Everybody Wants Some!! - Van Halen 5:33 AM


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We play all kinds of rock here at WAAF, but deep down everyone has a particular taste. Some like classic rock. Others like grunge.

Every year for Father's Day the Hill-Man crew like to invite fathers and daughters to call in and learn more about one another and bond in a little game called "Father Knows Best!" How well do these dads know their little

Directed by Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde, the Red Hot Chili Peppers debut their official video for their smash

Back in January (2016), Weezer were selling a $25,000 "Weezer Experience" package that involved bird-watching with frontman Rivers Cuomo through the Galapagos Islands via Greyhound bus and

It may not seem like it, but 27 years ago Nirvana lit the match that would serve as the powder keg of music from the '90s onward with their debut album, Bleach