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Has there ever been a moment where Dave Grohl wasn't the coolest in rock? Nah, didn't think so.

Whenever we give the famous "Devil Horns" hand gesture, it's usually when the band onstage is playing their loudest and you're suffering from temporary hearing loss.

Steel Panther rocks the stage at the 2015 Miss Boch-Kini Pageant with some exclusive acoustic performances.

Steel Panther - Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World

One would think that whatever beef you've had in the past would stay in the past.

What happens when you put two of the nicest guys in Rock n' Roll on stage together? A great show, that's what!

As we mark the end of David Letterman's reign of late-night television, we have assembled our own Top 10 list.  This is WAAF's top 10 Rock Performances on The Late Show with David Letterman.

WAAF welcomes AC/DC to Gillette Stadium on August 22 to kick off their Rock Or Bust World Tour!