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I really like these short webisodes. This one was well done making me want to see more... Here is the first episode.

Check out Diana Nyad's swim from Cuba to Florida. The video is amazing, and was produced by Motherboard.


Drop everything and watch this now. This is The Grim Looner.


Def Leppard are set to re-issue their 1996 albuum, Slang, on February 11.

After last years utterly disappointing Stanley Cup Playoff, Shawn Thornton and Greg Hill square off to discuss what w

James Hetfield was on the Hill-Man Morning Show yesterday. Take a listen here in case you missed it.

Want to see what a botched butt job looks like? Ever wonder what it looks like to lug around a pile of liquid cement, or a quart of motor oil firmly injected in your ass? This video will learn ya.

A clown in Peru was recently performing for a bunch of kids.  And there's a video on YouTube where he's doin

Mistress Carrie has interviewed Corey Taylor twice in the past few years. Here are the interviews. Also we threw in a few tunes that Corey has played in our studio over the years.

1.  Rumor has it that NICKI MINAJ is PREGNANT, and LIL WAYNE is the father.  They've always claimed their relationship is platonic, and Wayne is engaged to another woman.

A new lip sync video is getting a bunch of hits on YouTube right now.  Some kid took photos of himself mouth

Oklahoma beat Alabama 45 to 31 in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday.  And a woman in the stand

According to a new study that looked at negative comments on Twitter, today is the most depressing day of the YEAR.



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