Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden 11:25 AM


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It's the hottest new show on television and already it's giving some of rock's most recognizable songs an old-timey western twist!

We love America. You love America. Weezer and comedian Patton Oswalt really love America.

People prepare for natural disasters differently. Some stock up on food. Others board up their doors and windows.

Every major Comic Con is a big deal because not only do we get to see some of our favorite heroes gathered in one place, we also get a brief look into some of the most anticipated films and television shows coming and 2016

Green Day brought their signature rambunctious punk single "Bang Bang" to televisions across the nation on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Ozzy Osbourne may be in the dog house, but he's really putting in the effort to make it up to Sharon.