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Axl bans Slash's image from UK G'n'R shows! What's next?

According to NME, Axl doesn't even want Slash's image inside G'n'R shows. Fans caught wearing Slash gear are being asked to remove it or leave. According to the article "During the band's gig at London's O2 Arena last night (May 31), an NME source noticed that a member of the crowd was bare-chested under his jacket. When asked why, 18-year old James Revell said he was told to remove his top because no one was allowed in wearing a Slash T-shirt."

If you are going to start listing all of the things that should be banned from a GNR show, I have a few to add myself.

Looking like Dick Tracy onstage!

Wearing cornrows!

AND, being 3 f'ing hours late for your set, while your devoted fans wait for your ass!

What else should be banned from G'N'R shows?