Big Me - Foo Fighters 11:39 AM


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We all remember Freddie Mercury. The vocals. The tank-tops. The iconic mustache.

To close out their show in Rio de Janeiro, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder decided to end the evening on a high note after a fan threw a pair of red swimming trunks on stage during the band's per

Upon the announcement of Tool's 2016 tour, that served as the prelude to a follow-up question: will there be a new album as well?

We were joined by the lovely Hillary, a bartender from Providence, RI who describes herself as a "whiskey enthusiast" that loves her booty shorts, and who also brought the gang a "Bottle Of Fun" along with

As part of their covers EP, "Straight Outta Burbank", Stone Sour has released their latest cover of Iron Maiden's hit, "Running Free."