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OK Floyd fans!!! This one's for you!

Did you see Slash perform on the Tonight Show last night with Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother? If you missed it, here you go!



OK, if the Cypress Hill album preview didn't get you high enough...

WAAF is running a Slash Radio Takeover on Thursday at Noon! Details here...

Stoners everywhere are anxiously awaiting April 20th, no... Not just because it's 4/20, but because that's the day that we get the new Cypress Hill album Rise Up!

Tom Hanks is going from 'HBO's The Pacific' to Green Day's "American Idiot"?

It looks that way!

What do yout think? Would you go and see this?

Godsmack changed the name of their new album from Saints and Sinners to The Oracle. Here's the artwork and track listing for the May 4 release.

Check out the new video from Halestorm, for the song "It's not you"!

What do President Obama, Andre the Giant and Stone Temple Pilots have in common?

The answer Shepard Fairey!

With everything that Dave Grohl has seen and done in his career, it looks like THIS could be his biggest and toughest addiction! He just wants a FRESH POT!

I share his addiction! You?


Have you ever wondered what influence American culture is going to have on the people of Iraq? As we get ready to leave the security of Iraq to it's people, what 'American' traditions will be left behind?

Here's the press release from the band:

There's 44 in all, here's #3!