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I don't know much... But I do know this... Our troops should not be paying to bring their Army issued weapons home from Afghanistan! And after the video below, surfaced online... Delta now agrees with me!

I got this press release today. There are lots of troops that live in the areas destroyed by the tornados. Here's how we can help them!

Friday, while billions of people around the world were transfixed on the Royal Wedding, President Obama was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama visiting the families who lost everything in the tornado's...

According to Nielson, Americans are watching more TV than EVER before... On average we watch 34 hours of TV a week.


I just wanted to share this with you!

I'm still trying to recover from 48 hours in a rock stars life! It's hard work! Planes, limos, parties, courtside seats, political rallies and Jessica Rabbit. DAMN!

Here's what I can remember!