You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest 5:29 PM


December 8 is a sad day in music!

Before 2004, December 8 was a sad day for music, because it was the day that we lost John Lennon in 1980. he was shot dead by a crazed fan. Howard Cosell announced his death during Monday Night Football while the Patriots were playing the Dolphins. I was shopping with my Mom that night, and they announced over the intercom, that Lennon was dead. My mom and her friend started to cry. I remember wondering why they were crying for a man that they didn't know. Obviously, I grew up a Beatles fan, and I understand NOW why they burst into tears at the news. John Lennon changed the world with his music.  Even this many years later, people all around the world pause to remember him and his music.

That night at the store, I could never have imagined growing up to have my own reason to cry on December 8. In 2004, I got a call from a friend telling me that 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbot was shot by a crazed fan while on stage. I knew Dime for years, from his days in Pantera and Damage Plan. Being invited to go on stage and sing 'Walk' with him was a HUGE experience for me! That night the world of Rock 'n' Roll lost one if it's most talented and colorful 'characters' and Vinnie Paul lost a brother. The world also learned the name of a Columbus Ohio police officer names James Niggemeyer, who was the hero that night in 2004. He stopped the nightmare, which could have been much worse.

I will be smiling with a 'Blacktooth Grin' tonight, toasting John Lennon, Dime, and Officer Niggemeyer!