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If you tell yourself that you're a good driver in harsh weather conditions, be sure not to repeat that when you're involved in an accident. Hinder found out the hard way when the band's bus was involved in

Often times whenever an artist does an acoustic/unplugged album, the point is to perform in a more intimate setting by stripping away all of the production behind a studio album.

The Foo Fighters have released a minute-long teaser for a new song off their upcoming album.

It has been five days since the horrific attacks in Paris left over 120 people dead.

For the die-hard KISS fans that thought they ran out of room on their shelf for more KISS action figures, ready yourselves, because the folks over at Figures Toy Company have created a 12-inch version of 

It's always a pleasure when the Governor of Massachusetts Gov.

Troy Brown truly embodies everything it means to be a New England Patriot: talent, skill, intelligence, hard work ethic,