Theory Of A Deadman: Savages hosted by Dean Delray

July 29, 2014

When platinum-selling Canadian quartet THEORY OF A DEADMAN began working on what would become its fifth full-length album, SAVAGES (out July 9 on Roadrunner/604), everything in their lives rapidly and unexpectedly changed. Whether it was a shakeup at their label, waning interest in rock at radio, or the downturn of society at large, a myriad of issues weighed heavy on members Tyler Connolly, David Brenner, Dean Back, and Joey Dandeneau. So, Connolly channeled it all into his songwriting, turned his attention to the state of the world around him, and churned out the band's catchiest and most crushing statement yet.

This content features Theory Of A Deadman’s TYLER CONNOLLY & DAVID BRENNER in a conversation with comedian/actor DEAN DELRAY while featuring new songs from Savages and a couple tracks from the band’s catalogue. The discussion highlights the making of Savages and delves into Connolly’s psyche and the lyrics that make Savages one of Theory’s most powerful releases to date.