Watch 11-Year-Old Fan Jam With Green Day At Their Worcester Show

March 20, 2017

Concerts all always a big deal when you're a kid. The thunderous poundings of the drums. The bass guitar that sends waves through your body. The guitars that shake the very walls of the venue. As a spectator it's an exciting experience.

But to be the creator of all of this excitement is a feeling very few of us will experience in this lifetime. Luckily for one young fan, that's a feeling he's never going to forget!

Grant was just a big Green Day fan with green-dyed hair that knew every word to every Green Day song. Next thing he knows, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is bringing him onstage to briefly lead his favorite band in front of thousands of people! Armstrong and the other members of Green Day even gave Grant a signed guitar for being the awesome little rockstar that he is! 

Check out the full video below!