US Senator Gets Trolled With Nickelback Newsletters. Twitter Hilariously Responds

June 19, 2017

Ever the punchline in many jokes, Canadian rockers Nickelback can't seem to catch a break from feeling the internet's wrath. Recently Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska fell victim to an online prank over the weekend where many of his email accounts suddenly became loyal subscribers to Nickelback's e-newsletter.

The senator tweeted his outrage by ending with "It's. Not. Funny."

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah joked that he was behind the prank, saying that the upcoming release of Nickelback's upcoming album Feed The Machine would be "a big day in the Sasse house." To which Sasse replied by calling it #hatespeech.

Though the band themselves have not responded to the prank, the good people of Twitter were nice enough to add intelligent and well-thought comments to the discussion.