, 2014


You have all heard the hype around the world cup. If not, you live under a noise-canceling rock. Because the noise is LOUD around Boston. Unbelievably, every bar is packed, every restaurant that will host the game as well. Government Center is alive with Soccer fans and the city itself appears to be under some kind of Soccer spell. Whats the deal? Who knows. Maybe it's the millions of world wide fans that are matriculating to the New England area? Maybe it's a bunch of band-wagon jumpers who are just looking for something to do?

Not sure.

But what I can tell you is that the hype is healthy. Sure, every post you have the "soccer sucks" and "why do people like this shit" responses, but what I know is that there are thousands of soccer fans now in the commonwealth and it's here to stay... I think.


Then Hill-Man Morning Show got into the action this week...



And Here is a photogallery of some of the fans from the game at Government Center...