Paradise City - Guns N' Roses 4:32 PM


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First off, you might be wondering, "What's a rider request?" A rider request are any

The supergroup of rock n' roll all-stars known as The 

Coming up a name for your band is usually the first really big decision band members have to make.

Blood is a powerful symbol. It can mean life, death, love, anger, lust, violence, etc. But it also serves as great fodder for rock songs!

When you managed to put out 22 albums under your belt, one would think that some of that musical talent would wither away over time.

Whether we like it or not, pop music is everywhere.

If a band names their song "Tight Pants", you half expect it to be a parody of classic '80s hair metal songs. And it surely is not the Tight Pants routine from Jimmy Fallon.

Iron Maiden's next upcoming album The Book of Souls hits stores next month, and in an interview with Italy's Courier Della Sera, Bruce Dickinson reveals how one of the tracks is d