Limelight - Rush 1:54 PM


Kid Rock delivers at the House of Blues, Boston!

You may not like him... You may not like his music... But, one thing is for sure, Kid Rock can put on a show! Without question, Kid Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker band are one of the BEST live shows out there, PERIOD!

For almost 2 hours, Kid Rock tore through new and old songs, reworking them so that even die hard fans didn't know what was coming up next!

Peter Wolf was introduced as the "Mayor of Boston" and was BOOED until people realized that it wasn't Menino coming out onstage. They ripped through a version of Love Stinks that sent the crowd into overdrive! After the song ended, Kid Rock talked about how much he loved Boston and all of the friends he has here including "Mistress Carrie and everyone at WAAF". It just goes to show how loyal he is to the people that were there BEFORE he was famous!

Tour sponsor Jim Beam and Kid Rock presented a $100,000 check to Operation Homefront   which prompted a USA chant that was louder than anything else that night! "America, love it or get the F*CK OUT"! Kid shouted to the delight of the sold out room! The HUGE American flag in the background and a ripping rendition of Born Free were soon to follow! The military should recruit in the lobby of Kid Rock shows, I'm sure a few people would have enlisted after that!

It's more than just a rock show, there are backup singers with dance moves, a percussionist, a sax player, confetti canons, and more guitars and solos than Van Halen could squeeze into a set! It rocks!

But, my favorite part of the show was the tribute to Kid Rock's former band mate, Joe C during 'Devil Without a Cause'.

There's just something about a crowd of people yelling " I'm 3 foot 5 with a 10 foot DICK" that warms the soul!

Don't miss Kid Rock the next time he's in town, or you will regret it!