Roger Waters Discusses His Newest Album After 25 Years

April 20, 2017

It's been 25 years since Roger Waters put out his first album, Amused To Death in 1992. Now a quarter-of-a-century later, the Pink Floyd co-founder announced that he will be releasing his next album, Is This The Life We Really Want? on June 2nd, 2017. Waters roped in Nigel Godrich of Radiohead and Paul McCartney to produce and mix the 12-song album that includes, "unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times."

For the most part, Waters has remained silent on divulging too much information on the album. But in February 2017, Waters told Rolling Stone that he drew much inspiration from of the negative aspects he views in the Donald Trump administration, as well as from a radio play he began writing before working on the new album which tells the tale of a man and his daughter investigating the reasons why children are killed in foreign countries. "Two or three of the songs from that idea on on this album," said Waters. "Nigel Godrich persuaded me that for the purposes of a rock & roll record, which is what this is, he felt my theatrical idea - I'd written the whole thing as a radio play - was less than ideal."

Is This The Life We Really Want? will also be released in conjunction with Waters' North American "Us + Them" tour, which begins on May 26th in Kansas City, MO and ends on October 28th in Vancouver.

Waters brought up how the name of his tour goes hand-in-hand with the name of his new album. "I will be making the point that we're living the life that we don't really want to live," said Waters. "I like to think that people would still like to live in a world where we might address the problems of climate change, where we might understand that if we empathize with others, it makes us feel happier," he said. "Maybe we should start looking at happiness indexes rather than if we win and lose. And if we do that, then we may start to understand that the idea of 'us' and 'them' is actually an illusion."

(source: Rolling Stone)